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  1. Random Rumours

    I was not only criticizing the board but the whole organization. And on the other hand you can only have eleven players to start the game. (And in our case even less to finish one :))
  2. Random Rumours

    Negotiation take time I agree. But we have had several months time after the end of last season to finish these negotiations. Letting Matic, RLC, Chaloubah, Ake, Zouma etc. go we should have had these negotiations quite near to the end with lots of players. This situation we are facing now (lack of quantity) can not be a surprise to anyone.
  3. I hope I will never again see Bats start the game for us, I hope I will never see Cahill on the pitch wearing Chelsea shirt.
  4. I don't understand why Conte doesn't allow Morata to start. If he is supposed to be our first choice striker he should be given playing time. And Burnley is not one of the best teams in the league.
  5. Are anyone worried about the squad size?

    starting 11 last season: tibo, dave, ssb, cahill, moses, matic, kante, alonso, pedro, costa, hazard. In the coming season Bakayoko to replace Matic and Morata to Costa. I think it's quite a draw. Ofcourse these are matters of opinion. But as you said, depthis really we need.
  6. Are anyone worried about the squad size?

    After watching the Arsenal game I can nothing else but continue wondering what is going on in the minds of our board. Facing much more big matches next season our starting eleven is not any stronger than last season and we have even less power on the bench than in 2016-17.
  7. This season will be anightmare. We don't have enough quality and depth in our squad.
  8. I'd give Morata minutes, Bats has been poor.
  9. Just as I critizised..great move by Moses.
  10. Not very convincing firsthalf. Kante has been good but the rest of the squad... Both wing backs are playing very poorly.
  11. Are anyone worried about the squad size?

    I am a bit worried about the number of quality signings. We have replaced Begovic with Caballero, Terry (Zouma) with Rudiger, Matic with Bakayoko and Costa with Morata. Fine, no complaints about this. But.. we were supposed to strengthen the squad with both quality and above all with depth. From the "second line" players we have sold or loaned Zouma (Terry), Ake, RLC, Chalobah and Aina. What have we got as replacements for those: Christensen and ... I think we need more signings and a lot!
  12. I'd take the Costa fall 2016, I'd never take the Costa spring 2017. Assuming Costa's motivaation has gone I don't matter whether it is Morata or Belotti, both can do the job. Some are very critical towards Llorente. I think There is no big difference scoring 15 goals for a lower table team and 20 goals for the champons.
  13. I agree; at least both Manchester teams have already strenghtened their squad and so should we. But as much as I liked to we don't necessarily need to renew half the squad.
  14. Some facts: This squad won the PL. Even we won't have any new signings we have a squad that can fight for the PL tittle. On the other hand we will have CL matches on top of PL, some depth is definetily needed. Diego Costa is leaving; the need for a first class striker is obvious. We have been linked with a top class defender (Rudiger), a defensive middfielder (Bakayoko), LWB (Alex Sandro), a couple of strikers (Belotti, Morata) and even an attacking middfielder/attacker (James) just to mention a few. A striker is a must. If we can get two or three of the other above mentioned players (or players on the same level) on top of the striker I think we are well off for the coming Season. On the other hand we have failed to sign anyone so far. So what is my message? We still have plenty of time, we don't necessary need that much new signings. But as you all I really hope for big fishes to join the team.