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  1. I know Conte will not play Zouma at CB but I feel as though he should. WE HAVE NOT KEPT A CLEAN SHEET FOR NINE GAMES! I don't think Azpi should play wingback, I think it should be a straight for straight swap with Zouma. And it's not about having the best players on the pitch all the time, or else Willian would start over Pedro and Fabregas over Matic. Tactically, we have to nullify the strength of our opposition, and IN MY OPINION, Zouma would do just that to Zlatan. :)
  2. You're comparing Ibra and Carroll? Just because they are both big, doesn't mean they pose the same level of threat. Manchester United have class midfielders who can put in good deliveries compared to what West Ham have to offer. Zlatan is one of the top scorers in the league for a reason. Chelsea should nullify his threat by starting Zouma in my opinion.
  3. So you're happy with Azpi marking Ibra at the back post?
  4. What's everyone's ideal starting line-up? Mine is: GK - Courtois LWB- Alonso CB- ZOUMA, Luiz, Cahill RWB- Moses CM- Matic, Kante LW- Hazard ST- Costa RW- Pedro Prediction: Chelsea to win 2-1 Personally, I'd bring Zouma back in for Azpi. United are going to play direct against up. Constant crosses into the box looking for Zlatan, and Zouma is obviously a lot more capable at heading than Azpi is, especially against a 6"5 striker. I'd also start Matic as opposed to Fabregas because we will need to be solid defensively. Also, the size and strength of Pogba and Felleaini cannot be matched by Cesc, so I hope Matic can handle them. Later in the game, however, if we are struggling to break them down, Fabregas should be called for because of how creative he is. Hazard and Pedro have been on fire lately which means Willian could miss out on starting a big game. Diego (The Guv'nor) Costa retains his starting place. What starting lineup would you like to see and why? Should Diego Costa start? What do you think the final score will be?