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  1. Renato sanches

    Really? Have you not watched Willian this season?
  2. Is it offside in England?

    Edited - Munkworth is right. The FA official website confirms so. http://www.thefa.com/football-rules-governance/lawsandrules/laws/football-11-11/law-11---offside Definitely offside.
  3. Most hated opposition

    Always used to be Liverpool and Manchester United that I couldn't stand, but as they declined I almost started to feel sorry for them! I say almost, but still laughed at the rapid declination of United. Now I can't stand Spurs. Their fans have become so arrogant. Demolishing Arsenal every year is a personal pleasure, however. So in order, Arsenal, Spurs, Liverpool, United.
  4. Tiémoué Bakayoko

    It was. I don't think he's playing or has played particularly well so far, but seeing as we have absolutely no credible replacements at the moment then I hope he stays and improves for his spot. I'm hoping that Kante and Drinkwater will eventually form a really good partnership a la Leicester days.
  5. Tiémoué Bakayoko

    Awful, sh*t player. Hopefully sold on in the Jan window.
  6. What are your expectations this season?

    3rd in the PL. Knocked out in the quarters of the League Cup. Finish 3rd in our CL group, then go out in the semi's of the Europa. Knocked out in the quarter finals of the FA Cup. A disappointing season all round. One with so much promise yet delivers nothing.
  7. Is that true? That's shocking really. No surprise the last win was against Arsenal, though.
  8. Zappacosta vs Candreva

    I suspect the truth is that most of us on the forum are unqualified to be able to provide a genuinely insightful comment or vote to your thread, as most of us hadn't even realised there was a played called Zappacosta, let alone how good he is. Although, saying that, having watched the obligatory YouTube highlights of him, he has good English and can deliver a wicked cross in, which automatically puts him about 10 divisions above Moses. He also has youth on his side compared to Candreva, so on that basis alone, I'm going to stick with Zappa as my vote.
  9. Zappacosta vs Candreva

  10. Serge Aurier

    Lock the thread.
  11. It's a shame he can't get shown a straight red every 3 games.
  12. Keep Cahill as far away from the starting line up as possible please. Wouldn't care if we sold him.
  13. Alexis Sanchez

    im sorry ive had too much to drink dont worry
  14. That's a bit like asking whether you want Arsenal to be relegated or to win the CL.
  15. César 'Dave' Azpilicueta

    Love this guy more than anything. He puts in so much effort every game, and he's become so versatile for us now. I can't believe boring Cahill got given the armband when enthusiasm and passion oozes out of every pore from Dave.