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  1. Dzeko the Gecko

    Ashley Barnes? Archetypal old fashioned centre forward. Never gives the opposing centre backs a moment peace. I'd have him in our squad.
  2. Peter Crouch

    If it goes quiet, the media will drum up any old crap, just to get a reaction.
  3. Good appraisal mate. Bakayoko's got that languid style of play. He hasn't got that instant acceleration but can certainly shift when he's 'on the hoof'. Morata has made a rod for his own back because he's gone down too easily in the past. Lastly, I'm astonished that Norwich are only 13th. in the Championship as they are well organised but have good pace in attack. That kid Lewis looks decent. They played much better last night than at Carrow Road. Their coach Daniel Farke impressed me with his decision making and general demeanour.
  4. Yes, they won't be available for Brighton on Saturday.
  5. Palmieri

    We've approached Roma about him, and his reason he wants to come to Chelsea is because of Conte. I hope that dispels the rumour that Conte is on his way out.
  6. We started off where,defensively we were all over the place, due to the threat and pace of Vardy and Okasaki, which forced Moses and Alonso to retreat so, effectively, we were playing a back five for all of the first half and most of the second. This left Mahrez the freedom to do whatever he liked. That left a three man midfield comprising of Fabregas, who was a virtual passenger because, once his passing game is gone, he's a liability, Kante who had to do the work of three men to cover attacks and Bakayoko who, I thought did alright considering he's out of form, getting about the pitch and putting in challenges and closing Ndidi down, when he threatened to get forward. Hazard had a poor game by his standards because he rarely helped out in midfield, preferring to loiter upfield with Morata. Is he still carrying that shin and calf injury? He took a whack and was hobbling around for a good while afterwards. I think Conte knows he's not 100 per cent, which is why he keeps subbing him. We saw how inept Moses and Alonso are offensively, when Chilwell got sent off. Neither have the pace to get past their player so, it was passed inside, which played into the hands of their packed defence. We then resorted to angled crosses from Azpilicueta and long range efforts from outside the box. I can't wait for Barkley to get fit, to add some creativity and dynamism in midfield because Fabregas is no longer a 90 minute player.
  7. Vintage Blues pictures and film

    Apparently Robbie said this wasn't planned. He just did it on impulse and the others just dived in!
  8. I think we'll piss all over them at the Bridge. As bad as we were, they weren't much better, and they were at home. Even if Conte plays the exact same team, I can see us winning comfortably. Our attitude will be so much better at home.
  9. Vintage Blues pictures and film

    Can't show Daily Mail articles here in Thailand. They are banned!
  10. The 2003-2004 season, the one before Mourinho arrived. He wasn't half the player he became that term, probably due to the system he was playing under Ranieri.
  11. Yet three short months ago, everybody was, literally, singing his praises when we beat Atletico Madrid at their gaff. No way we would have beaten them with ten men! I agree he's way below that form though. It's like he's a rabbit in headlights, when the ball comes to him. His confidence seemed to drain away, about the same time Lampard publically criticised him for Atletico's goal at the Bridge. Now that we have Barkley, I think he will benefit from being away from the spotlight, to spend some time on the bench. He might need this summer's recess before we see him back to his best next season. Some players do need that. I remember Makele's first season at Chelsea when he was dire. What happened afterwards went down in Chelsea folklore.
  12. Vintage Blues pictures and film

    I'm pretty sure that sixth picture up is Jim Lewis bearing down on goal. The interesting fact about him is that he was playing for Chelsea as an amateur. He was part of the 1955 League winning squad and was very quick for his time.
  13. Vintage Blues pictures and film

    Plenty of knobbly knees on display there.
  14. Vintage Blues pictures and film

    You mean the one with, what looks like Hughie Gallacher, introducing the team to Prince Edward? Blimey, they were well wrapped up then although it does look like a particularly cold day judging by the Prince's overcoat.
  15. Vintage Blues pictures and film

    One of those pictures was of Hughie Gallacher (the mad Scotsman, my old man called him) centre, Alec Cheyne, on the left, who was also Scottish and Andy Wilson. All knew where the back of the net was, especially Gallacher who scored loads of goals wherever he went.