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  1. Zappacosta

    Did not know as much about him honestly having not followed Serie A that closely and not known we were after him till yesterday, but from what I've seen and read now seems like real potential to be a good addition to the team, so pleasantly surprised by this signing - welcome to him!
  2. Danny Drinkwater

    Glad its confirmed done, now I can go to bed! Didn't expect at the start of the summer I would be staying up at the end of the transfer window to make sure we got Drinkwater confirmed. Welcome to him, hope it goes well, could see him playing a good role now he is here, can have Kante bring him up to speed on how it is being part of the Chelsea team!
  3. Fernando Llorente

    Disappointed and annoyed with this, the club had been linked with Llorente so long - since way back in January at the start of the year, then after it being implied practically all summer we would get him and bolster our squad, thought it was a done deal, then on deadline day at the end of August we see spurs grab him instead. It wouldn't be so bad if it wasn't part of a pattern this summer - the board letting so many players slip through our fingers and go to other big six teams is so frustrating! Still, Llorente made his choice too, think it is likely to prove the wrong one as the future reveals itself - time will tell!
  4. Deadline Day Drama

    Yeah thought along those lines too recently - except in our case with much more managerial instability, so there is that difference! Mad times.
  5. What an ending, great important win! From Bats comedy own-goal, to Alonso making it right again - can certainly say it was an exciting finish! Spuds lose at Wembley again - hilarious! Great confidence building win, now on to face the Toffees back at the Bridge next weekend!
  6. Better than I expected, hey we're 1-0 up, but so much pressure from the spuds in the 10 to 15 minutes up to half time - was so glad for the half-time whistle for a bit of a break! Need to regain our composure and keep possession more to avoid another onslaught after the break, could really do with hitting them early and grabbing another goal, think 2-0 would knock some of the wind out of spuds sails hopefully. Now to regain my nerves before the second half begins!
  7. Bloody hell 4-0 United, they are going top of the table tonight. Early days, but feels a bit ominous for prospects for this season - especially since this should massively help United's confidence to smash a team like that at home, last season they had so many lacklustre home draws, including only managing a 1-1 draw in their Premiership home fixture against West Ham last November. Even more thinking now this season it is likely to be between City and United for the title, unless we make some more significant signings in the next few weeks to bolster the squad, and quickly turn it around on the pitch - otherwise we risk getting left behind this season with too much to catch up.
  8. Wow that is some angle, impressive goal. Pity it never really worked for him playing in England.
  9. If United win the league this season, our board could take a little bow too for their contributions - messed up with the Lukaku saga in the summer and let United have him - arguably to be fair you could say it was not entirely in their control (and we got Morata instead who has potential to be great here), but then more clearly even worse the board approved the transfer of Matic to United - no getting away from the responsibility for that one, looks already like a terrible decision that weakened us when our squad was already so short of depth, and has already shown strong signs of strengthening United. Mad.
  10. Absolute joke, 2nd red, ref really doesn't want any chance of a comeback.
  11. YES MORATA! So glad for him, should help confidence scoring on debut, at least some positive from today! Now lets go and get 3 more goals and win this 4-3!
  12. Is this for real? ref actually giving two Burnley players yellow cards in the last few minutes! Maybe the ref thinks Burnley are safe enough now anyway at the point.
  13. Absolutely, cheered me up just a little bit hearing the crowd being vocal showing their support for the manager at this difficult time
  14. Exactly what I was thinking, sadly some of the board will just be keen to scapegoat Conte and shift the blame to him to save themselves from criticism, but you have to ask if this season goes the same as two years ago and the club parts ways acrimoniously with yet another winning manager, what top level manager is going to want join Chelsea? Managers being punished for success with major lack of support afterwards, setting them up for failure, who is going to want to take that on? We're surely gonna risk running out of top level mangers wanting to take the risk of the headache and possible reputation damage of taking part in the circus here. Think the board is taking real risks with the future success of the club, really concerning.
  15. Sell the board, sack the players, transfer the manger Just kidding, but this is so much worse than I expected. Conte may have made some mistakes, and players have been lacklustre today (ref not helped either), but primarily I blame the board for another shocking summer - its deja vu to two years ago, hit the self destruct button, and haven't learnt the lesson ffs. Would honestly not be surprised if Conte walks if things done change drastically very soon, and I would not blame him.