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  1. Boy am I glad being wrong (again). ☺
  2. Cahill!!!! The penalty is forgiven.
  3. Costa has been piece of s**t after January. I don't understand why he is not taken off.
  4. Why can't Conte make ant changes. Why leave them till the last ten minutes.
  5. I have the bad feeling that 1-1 is the maximum result we can get from this one.
  6. We need a striker who wants to score bring Bats on
  7. Diego, don't take another card please.
  8. I hope Luiz is ok. One of the most important players for us.
  9. Great goal by Willian. I sort of saw that the front of the goal was open and expected Willian to go for the goal. Willian has started well and Matic who I seem to criticize all the time has done ok as well.
  10. Willian is too lazy to play RWB. RWD should be ready to run up and down all the time.
  11. Not a perfect performance but in the end it's the three points that count. Kante was MOTM in my opinion.
  12. Moses is passing like he has closed his eyes.
  13. The passing has not been very good today. Kante is outstanding, Hazard is ok. Like many others have stated above, Costa seems to be a bit uninterested in playing at the moment. For next season, especially when CL games are to be played by us we need to have another top striker to choose from...and now he scores !!!!!!!