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  1. Vintage Blues pictures and film

    That is the b*****ks blue haze! I had 'em all but gawd knows what's happened to them. Probably lost in the process of moving about 5 times.
  2. Vintage Blues pictures and film

    The old man, my uncles and me walking up Wandsworth Rd., over Vauxhall Bridge then along the Embankment to Stamford Bridge. When my little legs couldn't take it, I was lifted up on to the shoulders of one of 'em. Everybody walked in those days because nobody could afford a car. It was like one of those L.S.Lowry paintings. There were hundreds of us strolling along. It took bloody hours but the excitement of hearing the crowd roar (we always seem to get there late!), and thoughts of tiredness disappeared. Then my old man would shout out "Pass my nipper down the front will yer?" and I would get hoisted up and along, over the heads of everybody down to the front of the terraces like some rock star at a concert!
  3. Vintage Blues pictures and film

    In 1957, the programme cost sixpence. 9 years later, a shilling. Daylight robbery!
  4. Vintage Blues pictures and film

    I was there.
  5. Vintage Blues pictures and film

    Bloody hell! Phil Collins is in there as well.
  6. Chopper article - telegraph anyone ?

    Someone told me that Chopper had a lucrative toilet roll business....unless it was a wind up. I remember Dempsey Duke though. A very good stayer over 700 yards and beyond.
  7. Unfortunately for us, Ozil was injured so Wenger had little option than to play Ramsey instead. With Xhaka and Ozil in midfield, I'd have been very confident of getting the win.
  8. One positive from the game was that Hazard is back. He was taking on and beating players with ease. Bakayoko entered the fray and immediately instilled some pace and power into our play. The first three names on my team sheet would be Hazard, Kante and Bakayoko. Three world class players who we are fortunate to have at the club.
  9. Vintage Blues pictures and film

    I hope no one mistakes me for an Arse'ole's fan!
  10. Vintage Blues pictures and film

    Great kit as well. Love the royal blue over that faded wishy- washy crap, we had last season.
  11. Vintage Blues pictures and film

    I was gobsmacked when he whacked him, but delighted that Spackers had that mean streak tucked away somewhere.
  12. Vintage Blues pictures and film

    Yes, pretty sure that's Terry Conroy having a shot.
  13. Vintage Blues pictures and film

    That young kid has a Leeds scarf. Perhaps he changed allegiance after seeing Ossie's goal!
  14. I think Qarabag showed that, offensively, they can ruffle a few feathers but only at home and, especially with their crowd behind them. Unfortunately for them, their defence is dire.
  15. Vintage Blues pictures and film

    Is that our last home game of the 1964 season CB? I recognise Bobby Tambling, Barry Bridges and Peter Bonetti and John Mortimore holding the banner.