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  1. Maybe not the best performance, need to improve in that regard, but did what was necessary 2nd half to get the win - 3 points, job done, satisfied enough with that at this busy time of year. On to the next one!
  2. Excellent, makes it more comfortable now! Lets show composure and keep focus to see this one out now.
  3. Morata! That's how to start the 2nd half! Keep going now!
  4. Although a draw away at Everton was not that bad a result all considered, it does mean this match against Brighton is one we really need to win, would like to keep a good bit of distance from those beneath us. I expect Brighton to be very defensive and try and frustrate us, and while Brighton did get smashed 5-1 by Liverpool earlier this month, that was the only time they conceded more than 2 goals in an individual match this season, with Brighton generally having been quite low conceding. Good thing is Brighton are also very low scoring, so I hope we start strong and hit them hard early in the match, get some goals and take a good lead, then could have the chance to maybe rest some players later in the match with the busy schedule ahead in mind. Really just hoping for a good effort from the players to do the job and get a solid home win.
  5. Yeah I remember that game against United back in October 2012 as well, thought at the time what an arrogant so and so Clattenburg was with shockingly one-sided decisions as ref that night, took a dislike to him then, so was not the biggest surprise to see him again distort a game with his poor decisions (or lack of decisions) in the game against Spurs in May 2016. Glad he is off in Saudi Arabia now, and won't be able to ref our games again.
  6. Chelsea's UCL credentials

    Exactly agree 100%, well chuffed we got Barca, I was thinking last night that I hoped of the teams we could face that we would get them, been some classic matches down the years between us. As you so rightly said, competitive matches between big teams is what fans and players dream of when thinking about the Champions League, and as long as the team perform at our best and have some great competitive matches, then there is no shame if it ends in a fair defeat, and greater glory if we gain victory against a strong opponent. Plus a big confidence boost if we win, I would start believing we really could push on further in the later stages of the competiton too, season could really get exciting then! Really looking forward to this, Chelsea vs Barcelona again, bring it on!
  7. Need the team to have a strong start from kick-off, as Huddersfield have quite good home form, they already beat United and got draws against Leicester and Southampton at home, Huddersfield only lost at home against Spurs and City so far this season - and even that loss to City was a close match with City needing a late winner. With Huddersfield very likely to be up for this, we need to make sure we are too, otherwise risk dropping more points. So yeah don't underestimate Huddersfield, but at the same time we do have the much better quality, so if the team give a strong determined effort, should be more than capable of getting an away result - c'mon the Chels!
  8. After today it really would be a much bigger shock if City didn't win the title! Concerned about how far they could go in the Champions League too. I don't like to say it, but they are clearly the best team in the land right now, and one of the best in Europe. While I don't want us to give up on the title defence till it is mathematical impossible, realistically we are in a race for top four now - we still have the ability to get that, as United, Liverpool, Arsenal and Spurs all look like they will drop a fair few points as well this season, so as long as we give a better effort consistently from the first minute in games, we should really get a top four place I think. We should fight as best we can in the Champions League too, always a chance with the nature of a knockout competition, but it will be a tall order looking at the other teams we are likely to be facing - but still worth a go, as that achievement would steal City's thunder! Personally I hope we take the domestic cups seriously, since we are quite far advanced in the League Cup already, but particularly the FA Cup, it still hurts a bit losing the final last season to the gunners and missing out on the double, was a low note to finish on after a great season, so I hope we really give it a go again this season and try and win the FA Cup this season, last time was 2012 so been a few years. Considering some of the problems we have had with the team this season, and how strong City are looking, if we get top 4, the FA Cup and perhaps the League Cup too, I would consider that a reasonably good season.
  9. Jose Mourinho thread

    Anyone think now there is increasing chance Jose might be tempted to leave United, try and get the PSG job instead? He was sweet talking about PSG some months ago in an interview, which was a bit surprising. I do wonder if City with Pep looking like dominating domestically, if Jose's ego could take it - could he be more tempted to quit United, and go off to PSG to try and more easily reclaim the image of being a winner that seems to be so important for his ego?
  10. In a slump? We can help.

    Exactly this, and its a problem that has been getting worse recently: conceded in the 6th minute away against West Ham, conceded in the 12th minute at home against Newcastle, conceded in the 11th minute away against Crystal Palace, conceded in the 1st minute away against Roma, etc - slow lacklustre starts are seeing us concede early increasingly frequently, and often costing us heavily. Need to fix it sharpish.
  11. Poor show today, bad start to the weekend seeing us capitulate like that, especially to that lot, one of our worst performances this season. The team has got to bounce back quickly, got Huddersfield away on Tuesday night, and they will be up for it after they won over Brighton today, and seeing we lost so poorly today. With games coming thick and fast in December now, it is going to be a real test of physical and mental strength for the team, can't let this blip today turn into a slump now.
  12. In a slump? We can help.

    That is what is so annoying about results like today, now having lost to West Ham, Crystal Palace and Burnley already this season, our weakness and lack of sufficient effort against lower and mid table teams is going to encourage others to have a real go as well when they play us - very frustrating.
  13. Zappacosta

    Did not know as much about him honestly having not followed Serie A that closely and not known we were after him till yesterday, but from what I've seen and read now seems like real potential to be a good addition to the team, so pleasantly surprised by this signing - welcome to him!
  14. Danny Drinkwater

    Glad its confirmed done, now I can go to bed! Didn't expect at the start of the summer I would be staying up at the end of the transfer window to make sure we got Drinkwater confirmed. Welcome to him, hope it goes well, could see him playing a good role now he is here, can have Kante bring him up to speed on how it is being part of the Chelsea team!
  15. Fernando Llorente

    Disappointed and annoyed with this, the club had been linked with Llorente so long - since way back in January at the start of the year, then after it being implied practically all summer we would get him and bolster our squad, thought it was a done deal, then on deadline day at the end of August we see spurs grab him instead. It wouldn't be so bad if it wasn't part of a pattern this summer - the board letting so many players slip through our fingers and go to other big six teams is so frustrating! Still, Llorente made his choice too, think it is likely to prove the wrong one as the future reveals itself - time will tell!