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  1. Totally against this signing, even if Conte/Emenalo may disagree. Chalobah and Loftus-Cheek should be promoted.
  2. People can say that it's a sign of the times and a staple of modern day football that English players aren't going to feature as much in PL team line-ups, and they wouldn't necessarily be wrong. English players are often lacking far behind their European/South American counterparts. However, saying that, I still believe we should be deeply encouraging English talent to shine through. I would love for us to be the focal point of English talent for the league. Some of our youngsters are already there in my opinion and it would be such a shame to see them go on loan rather than be exposed to the first team squad.
  3. Oh dear. Chelsea away top on top of City shorts. When I first saw the sky blue colour I was about to be sick, but luckily spotted the City badge. Panic over. I really like the home kit. It's simple, it's basic, it's plain. Adidas were always trying to add a little something to the kit which made it 'unique', and more often than not, ruined it. This is a return to minimalism, which to me, is wonderful. Our best home kit in years. ....although saying that, the sleeves could be the same colour as the actual shirt.
  4. Given you a like for that, and also this post saying that I agree. Perhaps it's me that isn't ready to accept this about modern day football yet. Times, they be a changin. Thanks RIP for the good discussion on it.
  5. It's not okay for a player to go down whether they believe a challenge is coming or not. You stay on your feet and keep going until actual contact is made. That's how I feel about it anyway. When people like Shearer say "Oh, he was smart to go down when he did", it encourages an atmosphere of diving and dishonesty. Chelsea FC need to be above that. Of course people should be allowed to re-enter society after serving a punishment. I merely said that I wish he wasn't at Chelsea. I haven't seen any of your previous posts on the matter, so couldn't comment about that. People do have the ability to change and make progressive action in their life. Well done Alonso on that part. Mistakes come with varying degrees of severity. In my personal opinion, he got away with it and it must be really hard on that young woman's family to see him do well in his career, enjoying every minute. Being responsible for an action that extinguishes someone else's life should carry far higher sentences. The Spanish legal system is not exactly renowned. It was still a dive, whether the referee/linesman thought otherwise or not. It wasn't a prickish thing to say, in my opinion. As I've mentioned in other places, I respect other's opinion on Alonso. Floyd25 is okay, as is RIP Mourinho. We've had a constructive discussion about it without it descending into personal insults. It does say a lot about you, doesn't it. Normally the personal insults start coming out once you have nothing of value to add to a discussion. I've made plenty of mistakes in my life, none of which have resulted in the death of another human being.
  6. You mean like selling Luiz, and buying him back, and selling Lukaku and (supposedly) buying him back, you mean like selling Matic and then buying him back, you mean like.... etc etc. Clubs can't hold on to what ifs and maybes in this day and age where everyone expects instant results. Had Didier left us at that stage, and then moved on to another club and done well, that doesn't mean we wouldn't still have achieved all those things we did in the later years. I'd like to see a bit more morality and integrity to the game, starting with us. We're the English champions.
  7. It wasn't one mistake. It was two. I wasn't calling for his head after the Spurs semi dive. I wrote in a post somewhere else that the comparison with Drogba isn't really fair. People can look back with the benefit of hindsight after Didier achieved everything there was to achieve with the club, but had he have been sold during the early part of his career with us, not too many would have shed a tear. Alonso made a mistake. One which cost another human being their life as he now continues to swan on and enjoy success. It wasn't even that long ago he was plying the booze and killing someone whilst speeding. If you had been that woman's relative or friend, I'm sure you'd feel very differently. Every time he scores, I'm pleased for the club, I'm pleased for everyone else, but not him. I'll be very pleased the day he leaves.
  8. He wasn't. Compared to Hazard, Courtois, Alonso, Azpilicueta, Cahill, Pedro, Willian, Costa and every other member of the starting XI, he was the least best of the bunch. He did very well for the first half of the season and caught us all by surprise. He performed okay in the latter half, but definitely tailed off. Besides, I respect the fact that you feel differently to me about him. Do you think you have it in you to reciprocate? You're saying this with the benefit of hindsight, which isn't fair. Had the club decided to get rid of Drogba in the early years and replaced him with A, B or C, there wouldn't have been a major outcry.
  9. Okay. I was childish whilst writing that, and I apologise. I don't rate Lukaku and I don't want him at the club. If you feel differently, that's fine. You can't deny he has an eye for goal. I'm just not sold on his attitude when I know our team and club ethos is one of winners. Moses dropped off massively as the season went on, and dived twice in major games, one of which cost us a major final. For that alone he should be sold. Alonso did great. I just don't think the club should ever have employed him with his past record.
  10. Two dives. I don't want that kind of player at the club. Why does that make me a prick for saying so?
  11. Do you want to rethink what you said?
  12. No. He's a nasty individual responsible for the death of another human being. He should never be allowed to play football, especially for our club. Hopefully he's sold.
  13. Not sure how you embed the image. My bad, but rest assured this is the greatest Chelsea XI you could possibly make.
  14. Moses should be sold for his dives in the FA Cup semi and final alone. Disgraceful. Chelsea players should be above that kind of thing. I'm not a huge fan of AOC, but I'd take him if it meant getting rid of Moses.
  15. Made even worse by the fact that that's prime CL knockout time, too. We might have been knocked out by PSG by then, though.