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  1. Based on Conte's interview I don't think he will start. But I hope Conte will give him some minutes to start the integraation to the team process.
  2. I hope Conte is not under estimating Norwich for the second time.
  3. I hope Conte is not under estimating Norwich for the second time.
  4. I don't expect any new signings during this window. They are going to sack Conte and won't spend anything for him. (Hope I'm wrong in both assumptions)
  5. With this kind of performances we don't deserve a place for next year's CL.
  6. Good changes, both have been poor.
  7. We are happy to get even one point from this.
  8. In the latest games we have been poor offensively but in this game we are horrible in the defence as well. And our passes...to the opponent over and over again. christense and Kante have been good. Maarez is far the best player on the pitch.
  9. Poor or average performance from all the players, bad performance by Conte as well. I don't understand the endles passing around no-one having the courage to make efforts for the goal. What on earth was Conte thinking when bringing in Baka and Bats for the last minutes?
  10. Furious about the sh*t we are showing, furious about the last two changes made. We need goals and he brings in Baka and Bats!!!
  11. Very unefficient passing the ball around. We have had couple of free kicks from quite good spots. Is it really so that Willian is the only one who can make these free kicks dangerous (And Alonso when left foot is prefered)?
  12. Like we didn't have enough matches to come. What crap the whole match.
  13. Finally.. We get rid of Bats