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  1. Chelsea V Barcelona (CL) Tues 20th Feb 19:45 UK

    Some of the fans reaction when Conte said Lord Bakayoko isn’t playing against Barca :
  2. Chelsea V Barcelona (CL) Tues 20th Feb 19:45 UK

    I think the best chance we have is with this team : Courtois Azpi Christiansen Rudi Moses kante Luiz Palmieri Willian Morata Hazard Alonso has no pace to keep up with Barca attack thats why Palmieri starts. Luiz is a big game player doesn't matter he is not on top form he gets up for big games. Willian is more suited to this game tracks back more than pedro and is good at free kicks also a better dribbler. Willian and Hazard has to pin back Barca fullbacks stop them from joining attack make life difficult for them thats the key.
  3. Andreas Christensen

    Only thing thats holding him back is physically he is weak needs to work hard in the gym because right now he can get bullied by big target man if he does this then he will be one of the best young CB.
  4. Chelsea V WBA (PL) Mon 12th Feb 20:00 UK

    Take a bow son what a goal Hazard
  5. Chelsea V WBA (PL) Mon 12th Feb 20:00 UK

    lol all the people saying Moses is sh*t i had a feeling he will score.
  6. Chelsea V WBA (PL) Mon 12th Feb 20:00 UK

    Morata needs a goal badly to get his confidence back.
  7. Chelsea V WBA (PL) Mon 12th Feb 20:00 UK

    Hazard is the only player they are afraid of Pedro is useless runs like a headless chicken sell him next transfer window we need to get Hazard a dynamic partner like Leon Bailey to play RW next transfer window and keep Willian as backup.
  8. Random Rumours

    When i said he can play as a striker i meant when Morata is injured he can fill in as a striker his regular position will be a right winger in 3-4-3 formation will cause way more trouble for defenders than Willian and Pedro both put together who can't even take on defenders and beat them most of the time. At the moment almost all the teams know mark Hazard ot of the game and you have a good chance of winning against chelsea Traore has insane pace so you will have two defenders on him most of the time which will create space for Hazard to create and score a little easier and as for your scoring goals he is only 21 he is improving in that department and here is a video just showing that
  9. Random Rumours

    I told you this guy has improved but i guess this video is the proof just watch his value rise and some big club will buy him and you say that a player should be showing some signs of world class ability at 21 Musonda is 21 you say he is better than Traore how so his physique is so weak for premier league can't even out pace and beat a defender properly and Pedro and Willian are not world class like Hazard i am not saying that Traore is world class yet but he has all the ingredients to be one in the future especially his insane pace which any defender no matter how good will be afraid of which in turn will take the focus of some of the defenders of Hazard and give him more space to create and score because right now most of the teams know stop Hazard and you stop Chelsea from scoring.
  10. where are the Bats haters now lol.
  11. Random Rumours

    We should sign this guy has improved quite a lot him and Hazard can play as strikers in 3-5-2 or he can play one of the front 3 in 3-4-3 has got pace to burn for days we haven't got a player that can beat defenders for fun i know his end product isn't the best but he is still young only 21 can improve. With him in the team Hazard won't be the only player that defenders need to worry about which can create space for other players in attack.
  12. Who would you take over Andy Carroll?

    I would much rather bring King Didier Drogba for the third time around than to have that big horse with a ponytail galloping around in a Chelsea shirt with all the rival fans having a laugh at us.
  13. Tiémoué Bakayoko

    Had enough of this guy can't see him improving sell him next transfer window and get RLC back next season midfield should be Kante barkley loftus-cheek
  14. Courtois Azpilicueta David Luiz Cahill Moses Kante Barkley Alonso Willian Morata Hazard Christensen is a good defender but Luiz is a better passer can play long balls from the back and Ross Barkley looked sharp in training and will definitely be better than Bakayoko and is more mobile than Drinkwater it would be nice to see how this team performs.
  15. Hardly any clear cut chances created today for the strikers the creativity was lacking today cesc should have started.