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  1. DJSankiller007

    Chelsea V Bournemouth (PL) Sat 1st Sep 15:00 UK

    F**k conte for selling Costa because Morata is sh*t can't see him improving we are missing a elite striker to mount a real challenge for title.
  2. Man City are cutting through our midfield and defense like a knife through butter.
  3. what do you guys expect with Fabregas in midfield his legs are long gone.
  4. DJSankiller007

    Eden Hazard

    If he really wants to go sell him for a good amount and then buy Leon Bailey he is only 20 and is already a beast.
  5. DJSankiller007

    Barcelona V Chelsea (CL) Wed 14th Mar 19:45 UK

    The players need to watch the 2012 game against Barca away and try to replicate the fight which that team showed if we want to stand any chance of making the quarter finals.
  6. I want to see this team starting: Courtois Azpi Luiz Rudiger Moses Willian Kante Barkley Palmeiri Morata Hazard Play some goddamn attacking football after that horrible showing at Man City build some confidence for Barca away go for it we should win this at least by 2 to 3 goals.
  7. Only chance we have of getting something out of this game will be with this lineup: Courtois Azpi Cahill Rudiger Moses Kante Luiz Bakayoko Palmeiri Willian Eden
  8. Christensen needs to be dropped and bring the main man back in defence David Luiz because Christensen needs to learn that there is consequences for making errors in back to back games.
  9. Looks like Moses left his brain at home.
  10. The main problem is when a player is in better position the other player is not passing to them like Moses should have passed to Hazard and Morata should have passed to hazard. Hazard needs to take some shots at goal make a yard space and just shoot.
  11. I think this game is too soon for this guy hope he will be fit for Man City but we can definitely use him against Barca in second leg beside Kante instead of Fabregas but i think Conte hates him now hard to see him getting much game time. For me personally i think at the moment Kantes best partner will be him in midfield one of the reason is because of his size will be similar pairing as Matic and Kante big and small combination works well. Here is a old clip of him in midfield :
  12. DJSankiller007

    Chelsea V Barcelona (CL) Tues 20th Feb 19:45 UK

    At minimum lets not concede and if we can nick a goal that would be great.
  13. DJSankiller007

    Chelsea V Barcelona (CL) Tues 20th Feb 19:45 UK

    Thats why Willian needed to start nice work.
  14. DJSankiller007

    Chelsea V Barcelona (CL) Tues 20th Feb 19:45 UK

    I just hope this continues today.
  15. DJSankiller007

    Eden Hazard

    The club should take a stand and tell Real Madrid the only way they will get Hazard is if they give us Isco or Asensio plus 100 mill on top of that or else they can f**k off. If they take the deal we can use the money to get Leon Bailey which will be good for our squad bringing the age down and adding two quality players since Pedro is already 30 and Willian just about to turn 30 soon.