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  1. Vintage Blues pictures and film

    I'd guess, looking at the socks, that's Burnley in a changed shirt. Maybe first game of the 1965 season.
  2. Vintage Blues pictures and film

    I remember walking under the stands after that Pompey game then, all of a sudden, shafts of light starting appearing from above and the sound of splintering wood! Me and my old man legged it pronto.
  3. I expect us to beat this mob convincingly. They're midfield is pedestrian and have an attack comprising of one striker. Usually, they are a hard nut to crack but now, they're low on confidence. Pulis's style of football looks like it's starting to grate on the players.
  4. Vintage Blues pictures and film

    Yep, fantastic group of players that were a joy to watch.
  5. Emanalo The Problem

    Emanolo resigns, then Conte's old mate Andrea Pirlo, announces his retirement as a player. Coincidence?
  6. I think everybody, except maybe Morata and Hazard, were behind the ball in the last ten minutes, because they new what Mourinho's tactics would be!
  7. The one worrying moment for me? Zappacosta is substituted for Rudiger. Good! Rudiger at right wing back, that's what I would have done. Wait! Rudiger's going to right full back and Azpilicueta is being pushed forward to right wing back! No!! Why change it if it's not broken? Other than that, a pretty comfortable night until Fellaini came on with flailing arms and looking like a whirling dervish. How we've missed Kante? What a player.
  8. Playing in a back four at full back is slightly different from playing in a back three at right wing back, where you're expected to get forward more. I'm not saying you're wrong because I reckon Rudiger would be far more effective in that position than Azpilicueta. Bit of a knee jerk reaction by me in suggesting Rudiger in preference to Luiz in midfield, because Luiz was superb against Spurs. It's just that Luiz as been showing signs of indiscipline and lack of concentration lately, which could get him in trouble in centre field if he wants to get his own back.
  9. It's interesting that you've pencilled in Rudiger at right wing back as I was thinking, when Conte kept going for a midfield duo of Fabregas and Bakayoko, that Rudiger would do a good defensive midfield job alongside Bakayoko. He's athletic, has pace, power and can tackle. Alright he can't ping the ball around like Cesc but, at this time, we need to shore things up and protect the back three.
  10. Morata and Batshuayi are well capable of getting goals but they need support from midfield of course. Hazard and, to a certain extent, Pedro are the only reliable sources of invention at the moment. Alonso spends most of his time chasing back (not very rapidly) and supporting a defence and midfield that seem to be on the back foot nowadays. It's up to Conte now to freshen things up and get a positive reaction from the Roma defeat.
  11. Give Morata time and he will deliver. He's shown before that he is a top class striker. The injury has halted his progress though. There hasn't been one Premier League striker (and beyond) that hasn't had a barren spell, no matter how good they are.
  12. Prior to the 3-0 defeat to Roma, our heaviest loss was 0-3 against Arsenal last season. After that, it was a change of formation at Hull, with Ivanovic being dropped in favour of a back three. The rest is history with the team going on a 13 match unbeaten run. What is interesting was Conte's comments after the Arsenal game."I think that we didn't have the right attitude from the first minute.....when nothing works, it is hard for a player to play well. We win and lose as a team. We have not got the right balance and now is the moment to consider everything." Not dissimilar to what he said after the Roma game? What it shows is that these players, when faced with a problem, and no doubt an almighty bollocking, can react in the right way. Just two games after the Hull win, we faced United at the Bridge and pissed all over them. I wouldn't mind lightning striking twice!
  13. January Window 17/18

    Yeah, I'd have him. He's unpredictable and can make the opposition look extremely foolish at times.
  14. January Window 17/18

    That's because they're slow and can't move the ball from out of their feet quick enough. We badly need players with pace and acceleration to get away from the opposition. Too many tortoises in the team right now.
  15. I feel bad but Conte must be suicidal after that performance. With 9 of the players on the pitch at some stage, that took us on that 13 game run last season, we've regressed into a slow, ponderous outfit without the bloody mindedness and will -to -win -at -all- costs attitude, that befitted us last season. Players like Fabregas, Alonso, Cahill,Luiz and Willian have, in double quick time, become passengers and a liability to players such as Hazard and Pedro who are carrying the can for their ineptitude. These players look even worse because, with the exception of maybe Willian, none of them were ever blessed with pace and acceleration. Young players like Bakayoko are being affected because they are looking for leadership on the pitch which isn't forthcoming. Morata is struggling right now but that's quite normal because there has been no striker in the history of the Premier League (and beyond), no matter how good they are, that doesn't have a barren spell. It doesn't help when Luiz fails to control the ball and grins like a Cheshire cat, when he gets outpaced to the ball. I'd bench him for the rest of the season. That'll wipe the smile off his face. We were actually in the game until that howler by Rudiger. Did he get a shout? It looked likely that he did from someone. Then that Roma c**t treads on Hazard's ankle which put paid to his dynamism for the rest of the game. Roma are no great shakes to me but they certainly knew who to target to bring our game to a grinding halt. Conte has kept faith with his 'untouchables' for too long but they look stale and lifeless now, so I'm hoping that he will freshen it up and play Kante, Drinkwater with Christensen and some other vibrant youngsters with pace against United on Sunday. If he does that, I'm sure the Stamford Bridge crowd will appreciate this approach and lift the team.