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  1. More like semifinal.
  2. What I mean is that at least they showed some attitude. Anyways, already looking forward to a little bit of this:
  3. I think Russia could have done so much more. Mexico playing very unstable football. Looks like it's going to be a Germany - Portugal Mexico - Chile semifinals.
  4. Portugal and Mexico qualified for the semifinals.
  5. Sure. Looks like the most solid team so far. Definitely need to score more goals anyways, as the physical challenges get stronger. Looking forward to an Alexis vs Cristiano final.
  6. Agreed. Probably some future world champions there.
  7. Good game Chile vs Germany so far. 1-1 at 60 min.
  8. That's right. I think the team got a bit tired of attacking and not scoring any goals. Besides, the disallowed goal must have played with the boys morale. Anyways, I think it's safe to say that Chile dominated most of the game and was able to score 2 late goals thanks to Vidal and Alexis.
  9. Impressive form shown today by Chile. Good thing Alexis managed to play part of the second half as it was getting more and more difficult to overcome Cameroon's defense. Looking forward to Thursday's match between Germany and Chile.
  10. Boy, what an assist for Vidal. Would have loved to see them both playing for Chelsea. Guess I'll have to make do with watching them playing for Chile and Bayern. [emoji849]
  11. Foreign fan from Chile. Been following Chelsea for a long time. I remember playing Pro Evolution Soccer 2 and always getting de Goey and Desailly in the Master League. Looking forward to see Alexis playing in this great team. And Vidal as well, if that's not too much to ask.
  12. Arsenal star Alexis Sanchez: My agent will decide my future ALEXIS SANCHEZ insists his future will be left entirely in the hands of his agent.
  13. If what I read today about Hazard is true, then it's time to bring in some real machinery to the negotiations.
  14. Let's see what happens after the Confeds Cup. Alexis and Vidal are really close (unlike what the press like to show). The role of the players' agent will be key as well.
  15. Alexis Sanchez to force through Arsenal transfer: Manchester City and Chelsea on alert ALEXIS SANCHEZ is reportedly keen on forcing through a move away from Arsenal.