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  1. JPH

    Next Chelsea Manager

    All true but yet I think that we have been "loosing" top players more than some of our main competitors. Anyway we should get the manager matter solved (whether it is Conte or someone else) to be able to build the team to look like the manger to be in charge.
  2. JPH

    Next Chelsea Manager

    What is wrong with this club? It has been the same for last few windows: We are after a manager/player we really want. After intensive negotiations there are big headlines: "The agreement reached, to be announced in a few hours." Then - silence.. Then we read that the manager/player has made a contract with some other club. And we start all over again being able to get our third, fourth choice in the end. Concerning season 2018/19 it is vital to get the manager thing sorted out as soon as possible to be able to start building the team for the season.
  3. A typical game from us. We are keeping the ball and passing it from one side to another with no idea what so ever. I don't think we will see a Chelsea goal tonight. When have we scored from corner? I honestly don' remember..
  4. Fabregas should have been subbed not Hazard.
  5. Let's hope we don't sit back right from the start of second half.
  6. Yessssssss..no question who should be our first choice striker.
  7. Why doesn't Conte give Emersonin any playing time. Alonso has been sh*t today.
  8. I have been a strong supporter of Conte and symphazied him for not getting players he wanted but enough is enough. Teams like S'ton should be won easily with the squad we have.
  9. I guess it is waste of time to ask Conte please make some changes.
  10. Our passing is..suprise, suprise poor. Please put some concentration on the passing.
  11. I don't see any sign of us getting any goals today.
  12. Come on Conte put Giroud on the pitch for this horrible Morata.
  13. I am totally speechless. Our attacking trio has been poor. Alonso has been poor. Cahill has been...Cahill. Even Azpi has been poor. I can't believe we are going to lose to a team to be relegated. And the first Chelsea substitute will be on the pitch on 82nd minute.