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  1. Arturo Vidal

    I wish
  2. Arturo Vidal

    Whoa whoa, hold on a second there mate. What do you mean even if it isn’t true? My sources are very reliable; I’ve this very close friend (well not really a friend, he’s just a bald ass) whose girlfriend happens to work at that casino, and she’s privately reported every situation where Vidal’s been involved only to see him on the news one or two days afterwards apologizing and crying in front of the TV. My point is, this is big, mate. Just wait for Vidal to get to London to start ruining Chelsea.
  3. Arturo Vidal

    Rumor has it that he spent last night at a Chilean casino and requested a single room to lock himself up with 10 of his mates and 7 prostitutes.
  4. Arturo Vidal

    I don’t know about that, I think EPL style is much rougher than any other leagues, and, therefore, play flows much more. He shouldn’t face so much problems with that.
  5. Arturo Vidal

    So, Vidal’s not being used by BM’s manager. Any chance of having him playing for Chelsea as of next summer?
  6. Alexis Sanchez

    Looks like it's a done deal for Alexis and Manchester City.
  7. Alexis Sanchez

    Poor lad, must really want to leave by now.
  8. Alexis Sanchez

  9. It'll be interesting to see how the lads take up this challenge. When is it, by the way?
  10. Alexis Sanchez

    Well, with the Morata signing I guess the Alexis deal is finally off the table. :/
  11. Alvaro Morata

    I guess the Alexis deal is completely off the table right now. Welcome, Alvaro!
  12. Alexis Sanchez

    No idea how reliable it is, but found it just a few minutes ago: http://dailycannon.com/2017/07/alexis-sanchez-open-to-chelsea-move-as-betting-suspended-on-manchester-city-switch/
  13. Confederations Cup 2017

    Damn you, Gary Lineker.
  14. Confederations Cup 2017

    Can't wait.
  15. Confederations Cup 2017

    And Chile are through. 3 major finals in a row. WHAT. A. TEAM.