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  1. This is true. But on the other hand we also have to start to pay these grazy sums to get quality players.
  2. It was somehow sensed right from the start that it wouldn't be our day today. No real fighting spirit. This also showed quite clearly that we need a lot of new classy players to fight for both PL and CL.
  3. Is that man Antonio Conte or someone else. Why isn't he getting Fabregas on?
  4. No changes, I can't believe this.
  5. I somehow feared this. Well, the good thing is that Wenger will continue next season.
  6. Should have been some 2-0, 3-0. Arsenal was totally on an other level than us.
  7. Poor performance by Conte as well, keeping Matic on the pitch.
  8. Very poor performance by all except Cahill and Pedro.
  9. Conte, to win this game you have to do something.
  10. Change that Matic for Fabregas, please.
  11. Kante is playing poorly, how can this be true?
  12. Boys do not have the needed hunger. Arsenal is playing with much more intensity.