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  1. Not a very good performance from us. Bats was ok today but it doesn't change the fact that I don't like the lad. Morata was a huge disappontment today. Baka's touch was awfull througout the whole game. Pedro was energic and a good choice to the starting eleven.
  2. Awfull defending by Bakayoko and Cesc.
  3. What should one say, you can't let this kind of last second goals happen. I think we have been slightly the better side. IMO in the last few games we have been attacking much more from the right side than left, wonder why. Pedro has not been superb but brings a lot energy needed.
  4. And think all the money we are wasting when paying for two top class (=expensive) managers at the same time. I'd rather spend that money on a top class player.
  5. Willian must be playing so poorly on purpose' he can't be so bad.
  6. What ever the result will be this has been a really shi*ty performance from us, again.
  7. I was just about to say that Azpi has been a bit poor for the last few games. Does he need rest or something. The difference between Morata and Bats is huge.
  8. Se are 2-0 up yet Roma has been clearly the better side.
  9. Fortunately Roma's finishing has been poor. Otherwise we'd not be leading. Somehow this isä not working.
  10. This is obviously due to the lack of quality players as almost all have stated here. We should have added quantity into our squad last summer. Now some key players just simply have to play too much.
  11. Michy Batshuayi to Chelsea

    I missed this scene yesterday, but this us shamefull from Michy. I agree: sell him in January.
  12. Willian

    I see the performance of him declining. Last season he was an ok substitute. The season before (the disasterous one) he was one of the best. But this season he has been so poor that I wonder what Conte sees in him for lettung him start game after game. I have nothing against him but he has been so poor this season that we perhaps should get rid of him in January.