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  1. Drogbaholic

    Jose Mourinho thread

    Since the board didn’t back him in the transfer market, it’ll be interesting to see what type of season they have. Will he stop moaning, work with what he’s got and try and challenge for the league title since this Utd team is still good enough to challenge or throw his toys out of the pram waiting for the sack to collect his multimillion pound payoff?
  2. Drogbaholic

    Jose Mourinho thread

    I remember them mocking me on Twitter that they’ve stolen our manager, even though I had to remind them that we sacked him for almost relegating our club and his football doesn’t fit the Utd way but they didn’t care.
  3. Drogbaholic

    Jose Mourinho thread

    To be honest even if Klopp doesn’t win any trophies, I think he’s done very well there. His football is fantastic to watch, he’s improved so many players and of course they’ve 2 European finals and has brought them consistent champions league football, which they never had before. His job is pretty safe there regardless of Mourinho’s taunting.
  4. Drogbaholic

    Jose Mourinho thread

    I can understand why the board are reluctant to spend any money. He’s spent close to 400m and his football is still as tedious as ever. They might have finished second last season but it was still a very poor season by their standards.
  5. Drogbaholic

    Jose Mourinho thread

    All the signs now point to another 3rd year meltdown. Poor pre season, rift with the board and now openly criticising some big players. I would be very surprised if he actually finishes a full 3rd term there.
  6. Drogbaholic

    Antonio Conte - Now Officially Manager

    Thanks for the title but time to move on.
  7. Drogbaholic

    Eden Hazard

    Pretty sure even the younger Hazard is worth more than 90m just for being called hazard. I love how Utd fans bring up mata and matic forgetting that they were surplus to requirements. Buying a player a club no longer wants isn’t the same as stealing their players. You daft morons.
  8. Our fixture list from now till the end of December looks very good. Let’s go on another big run and see where we are by the end of the year. Although if city win today they go 11 points and that’s a big ask.
  9. Heh. Earlier this season I was angry at Fabregas starting games now I’m angry that he’s been dropped.
  10. Why the f**k is fabregas starting? Ffs
  11. Drogbaholic

    Cesc Fabregas

    Needs to be on the bench and no where else but the bench.
  12. Drogbaholic

    Antonio Conte - Now Officially Manager

    Whatever happens we need to stick with him. Apart from the fact that I can’t even think of a single decent manager out there right now we can get, we need to stop,with the constant hiring and firing. If the players know the manager isn’t going anywhere and has the backing of the owner perhaps they’ll start acting right and not throwing tantrums and getting our managers sacked whenever something goes wrong. We have one of the best managers on our hands, let’s not act stupid again and lose him like we’ve done with certain players.
  13. Drogbaholic

    Danny Drinkwater

    Being a chelsea manager is actually great. Every trophy is all your doing despite the board and every defeat, injury, poor tactical decisions is because of the board. You also get to pocket millions when sacked and pick another top club.
  14. Drogbaholic

    Following Our Nearest & Dearest Rivals, 2017/2018

    If we’re not gonna win the title I’m glad Man City will do it. They play attractive attacking football unlike some.
  15. Drogbaholic

    Antonio Conte - Now Officially Manager

    I hope I’m absolutely wrong but I’m beginning to get a feeling that there’s something dodgy going on behind the scenes. It’s more than simply injuries and bad form and reminds me of Mourinho’s last few months where the players looked like they were playing but you could see they had mentally checked out. Or maybe the City defeat did more damage than we thought? We now have players throwing a strop and disrespecting Conte everytime they get substituted, something we never saw last season(apart from Costa in the Leicester game) Michy and Willian last week and yesterday Luiz. Anyway, for me the weekend’s performance will tell me everything i need to know. Lose and it’s pretty obvious that we have another case of players forcing another good manager out of this club.