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  1. Watched the match last night at a pub while on holiday at Achill Island on the west coast of Ireland by the Atlantic Ocean, finding a pub with the match on was a top priority for the night! Mostly United fans in the pub, did I care, course not, absolutely carefree, when Bats got the goal I jumped up cheering and singing, even more at full-time, so happy we are Champions again! Fantastic, now keep going with full effort for another victory at Wembley in a couple of weeks to make this brilliant season even better! KTBFFH!
  2. Just on the way back from the game, can't help smiling, nothing like being in Matthew Harding Lower singing together with the rest of the fans as night falls and Chelsea rise to the occasion, such an assured performance, so enjoyable to be there, a calm and professional victory by the team, and great to see JT getting some minutes near the end of the game too. Really got that feeling of confidence now, so happy to see this resilient Chelsea team doing what has to be done on the final approach to the end of the season! Almost there lads, KTBFFH!
  3. YES!!! Never been happier to see West Ham win a match of football! They can blow bubbles all they want tonight, my thanks to them on this one occasion! Fantastic start to the weekend, what a great day - carefree! Now lets be up for it Monday!
  4. Feel sick, cheating Palace don't deserve the win considering the 100 per cent penalty we should have had, but to be honest 2-2 would have been a fair result - they defended resolutely, we didn't take our chances despite all the opportunities and time we had - doesn't matter how nice the football looks at times if there is no end product. Have to react and get a result against Man City mid-week now, can't let Spurs get any closer or it's going to be terribly nervous ahead. C'mon Chelsea, lets put this horrible day behind us and get back to winning ways straight away!
  5. Good result between City and Liverpool, just what I was hoping for, damage to both sides chances, 12 and 13 points off respectively (with the scouse having played one more game as well) Pity Saints couldn't get anything against Spurs, but still a 10 points gap going into April - pretty good!
  6. Not bothered about the Manchester United result tbh, they are so far behind this season that a challenging fight for top four is the limit of their ambitions now for the Premiership for the rest of this season (got the Europa League as their main focus probably). So happy we got that important win over Stoke yesterday, means that I can be much more relaxed watching Spurs v Saints and City v Liverpool - think there is a realistic chance of two draws in those matches today, would be absolutely chuffed if those are the results today - would give us a 12 point lead at the top of the table!
  7. Crikey, Boro scored a goal! At least makes the last 10-15 minutes of this match more interesting. Still only the 3rd goal Boro have scored in the Premiership in 2017 so far, shocking really, why they are probably going down.
  8. Absolutely love a late winner like that, few better feelings in a football match! I was on a train heading down to London from Sheffield when the match was on, had patchy wifi during the journey, checked at half-time and saw it was 1-1, then during the 2nd half was refreshing to check the score every 30 seconds practically, got so tense and frustrated! Then when I saw that Cahill got the winner I couldn't help but exclaim my delight and fist pump, got certain odd looks from some other passengers, didn't care though, when saw update for full time confirmed I was just buzzing, carefree! Such an important win, credit to the players for showing that determination and persistence to never give up and get the three points, it is wins like this in difficult matches that are so key to winning the title! (Stoke away often seems to be one of those tricky ones, and we got away wins at Stoke in the title winning 2009-10 and 2014-15 seasons as well) Just so happy we got the win after a tough match, fantastic feeling, I think every Chelsea fan's emotion today was expressed in the brilliant passionate celebration of Conte - KTBFFH and on to victory!
  9. Amen to that. If there is investment from some company in future and the club decides to agree to a sponsored name for the new stadium, I hope Chelsea fans will continue to call it Stamford Bridge anyway regardless - I know I still will.
  10. Such hard luck for Southampton, gave such a strong performance, definitely the better team on the day (even Jose admitted it!), the Saints deserved to win it really, but not to be - just how it goes sometimes, but still a lot of credit to them, made it a great game to watch. Zlatan Ibrahimovic is quite a player though, really saved Manchester United there today considering the team was struggling so much in the match, and for him to still be scoring so often this season at the age 35 is impressive - would have been interesting if he had joined an English team some years earlier in his career and been a Premier League player back when he was in his 20's. I think Manchester United getting him on a free transfer last summer was important for them, and their season would have been going a lot worse if he had not joined them. (Still ranks behind our brilliant signing of N'golo Kante as the best transfer of last summer though, so glad we got him, just love that he's a Chelsea player!) While Manchester United may have got the League Cup, with such a lacking performance it makes me even more confident for our match against them at The Bridge in the FA Cup next month - another chance for the boys in blue to give the red devils more nightmares like in our previous encounter back in October!
  11. Fair play to Jose on his instagram post regarding Claudio, really nice gesture after Ranieri just got sacked by Leicester - Mourinho can certainly understand the experience of getting sacked the season after winning the title! Very true words by Jose too - whatever the troubles afterwards, the achievements still exists and cannot be taken away - the success will not be forgotten.
  12. Not that surprising, though still a bit strange as Leicester finally looked like they were playing a bit better at times against Sevilla last night, but I guess the weight of bad Premiership results was too much, some of the Thai owners looked very dissatisfied in the stands on the tv footage of Leicester's recent loss away against Swansea. Also seems from many rumours like real problems developed this season for Ranieri in the dressing room for with quite a few players, wouldn't be surprised if some of them were secretly getting negative messages communicated to the owners to try and get Ranieri sacked. Still a bit sad as had a soft spot for Claudio from his time at Chelsea and because he seems like a good man, a real gent, was painful to see how dispirited he looked when Leicester lost to Millwall last weekend, while he may have made mistakes as manager this season, Leicester players got a lot to answer for too, so poor so often on the pitch, real lack of effort and spirit they had previously. Oh well, at least with Ranieri gone I can go back to basically not being bothered whatever results Leicester get, hope they go down to be honest - though wish them well against Liverpool next Monday, and hope Leicester are still in a relegation battle and fighting for every point later in April and May when they face Spurs and Man City!
  13. Ugh, not that surprising a result but still annoying, Burnley are a horrible team, hope they eff off back to the Championship soon. A reminder if any were needed that the title race is not over in February, however much a lot of the media have been saying it while simultaenous wanting us to drop points so they can write articles about an exciting closer title race again. Hopefully today will be a wake up call to the players, I'm sure Conte will be making that clear to the team from what we know of his time at previous clubs. We have the quality, time to shown we have got the determination again too - Come on Chelsea!
  14. Don't think I can remember feeling almost sort of satisfied with a Liverpool win - a rather strange feeling! But the pleasure of Spurs losing, ah now that is a familiar feeling! Such a big opportunity for us tomorrow, hope the team give a really big determined effort against Burnley tomorrow, get a win there and we really will take a truly commanding lead at the top of the table - Come On You Blues!
  15. Yeah I feel the same, and I understand why Claudio stayed at Leicester after the incredible success of last season, and the chance to take on the challenge of the Champions League for this season, but the ways things have actually gone I wish Ranieri could have chosen instead to retire on a high at the end of last season - still like him from his days at Chelsea, a good manager and he just seems like a really nice chap, a true gentleman. Leicester are looking so poor in 2017 so far though, players underperforming badly, their match away at Swansea next Sunday is absolutely massive for both sides.