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  1. You're right, there was a strange atmosphere that night, even before it all went wrong.
  2. I agree, if we were trying to buy Traore from Lyon, I am sure we would be quoted something stupid like £30m
  3. Got into quite a few away grounds without paying back then, sometimes if there were too many Chelsea outside, the old bill would have the gates opened to get us onto the terraces and off the streets.
  4. Poor Clive had more than his fair share of bad hair days !.
  5. That was a mental night. My brother and I were in the lower east stand corner and the old bill had a difficult time keeping people off the pitch. If I remember correctly, think there was one single gate down at the front, opening onto the side of the pitch and it was being charged by Chelsea every few minutes after Walker scored for Sunderland.
  6. Isn't Real Madrid his preferred destination.
  7. I still think Chile will win this tournament though.
  8. Yeah it was a pretty good game. Got to give credit to the Germans, as this was far from the normal first eleven.
  9. Obviously the reason Barcelona didn't keep him.
  10. It may be a different story if it was Hazard.
  11. We're Fulham Road supporters and we're louder than the Kop
  12. Sponge was his nickname amongst his team mates, because he could hold so much drink.
  13. My condolences. RIP Denis.
  14. That's a solid bid if true, and agree with you about moving on if not accepted. However, it is important to see what Sandro does now.
  15. My first match the old man took me to I was 7 years old, Ipswich at home 1970. The old man used to park the car in or around Lots Rd, where Chelsea Harbour is located now, wasn't called Chelsea Harbour back then, think it was a power plant. Walked to the ground through the streets of the old prefab homes, which my dad told me is where Alan Hudson grew up. We queued up at the Shed End main turnstiles, and as the queue for the 'Boy's Entrance' was so long I stood in the Adult queue, and was lifted and passed over the turnstile when the old man paid. Once inside we climbed what seemed to be the never ending concrete stairs. With every few steps the noise of the crowd got louder and louder. The smell of the hamburgers and hot dogs and then Bovril in the air, as we reached the top of stairs. "Peanuts, peanuts, roasted peanuts", you could hear from the sellers with the wooden trays hanging from around their necks. I was tingling with excitement as I looked out over the ground, for the first time. I was hooked. Looked at the North Stand at the other end of the ground, The Shed was to my left with all the chanting, and to the right, near the old concrete flood light stand in the corner, is where my dad met 4/5 of his friends. All throughout the game I was looking over at The Shed, just wishing. Muck fe I will never forget that day, and to make it all the more memorable we won 2-1 with Hudson scoring the goal that never was. From that moment on I went regularly with my dad until I was 14 and was allowed to go on my own, hello The Shed, happy days !!