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  1. Radja Nainggolan

    Sorry, I didn't explain myself really well. Matic is not really good in air play, but it's certainly a little better than Nainggolan. If we loose in that department but we win in others it's fine, but we can't forget that the team uses air balls on its favour more than other combinative teams. I totally agree on quality over height aspect, but it's also an important concern and even more important in that specific position.
  2. Radja Nainggolan

    I really like Radja, but I see some issues to be solved during summer and I don't know if he is the right answer. First of all, Matic is not making the cut this season for me, but he contributes with some things that Nainggolan could'nt bring to the club: 1.94m vs 1.75m. The PL style relies on aerial balls and being as tall as Moses is not enough if your partner is Kanté (1.69m). On the other hand, Radja has scored 9 goals and 3 assists vs none and 6 from matic which is quite impressive, but let's face this: we need to do something with cesc and pedro in that case. I would love to see a Hazard-Kanté-Nainggolan-Fàbregas (1.75 again), but that for me means more ball control which is not the team's style this season. By the way, I think he could get used easily to the system and the "Italian mentality".
  3. Hi from Barcelona

    Well, Barça is just one team. The city is quite heterogeneous in this department so it is not really hard to be a chelsea follower down here. As I said previously I applied for a true blue membership, but here it's easier to form a group with other pl fans even if you don't share a common team. There's plenty of british fans at the pubs around the city so the atmosphere is not that bad, not really different from what I saw at some bars in London.
  4. Hi from Barcelona

    Hi! I've seen that almost everything related to Chelsea fan base on the web passes through this site and I couldn't help but joining. It's difficult to meet other premier league interested fans in my area so this is a good chance to meet new people and share experiences. Member, been to the bridge, looking to going back (this season if I'm lucky enough). Cheers.