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  1. Alternatively to "The only positive result against Everton will be a win.", a draw or loss at Everton and win the remaining 4 will see us as Champions.
  2. Although the expected nervousness for Everton away, I am quietly confident of at least a draw. Saying that, to win I feel we will need to score 3 !!.
  3. Typical of Tottenham fans. A "group" picking on a lone supporter.
  4. 100% agree. As seen again last night the one-two's played, and bringing others into play. However he hasn't been doing this often enough since January. Lukaku sometimes looks like he has two left feet, although his goal scoring speaks for itself. My preference would be an "in form" Costa over Lukaku any day of the week, sadly I think Costa has already gone and will leave in the summer .
  5. Few newspaper rumours today about Willian going to Man Utd. Must be honest, he didn't look happy on Saturday when subbed, and he can't be happy on the bench for most of this season. Would not want him to leave.
  6. Let's hope so. We could do with him being focused in the run in.
  7. Will Everton play 3 at the back again ?. I doubt it. A draw will be a good result considering Everton's current form. The team I would like......... Courtois Azpi Luiz Ake Moses Kante Matic Alonso Pedro Costa Hazard
  8. Conte was going beserk at the defence, I'm sure he will sort this out in the summer. As an observation, our defence was much better at Wembley than last night. Ake being the difference.
  9. Costa played well tonight, maybe being on the bench at Wembley has refocused him.
  10. I think I would prefer Younes of Ajax, than Sanchez. He's younger and probably cost less.
  11. Someone on the fighting Cock forum has actually complained to the BBC about Lamps PMSL. If the over sensitive Spurs cry baby, finds this offensive and worthy of trying to ruin someone's employment, maybe he could be time travelled back to a Saturday afternoon in the 70's and 80's and experience some real offensive behaviour. How pathetic it is today.
  12. Agreed. Having endured for over 20 years, many bad times during the 70's, 80's, it has made me less critical now, and in some respects not so spoilt.
  13. I'd rather play Arsenal than Man City. So all in all happy.
  14. You sure you are not Tottenham in disguise. Chill man, celebrate, and njoi the win
  15. Everything in their history is on his blood money and their plastic fans who, like Citeh, will disband when the richboys get bored Just seen this this on the fighting cock. Do teams honestly still think Roman is going to get bored and pack up pmsl. And what if their billionaire owner gets bored and packs up.