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  1. Yikes, that's a tough start.
  2. Think next season English teams will mount something of a comeback in Europe..... Chelsea: we have a top class manager and being champions we can navigate safely and easily through the group stages. I'm expecting at least a semi final appearance Spurs: The weak link. Pochetinno's European record is terrible and playing at Wembley isn't going to do them any favours. Surprised if they make it past the group stages Liverpool: Klopp is a fantastic manager and I can see him guiding this team to at least the quarter finals. If they spend big this summer they might even go far City: They'll go far till they meet one of the big boys from either Spain or Germany and then go out. Hopefully it won't be till at least the quarter finals Utd(if they win the Europa): Jose might be sh*t in the league but he certainly knows his way around this competition. They'll be very hard to beat and I can see them going far.
  3. We can give him a 10 pt head start, no Europe and no cup competition and still finish above him.
  4. Theyre using leicester and us this season to cover up their excuses. Anyway, Seeing as all the big boys will be playing in Europe next season i guess that excuse wont wash anymore
  5. I haven't really paid attention to this Spurs stadium thing but I looked at it today and turns out they're not even moving. It's practically the same stadium or at least half modified, so what's all this fuss? All this time I thought they're were actually moving miles away.
  6. Some wonderful advice there from the great man Wenger himself. its not like we haven't won the premier league 4 times while playing in Europe before. Apparently we're Leicester. Its amazing how many excuses he comes up with year after year. I suppose next season since all the top 6 clubs will be playing in Europe, Burnley will win the league. Or even Leicester will win another title
  7. The special 1-1 back at it again.
  8. Why don't we enjoy this little good news and leave the moaning till another day eh.
  9. You'll forever be our bitch, Tottenham. Don't you ever forget that. Foys
  10. Come on anderlecht
  11. Can't say I'm surprised. So many average players in the league earning insane wages.
  12. They're stupid enough to think their players play for Utd because they "love" the club whilst everyone else's players are mercenaries so wouldn't surprise me if they think Mourinho actually cares about them or their club.
  13. What the f**k is this? Can you stick to Mourinho and not attacking a poster for his political views? What if he voted brexit? What's that got to do with Mourinho?
  14. f**king get rid. He's been whining throughout the season and throwing tantrums and we didn't care because he was performing on the pitch but hes not even doing that anymore. If he no longer wants to play for us sell him asap. I know some people will say he's scored crucial goals for us this season but his constant talking about leaving the club is not a good look for us. He's clearly looking to leave and I think we should just oblige.
  15. One of those games you could tell within the first few minutes we'd lose. No energy whatsoever. Lets smash Spurs next week and take that confidence to the rest of our games. I'm not worried.