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  1. Antonio, you deserve this new fantastic achievement
  2. Well done, Chelsea. Grande Antonio, ti meriti quest'altro straordinario titolo
  3. Very good player, as forward he's in a new role, due Milik injury . He scores a lot but five in a single game with Torino Fc. Real Madrid must be very careful with Napoli in Champions League Inviato da mTalk (Windows mobile)
  4. As we say in Italy , Conte is "caricato a pallettoni..." (heavy armed...) Save private Alessio... great Antonio, we proud of you especially us , Juve fans
  5. It's a rough and ready choice but I like it
  6. From a Juventus and Antonio Conte fan
  7. on an uknown pitch so far away greetings from Italy by a Juventus fan @CB_Ignoranza