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  1. Is it offside in England?

    I would like to make a poll
  2. Zappacosta

    O.t.: lucky you to do not have the v.a.r. In serie A it's a real mess. Today in f.c internazionale vs Spal it was a scandal
  3. Zappacosta

    Note that Zappacosta was one of the best on the pitch, in the second half of Italy vs Israel, from the bench
  4. Zappacosta

    It sounds like a farmer. You should call him "the Farmer" [emoji23]
  5. Zappacosta

    Imho he's an attacking player
  6. Zappacosta

    Yes, he's a Juventus fan since was a kid and Pavel Nedved his idol but Juve wanted him to join Sassuolo as practice Serie A team so he chosen to join Torino
  7. Zappacosta

    Of course, you have right. I live in Torino and my parents are Torino supporters, but I'm a Juventus fan [emoji16]. Zappacosta is a good player, yes, it's true he's a right WING back, he's a defender but with forward skills and attitude
  8. Zappacosta

    Zappacosta is a right back. not a left one as A.Sandro
  9. Zappacosta

    Zappacosta is good player, Morata should score a lot of goals with M.Alonso and him as right back
  10. Antonio, you deserve this new fantastic achievement
  11. Well done, Chelsea. Grande Antonio, ti meriti quest'altro straordinario titolo
  12. Meanwhile in Italy

    Very good player, as forward he's in a new role, due Milik injury . He scores a lot but five in a single game with Torino Fc. Real Madrid must be very careful with Napoli in Champions League Inviato da mTalk (Windows mobile)
  13. As we say in Italy , Conte is "caricato a pallettoni..." (heavy armed...) Save private Alessio... great Antonio, we proud of you especially us , Juve fans
  14. Meanwhile in Italy

    It's a rough and ready choice but I like it
  15. Hello from Italy

    From a Juventus and Antonio Conte fan