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  1. That looks like Peter Brabrook.
  2. And as they burst out of the traps, Bert Murray has walked out while it's a pretty even break between, Boyle, Venables, Harris and McCreadie. McCreadie's getting bogged down on the inside while Boyler's is showing the better early pace to the first corner.
  3. Blimey! I thought that was Bill Shankley for a second.
  4. He's definitely quicker than Ward - Prowse and has as much, if not more skill on the ball.
  5. Let him go there then. And I hope they find that he isn't half the player he was, due to this ankle injury. It kept him out for five months. That would be my worry if we did sign him.
  6. Wasn't Mike Bassett the first to have that hairstyle in his playing days?
  7. Brilliant photos Doc. Well done.
  8. I thought it was because he could soak up all the tackles and kicks, bounce back up and still get on with it. The innocence of youth.
  9. Here's a story my old man told me lads, when Chelsea played Spurs. Alf Ramsey (yes, the very same), having noticed that young Frank Blunstone was taking the piss out of him, decided to target him with some 'beefy' tackles to slow him down. Stan Willemse, who was known to put in a few 'thigh high' ones himself, pulled Ramsey to one side and told him to "leave the kid alone, or else" to which Ramsey replied "F**k off!" Willemse gained retribution soon after and Ramsey was stretchered off.
  10. With 30 million being banded around, I'm astonished we haven't made Thomas Lemar a target as well. This is within Tottenham's price range and, apparently, they're the favourites to pick him up. Absolute bargain in today's transfer madness.
  11. Yes, and in the days when pitch surfaces were diabolical. The man seemed to float over the ground.
  12. "I looked at all the players afterwards and couldn't find a bruise anywhere!" That did make me laugh. I had visions of him examining all the players while they were in the showers.
  13. I think that's Bert Murray in the suit, Bobby Tambling behind, Alan Harris squatting down and dear old Harry Medhurst dishing out the beer.
  14. I see Venables is getting stuck in early!
  15. The 'Guvnor' has just discovered that he isn't, but just an employee.