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  1. I'd pay to see that.
  2. Bayern Munich to step up Alexis Sanchez interest after watching Gunners star shine in FA Cup semi-final
  3. Well, thanks to Alexis' goal it seems you guys will be meeting him in the final.
  4. What do you guys make of this? How Juventus and Chelsea are working together to ensure Blues sign Alexis Sanchez
  5. Arsene Wenger reveals agent snag in Alexis Sanchez contract talks: Chelsea interested. If Alexis' agent is who I think he is (Felicevich), then you guys should start preparing a welcome party for Sanchez at Chelsea. _____ And yes: Fernando Felicevich it is. Note's rather old but news is the same.
  6. Makes a lot of sense. Boy, can't wait to see the Hazard - Costa - Alexis attack.
  7. There's also speculation about Mourinho having contacted Alexis for a move to ManUtd [emoji32]
  8. The Blues, along with Paris Saint Germain, are interested to sign Sanchez at the end of the season - and ex-Arsenal striker Merson is adamant he will move on. “I would be shocked if Sanchez wasn’t playing for Chelsea next season,” Merson told Newsweek . “And people go, ‘Oh, don’t be silly,’ but don’t forget if he was going to sign, he probably would have done it at the start of the year. “I don’t see him signing and why people say he’ll never go to Chelsea, Arsenal don’t work like that. They’re not going to let him see his contract out: They want £50 million quid. They sold [Robin] Van Persie to Man United [in 2012] and they went on and won the league. They don’t care about that.”
  9. Actually he has. On record. I guess he went to Arsenal because he thought he could become a legendary player there, which wasn't possible needless to say. Just guessing.
  10. I'm not really sure Alexis would want a move to PSG, not his first option at least. The man's hungry for glory, but real glory; not the one you get playing in second-line competitions. Not that I'm looking down upon Ligue 1, but it clearly isn't as competitive as Premier League. It's clear he wants to stay in England. He's not in it just for the money. If he were, then he might as well move to China IMO.
  11. What about Willian then?
  12. Hey guys, new around here but not new to Chelsea needless to say my countryman Alexis Sánchez, whom I've been following ever since he left Cobreloa. Would be absolutely thrilling to see him play under Conte and along football monsters Hazard, Costa, Willian, Fabregas, Courtois, etc. If he's signed during the summer window, where exactly do you see him playing? Would he be a regular starter or he would be benched? PS : please sign Vidal as well!!!