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  1. Watch the Villa manager pointing to his clock that the game isn't over.
  2. I used to cringe when he did that because it was needlessly rude. There's no need to further humiliate an opposition manager whose team is already losing and probably about to get fired. Loved it when Roy keane told him to shove it during the villa game.
  3. Had no idea England were playing tonite. Thought it was Sunday. Shows how pointless these internationals are getting.
  4. And he looks like the most Irish person ever
  5. I don't like the guy but this spot on from Peirs Morgan regarding Wenger
  6. Nobody cares at that club anymore. The board and the owners have made it clear Wenger has a job for life regardless of results and Wenger clearly has lost his mojo and the qualities that makes him a top manager so it's now filtering down to the players. Why bother putting in effort when there would be no consequences whatever happens. Its actually funny hearing Arsenal fans say Wenger is being loyal by staying at Arsenal and not going to Barcelona or psg. As if those clubs would let a manager hang around for 12yrs without winning the title and stinking in Europe.
  7. f**king love this club.
  8. Don't mind Wenger staying as long as Arsenal are no where near the champions league wasting another slot and embarrassing English football. Let them do that it in the Europa league.
  9. The state of Mourinho. Bringing on 7 defenders
  10. Liverpool are out of the title race so a win for them would put city out too and we'd have only Spurs to worry about. But a draw will be perfect.
  11. 5 English players in the Utd team. Impressive.
  12. Nice lazy Sunday afternoon to enjoy some football.
  13. The way stoke played yesterday, it was probably a blessing in disguise that we didn't have hazard available. They would've maimed him.
  14. What I would give to see us win the title at Old Trafford.