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  1. Champions League Draw

  2. Riyad Mahrez

    I'd take him for sure. Others have pointed out his very hit and miss nature which is true, but on form, he's class in the league and has shown in the CL last season that he can perform. Considering our squad depth, or lack of, surely it would be a no brainer. Then again, with the state of our dealings at the moment, who knows. It's a very frustrating time.
  3. Courtois Rudiger -- Christensen -- Luiz Azpilicueta Alonso Kante -- Bakayoko Pedro Willian Morata
  4. Champions League Draw

    Chelsea, PSG, Napoli, Copenhagen - predicted. Chelsea, Porto, Basel, Feyenoord - wanted. I'm fairly certain I've got at least one team right for both lists.
  5. I think it was travelling wide, just. Not stupid for him to tap it in.
  6. Perhaps this wasn't worth starting a new thread for, but I've been concerned at our lack of games pre-season compared to some of the other top teams in the league we'll by vying for the title with. Maybe we should have organised some extra games back at home to get the squad gelling and back in shape prior to the CS. Thoughts everyone? Too much or too little in terms of games so far?
  7. Tiémoué Bakayoko

    My bad. When I wrote 'eh', the 'ey' that you've written is a better fit. Between mo and moo, there's a marginal difference. For English people, pronouncing it either way is fine.
  8. Tiémoué Bakayoko

  9. Michy Batshuayi to Chelsea

    I don't know what's more shocking. The fact that a number of Arsenal players are near the top of the list, or the fact that Costa has better odds than Hazard.
  10. Barkley

    Don't want the overhyped piece of tosh anywhere near the club. His workrate and drive is as poor as Lukaku's.
  11. Jack Wilshere

    Even the guy who constantly pined for Bendtner, Andy Carroll and Danny Rose made better threads than this!
  12. Your favourite non-final/title wins

    That's one of my favourite too, Deino. The juxtaposition of emotions felt as that game went on was mad. For me, watching as a kid in 1997, I remember we thrashed Barnsley 6-0 away with Vialli scoring 4! Zola was immense that day.
  13. Tiémoué Bakayoko

    Officially signed. Can be moved to the main Chelsea forum now. Pleased with this signing.
  14. Tiémoué Bakayoko

    Batshuayi and Bakayoko having a conversation on Twitter now. Michy giving us more of a clue than anything official
  15. Matic

    I wouldn't worry, RIP. This is the kind of behaviour that is standard for him. He's the kind of person who feels the need to reassert his supposedly superior beliefs over everyone else whenever he can to feed his massive superiority complex. I almost feel sorry for him, before I realise what a stupid cunt he is.