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  1. True, he's never compared to the quality and reliability of Cech in his prime.
  2. Probably our only chance of getting something out of this season the way things are looking! Would help feel a bit better about an otherwise disappointing season. Plus still a bit annoyed about losing to Arsenal in the FA Cup final last season, denying us the double then. Plus if Conte is to go in the summer, would be a better send off if get the FA Cup first, would have got us the top 2 domestic trophies then.
  3. Might be the reason for it, already with his head in Madrid, watch him be world class for them next season. If they still want him after this terrible performance against Barca.
  4. Agree, think it got to the point should be realistic and think of saving better players like Willian for Sunday.
  5. Game over. Shocking to see Tibo Courtois so poor, Messi made a fool out of him doing that twice, would not be surprised if Messi got a third in the same way!
  6. Not helping himself out if he wants to go to Madrid by giving away a goal to Barca! Though would not be so bothered if Real do bid for him in the summer, if they are still interested after this display already tonight.
  7. True yeah forgot about the goal difference. Well still hoping we smash them 4-0 or more at the Bridge at the start of April to fix that!
  8. C'mon Bournemouth keep it up! Even a draw would be useful, and actually spurs been drawing away a lot in 2018 so far. Real chance for them to drop points again today, would be classic for them to start bottling more after the Juve result. C'mon the Cherries!
  9. Classic spurs! What a turnaround in about 3 minutes from Juve! Good game
  10. Haha, Juve already 1-0 up against the spuds after about 2 minutes - hope Juve keep their good start going and take an even stronger lead tonight, would be good for a laugh!
  11. 4-1?! This is a total capitulation - it's almost as if just to make practically certain this should be Conte's last game as Chelsea manager, surely can't continue with any more time after this. Sad way to end it.
  12. Thought the heavy loss against Bournemouth last week was bad - this match against Watford could be even worse unless there is a massive improvement 2nd half - doesn't seem that likely unfortunately. This is almost starting to feel as bad as the 2015-16 season - I know we are higher in the table compared to then, but it is just such a depressing and disappointing sight seeing the team give such terrible poor performances again, makes it worse because those hopes of building some consistent success across consecutive seasons seems beyond us, we just yo-yo from triumph to disaster! Also at least back in the 2015-16 season one could get some fun out of watching all the other usual top teams mess up as well as the Leicester fairy-tale occurred, this season there are no real positive distractions I can see currently!
  13. Maybe not the best performance, need to improve in that regard, but did what was necessary 2nd half to get the win - 3 points, job done, satisfied enough with that at this busy time of year. On to the next one!
  14. Excellent, makes it more comfortable now! Lets show composure and keep focus to see this one out now.
  15. Morata! That's how to start the 2nd half! Keep going now!