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  1. I'm not even annoyed at losing it's the lack of any sort of fight we've lost with. Seems like the lads have just thought turning up was enough to lift the trophy. Disgusted to be perfectly honest.
  2. After such an amazing season. This'll be the game I'll have in my mind all summer. This performance. This atrocious performance.
  3. Can SKY have the FA Cup next season 'cos the BBC's punditry is sh*te.
  4. Glad I never said anything bad about Costa's performance today now....
  5. Hopefully that's the last time we see Matic in a Chels shirt. Atrocious. Absolutely atrocious.
  6. #WengerOut he's tactically outclassed us here with how he's set up.
  7. Worst 45 minutes I can remember all season. and that's just Danny Murphy on commentary. Applies to the Chels performance as well.
  8. I can't take much more of Danny Murphy.
  9. Can we sell Costa to China at halftime before they see much more of him and realise what a waste of money he'll be.
  10. What is a Rob Holding and where did it come from?
  11. Even Kante is having one. Probably time to call it a day on this game
  12. Remember all those great performances Costa's put in since January? Me either. Get him shipped off to China.
  13. Le Arse should be 3 up. Can't remember seeing us play this poorly all season...