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  1. AzpiKnows

    Realistic Targets to Sign

    I've also seen Diego Lopez as an option but at 35 years old? Although I have read Conte wants somebody with PL experience, if Real Madrid keep interest in Thibaut in the Summer we'll have to look for something big!
  2. AzpiKnows

    Realistic Targets to Sign

    Ivanovic can't cover RWB in my eyes and Aina is not experienced enough, Azpi can but would prefer to keep him at CB, I just feel it's a position that should be looked at, Antonio from the Hammers?
  3. AzpiKnows

    Realistic Targets to Sign

    Coming to the end of the window is there any players people would like to see that are actually realistic? Names like Vidal & Morata are not going to happen... I'd like to see Conte strengthen at RWB but don't see many options in that area around.