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  1. A special mention should be made of Alonso's performance, who looked like he would have a tough afternoon against Arnautivic's pace and trickery but, as he's done many times before, worked his opponent out.
  2. It's fine for these youngsters to win trophies in their own age group but, when they're asked to step up against players of all ages and national;ities within the squad, only the exceptional survive.
  3. Do we care whether Utd. learn or not? Anyway, what was that all about, substituting Mkhitaryian for that log of wood after the red card? Oh, I get it, Mourinho was playing for extra time! I think he's gone at the game.
  4. It certainly doesn't but, on the evidence so far, both Tottenham and West Ham haven't exactly set the place alight on their performances at Wembley and Olympic Park respectively. Anyway, let's hope you're dead right and we fit seamlessly into our new temporary home and Sanchez is in our squad!
  5. Do 'shots' from corners include headers as well?
  6. Agreed that we could do with a couple of signings, but the biggest stumbling block to further trophy hunting could be relocating to a new stadium in 2018. We've got that millstone around our necks for three seasons.
  7. He could improve his corner taking as well. Come to think of it, we haven't got anybody that can take a 'devilish, whipped in' corner which frightens the life out of defences.
  8. I concur regarding Costa. Yes, he's knocking in the goals but he gets fantastic support from Hazard, Pedro and the rest of the midfield to set him up. Every time I watch him play, I always get this nagging feeling that we can get someone else in that's a better fit.