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  1. Satisfying beating Bournemouth after the trouble we had with them last season. Continued our perfect start to this season too, good stuff, wish we were playing again next weekend instead of international break!
  2. Yes Hazard that's a relief lets wrap it up now see out the end of the game.
  3. First win against Newcastle at St James' Park since 2011! Not the most fun match, tough at times, as could expect with a recent bogey team of ours, but to go there and grind out a win is a big positive. 3 matches so far, 9 points, and Bournemouth and Cardiff both at home next two matches as well, real chance to continue a strong start to the season!
  4. 3 goals, 3 points, good result. Room for improvement in performance, but got better as game went on, a comfortable result in the end. Overall a fairly good start to build on!
  5. Salato

    Antonio Conte - Now Officially Manager

    Thanks to Conte for another Premiership title and FA Cup during his time as manager. The first season was really enjoyable, after a tricky start following our previous troubled season, he made the tactical and strategic changes to help the players perform strongly again with a new formation that helped us dominate the league then the rest of the season. It was a great year with some splendid football and some excellent matches, really loved his passion and celebrations then as manager too, built a great rapport with the fans during that time, and some great achievements like our long winning run, and getting 30 wins in a Premiership season, while it was good it was a special time. Sadly what a contrast the generally disappointing second season - from the beginning the falling out with the board that lead to practically total alienation between both sides and a running feud through the season with neither side giving ground, plus apparent increasing disharmony between manager and increasing number of players, with the negative effect we saw on results particularly in the latter part of the season. The only bright spot being getting the FA Cup win we missed out on the year before. But not enough to avoid the feeling there would have been more troubles ahead if he stayed, and that relationships between manager and club hierarchy plus some players, were damaged beyond repair. Still despite the troubles, I am still thankful for the good times - best of luck to Conte for the future - will be curious seeing where he goes next, and when. Ciao Antonio.
  6. Salato

    Kasper Schmeichel

    Not keen - he is an alright keeper, sometimes capable of strong performances like the other night, but don't think he is consistently up to the level required at Chelsea. Not as good as his dad was either. Plus he is already 31, will be 32 in November, not exactly one for the future long term either. I will be totally honest, also got a bad opinion of him since the whole unpleasant business at Leicester around the sacking of Ranieri, remember it being heavily suggested he was one of the players leading efforts to get Claudio fired, and remember in interviews at the time Kasper doing nothing to dispel that, was clearly opposed to the manager. Feel like we have had enough trouble at Chelsea already with players downing tools and trying to undermine managers over the years here recently at times, would rather not have another player added to the mix with that sort of personality. If Tibo goes to Madrid this summer, would rather we get a younger keeper with longer term potential to be a quality keeper for many years.
  7. Salato

    Aleksandr Golovin

    If we do sign him, I think could be the first good news of the summer so far for the club. Looks like from what few of his performances I have see that he could have good potential, still young too. Am I right in thinking some sources were suggesting possibility signing could happen soon after whatever stage of the World Cup the Russia team finish in?
  8. Salato

    Next Chelsea Manager

    Agree with both above, I think increasingly that Conte and the board have totally fallen out, and that Conte is determined to make life as difficult as possible for the board he feels did not support him last season (and particularly last summer), and he is trying to get every penny he can from the club (or rather many millions!), while the board meanwhile is also determined not to let Conte get his way after his attitude last season, and will not sack him, and want to do all possible to avoid him getting a big payout (after paying off so many previous managers). I think professionalism has gone out the window for both sides, and it's a stubborn battle of wills, with each side seeing the other as practically the enemy, and not wanting to give in. Meanwhile all this drama is terrible for the club, especially the players and fans with all the uncertainty, no new manger yet, little movement on new signings, with the World Cup less than a week away, it's a mess - hope it can all get sorted soon!
  9. True, he's never compared to the quality and reliability of Cech in his prime.
  10. Probably our only chance of getting something out of this season the way things are looking! Would help feel a bit better about an otherwise disappointing season. Plus still a bit annoyed about losing to Arsenal in the FA Cup final last season, denying us the double then. Plus if Conte is to go in the summer, would be a better send off if get the FA Cup first, would have got us the top 2 domestic trophies then.
  11. Might be the reason for it, already with his head in Madrid, watch him be world class for them next season. If they still want him after this terrible performance against Barca.
  12. Agree, think it got to the point should be realistic and think of saving better players like Willian for Sunday.
  13. Game over. Shocking to see Tibo Courtois so poor, Messi made a fool out of him doing that twice, would not be surprised if Messi got a third in the same way!
  14. Not helping himself out if he wants to go to Madrid by giving away a goal to Barca! Though would not be so bothered if Real do bid for him in the summer, if they are still interested after this display already tonight.
  15. True yeah forgot about the goal difference. Well still hoping we smash them 4-0 or more at the Bridge at the start of April to fix that!