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  1. Why don't we enjoy this little good news and leave the moaning till another day eh.
  2. You'll forever be our bitch, Tottenham. Don't you ever forget that. Foys
  3. Come on anderlecht
  4. Can't say I'm surprised. So many average players in the league earning insane wages.
  5. They're stupid enough to think their players play for Utd because they "love" the club whilst everyone else's players are mercenaries so wouldn't surprise me if they think Mourinho actually cares about them or their club.
  6. What the f**k is this? Can you stick to Mourinho and not attacking a poster for his political views? What if he voted brexit? What's that got to do with Mourinho?
  7. f**king get rid. He's been whining throughout the season and throwing tantrums and we didn't care because he was performing on the pitch but hes not even doing that anymore. If he no longer wants to play for us sell him asap. I know some people will say he's scored crucial goals for us this season but his constant talking about leaving the club is not a good look for us. He's clearly looking to leave and I think we should just oblige.
  8. One of those games you could tell within the first few minutes we'd lose. No energy whatsoever. Lets smash Spurs next week and take that confidence to the rest of our games. I'm not worried.
  9. This united team are so tedious to watch.
  10. Totally agree with this. It's shocking what's he's done to Martial and Rashford; two of the most exciting attacking young players in Europe have been reduced to a shell of their former selves.
  11. I'm fully on the lukaku train now. Bring him back.
  12. Top 4 is looking increasingly unlikely for them so I can see Jose prioritising the Europa league instead of this game. Might see some top players rested for them.
  13. Does Costa always drop off after the first half of the season? Seems to be a pattern of his time here.
  14. Heh, I still remember the day they signed Mourinho. You'd think they had signed messi judging by how happy they were.
  15. So he was quick to attack moyeseh who inherited fergeh's team but suddenly this time it's not Joseh's fault but the players? Lol okeh.