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  1. Hello from Sydney, Australia

    Hey mate, no worries. Hopefully something works out, and i can find some tickets. You can try the Star Casino, which has a sports bar, and should almost definitely be showing the game. Given the match is early in the morning, and on a working day there wouldn't be too many places open, and little to no atmosphere wherever you go. So this is probably your best bet. You can check the schedule for the Star sports bar on the link below, but they probably won't advertise their tv schedule till closer to the date. https://www.star.com.au/sydney-nightlife/24-7-sports-bar Hope that helps a little, and have a great time in Sydney :)
  2. Hello from Sydney, Australia

    Thanks mate :) It's a beautiful place to live, but unfortunately lacks quality football.
  3. Branislav Ivanovic - Your Views?

    A legend, but past his prime.
  4. G'day everyone. My name is Sam, and i'm a long time Chelsea fan from Sydney, Australia. My all time favorite player is Frank Lampard, and my current favorite is Eden Hazard. I've barely missed a game in years, as i'm usually watching in the early hours of the morning. Unfortunately, most games start between Midnight to around 4:30 am. I really envy those of you who can watch it at a decent time, but i'll still gladly give up my sleep every weekend. Much of my spare time, is spent reading posts on here, looking at transfer speculation, and reading all Chelsea related news. Basically i'm obsessed. In a few months, i'll be visiting London with my wife and am hoping to catch the Chelsea vs Middlesbrough game on May 6th. I've contacted the club, but it seems like tickets are near impossible to get for Non-Members, let alone for fans who live half way across the world. I'm hoping to somehow get tickets through this forum, as it would be a dream come true to watch a game at Stamford Bridge. Please let me know if there are any reliable places to buy tickets, or if you happen to have 2 available for this game. Thanks, Sam