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    Chelsea vs Spurs (FA CUP) - 22nd April 2017

    Thanks for the optimism about the end of the month but as much as I want to sound positive about it, Arsenal are not the team they were, we've been in decline for almost a decade and this is by far the worse team I can remember under Wenger. Sanchez is amazing, world class, and Ozil against smaller teams looks world class, but that's it. The rest of the team needs to be sold and start again. I am realistic about how terrible we are. I don't know if you have seen any Arsenal games lately but we cannot defend. And Spurs have the best attack in the league. There is no way we will get anything out of that game. I honestly would take a 3 nil loss right now if i was offered it. I've been watching their recent games hoping they'd slip up, but the way they play is not something the likes of Xhaka and Ramsey or our defense can deal with. Everyone focuses on how good their front four are which I understand as they score the goals but it's their central midfield that worries me. Wanyama and Dembele are dominating teams from what I can see. You can't take the ball off Dembele so you can't control midfield. And Wanyama cost them something like £10 in the summer and I can't for the life of me understand why Wenger didn't buy him. He is exactly what we lack, a midfielder who is calm and strong in midfield who can stop attacks before they get going. We won't sign anyone like that while Wenger is here. You at least have Kante so you can hopefully stop them controlling the midfield.
  2. Gooner in peace

    Chelsea vs Spurs (FA CUP) - 22nd April 2017

    Hope you don't mind me posting. I'm Arsenal and won't pretend Chelsea are my favourite club but there's that saying, "The enemy of my enemy is my friend"...This season has been a shocker for us but we can put it behind us so long as Spuds don't win anything. We're used to you winning but they have always been below us, never been good. Now, we are bad, really truly bad, and will be as long as Wenger stays which will probably be at least two more years, but it's not just that, Spurs have become - and I hate saying this - genuinely solid, everything they have done right the last three years since Pochetinho too over is precisely what Arsenal should have been doing. Honestly, I wish we had their manager instead of them. Please, please stop them. I can forget this season and the next two probably so long as them lot down the road dont win a trophy. You can beat us in the final, I can take losing to you, but not to them. One of you two is going to win the cup, please don't let it be them. And for crying out loud don't let them win the league either; I'm certain they'll destroy us when we play them, I'm glad it's away as I won't have to witness it. Don't rely on us to stop them or you'll be disappointed. Wenger can't beat his rug let alone Spuds. Just win your games so what they do doesn't matter, yeah! Wishing you luck on Saturday.