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  1. Couldn't care less about 'English' football since the way the FA handled JT. I'd rather have us develop some decent young Belgians. Everyone loves Belgium.
  2. Cahill'll be the first to be dropped.
  3. He's got too scouse a face for me. No Thanks.
  4. He was a liability for the second half of the season. Exploited every week, in fact I'd go as far as to say, off the top of my head, 75% of the goals we conceded after that Tottenham embarrassment came from Moses side. Teams acknowledged he was a below average winger and a poor defender. Dont get me wrong he played the best football of his career last season but all in all that's not good enough for Chelsea. Alonso was leaps and bounds ahead of Moses. Ridiculous comment to say the left was the weaker side.
  5. RWB was our weakest position last season and we've let a title rival sing 2 players for this position?! Can someone explain why we've let this go?
  6. No.
  7. On the pitch he's a decent striker when his heads in the right place and he's motivated. When he's not, he's a liability. Off the pitch... always looked a 'character' in the training videos. Clearly that's not an act though and he is just a tad immature. Dont think I can remember someone leaving with such a lack of class since Gallas...
  8. Bought The Last of Us Remastered for the PS4 at the weekend as I missed it originally 'cos I had a 360. Heard nothing but good things about it and so far it exceeding even those expectations. Still find myself drifting back onto Battlefield 1 for a quick game or 10 of War Pigeons.
  9. Offers coming in from Turkey for him. Around 10M to Fenerbahce. Forget he was still on our books til i seen he scored at the weekend
  10. It'd be a deal in principle for January IMHO, Easily worked into the Costa deal. They value him at 45M so I don't see why Costa + 15M wouldn't seal it. ATM have already signed his replacement in Vitolo, who again won't sign until January. Easy enough to make space for a player of that talent in this squad...
  11. Heavily linked to Carrasco of Atletico fame in this morning rags... decent enough. Fits the 'type' of player I'd like here.
  12. I hate him so much I'd love him to join. In all fairness if he's same price as PEA I'd take Kun every day of the week.
  13. Can't put my finger on why but something really makes me hope we don't sign him. Morata/Bellotti are much more enticing targets.
  14. Ya'know RWB... the spot Moses occupied last season. Moses who did an outstanding job to start with but was found out and exploited toward end of the season. Arguably our weakest link.
  15. He upgrades our weakest position so a clever buy at 'only' 30M if true. Get him back to the confidence he had at Porto and we'll be laughing.