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  1. Yessssssss..no question who should be our first choice striker.
  2. Why doesn't Conte give Emersonin any playing time. Alonso has been sh*t today.
  3. I have been a strong supporter of Conte and symphazied him for not getting players he wanted but enough is enough. Teams like S'ton should be won easily with the squad we have.
  4. I guess it is waste of time to ask Conte please make some changes.
  5. Our passing is..suprise, suprise poor. Please put some concentration on the passing.
  6. I don't see any sign of us getting any goals today.
  7. Come on Conte put Giroud on the pitch for this horrible Morata.
  8. I am totally speechless. Our attacking trio has been poor. Alonso has been poor. Cahill has been...Cahill. Even Azpi has been poor. I can't believe we are going to lose to a team to be relegated. And the first Chelsea substitute will be on the pitch on 82nd minute.
  9. What the fu** is Contee always waiting for with his changes. Make them now.....It isn't matter anymore. As someone said earlier Tibo has made a contract- to Championship.
  10. Get Zappa and Morata in for Moses and Giroud. And make the change now, not five minutes from the end.
  11. So game over after only twenty minutes. I really hope Real will take Tibo from us.
  12. If we had played against ManC like we played today on the first half and lost 3-0, I would have been happier than than on our p1-0 lost last weekend.
  13. Good first half, not so good second. I think Zappacosta and Giroud should be the first choices to their posiyions on the pitch.
  14. What is the idea of this change, one minute to go. Is Conte just trying to play time to ensure the loss?