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  1. old git

    Mateo Kovačić

    "She?" it must be those long, curly locks. Remember the time last season, when Luiz played in midfield and everybody was singing his praises? I agree that's where he should be, but only if Jorginho get's injured or needs a rest.
  2. old git

    We've got a new Kepa

    And as Postman Pat with his black and white cat, has disappeared to his dream club across the water, I wonder if he would mind coming back and giving us a demonstration verbatim?
  3. old git

    Mateo Kovačić

    We've got plenty of games to play, from now until the end of the season so, at the pace and tempo that Sarri demands, Kovacic and Barkley will get plenty of game time. Kante is a machine, but he will also need a rest at some point. Now if we can sort our defensive side out.....
  4. old git

    Marcos Alonso

    I think he's more suited to be a centre back. He hasn't got enough foot for a wing back, but has enough pace to be effective centrally. Similar in style to John Stones possibly, skilful on the ball, good in the air and a good passer.
  5. old git

    Vintage Blues pictures and film

    Yeah, Ron had this air of authority about him, from the time he made the first team, so it wasn't long before he was made captain after Venables left. Such a good defender who could read a game, and anticipate what was going to happen, better than anybody..
  6. old git

    Vintage Blues pictures and film

    Ron slipped on the muddy pitch, that's all.
  7. Agree with Giroud starting. He could have a field day against their two flaky centre backs. A further thought on Kante. I know he's a machine, but he hasn't stopped playing competitively since God was a boy. Sarri will need to rest him up once and a while. But not for this game!
  8. old git

    Antonio Rudiger

    From what I've seen, he seems to be a strong character in the dressing room. Captain material.
  9. Well, if Usain Bolt had his skill, he would be the best wing back in the world but, alas, Alonso is but a tortoise in comparison. He knows it (get the ball and off load inside because no way am I taking anybody on) and the opposition are more than aware, which is why they swarm around the receiver likes bees around a honey pot,
  10. Have to say Charles, that a lot of their pressure was due to lapses of concentration on the ball by us, especially Luiz. Good job Rudiger was around to help out. Agreed, I thought Pritchard was easily their biggest threat.
  11. No doubting his on the ball skills, but are you saying he has pace?
  12. Yes, probably the worst team in the Premier L;eague and ideal opponents for us to start with. Some of their players were so slow and statuesque, they made Alonso look like Usain Bolt.
  13. old git

    Vintage Blues pictures and film

    That's what you call being well and truly pissed upon.
  14. old git

    Vintage Blues pictures and film

    Very interesting bottom photo that, as it could be the old athletics stadium before we moved in, in 1905. Those white bits could be a couple of goals or high jump/pole vault pits?
  15. old git

    Vintage Blues pictures and film

    Looks like a lot of the teams were out on the piss the night before.