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  1. Tickets go to season tickets and members before going on general sale and for the past couple of years they have always sold out a long time before going on general sale. It's basically impossible w/o a membership.
  2. Paul Pogba's Agent
  3. Sounds like you spotted a wild Rooney
  4. Wouldn't bet money on that lol
  5. New leak from footyheadlines, it's like Nike just got their basic template and slapped the crest on it.
  6. I think you get around 35-40 million for finishing 1st, so it'd be about 190 million.
  7. Better team won but the game would have been much different if it wasn't for that horrible decision to count that goal back in. Also, everyone was sliding about like the pitch was a f**king bin bag with washing liquid poured over it, what's going on there?
  8. Every new premier league season is meant to be the best one yet!
  9. I don't think it looks bad on our current training kits but I'm not sure about it on a white one.
  10. If you gave Tottenham maximum points for every game Kane missed we'd still be champions.
  11. Use this if you still need a stream, no issues for me, no log in.
  12. Classy from Lescott to pay tribute to such a legend