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  1. Yes, Didi Hamann scored the last goal under the twin towers thanks to a big helping hand from David Seaman.
  2. Posters on City's Bluemoon Forum are making exactly the opposite complaint. They and you can't all be right. :)
  3. It'll be interesting to see just how many rivals we will have when it comes to talking turkey with Everton. I wonder how many will be interested enough to sit down with the Toffees once they bring out their 9 figure demands. Obviously I don't know the answer to that question, but I have my suspicion and my hope. The suspicion, and it's hardly rocket science to figure this out, is that there won't be many. The hope is that there will be one interested team fewer than many here would like there to be.
  4. Yes, Saha's goal, after 25 seconds of the 2009 final, is the fastest goal yet scored at the new Wembley. The last goal was scored by a now retired Liverpool player. Any guesses? The first goal at the new stadium is a bit more complicated, with two possible claimants of the honour. One is an ex Crystal Palace player, the other bagged his strike for Italy U21's. Mega kudos to anyone who knows both. (I knew that these two goals had been scored before Didier's little dink in the 2007 final, but I had to look up the names of the scorers.)
  5. Morata
  6. I understand that you're talking about FA Cup but just to say that neither the last goal at the old Wembley, nor the first goal at the new Wembley, were scored by Chelsea. The last and first FA Cup Final goals were, but not the last and first outright. Robbie Di Matteo's goal will stand forever as the quickest goal at the old Empire Stadium but a quicker goal has been scored under the arch. It was scored against Chelsea, not by us.
  7. According to comments attributed to Dembele, we tried to sign him two summers ago but he had no interest in joining us. Last summer he had his heart set on BVB because he felt it was the right club for his development. Another consideration is that, unless there was a buyout clause, the fee quoted to us would have been much greater than the one Dortmund paid. That's just the way clubs think when they are selling to the Premier League's big spenders.
  8. Agreed, and so too does every other big budget club.
  9. Callum Hudson-Odoi. Good player had a terrific game. Callum is excellent but a little less outrageously talented than a couple of the City lads. He is very active however and gets himself into the game which gives him a chance to make an impact. He did that to great effect last night. If either of the City 'stars', Foden & Diaz, get as involved in the game at The Bridge we'll have our hands full. Even though Foden pounced on the turnover to score a very well taken goal yesterday, we marshalled him, and Diaz, pretty well for mostof the game. Whether or not we can repeat that next week will be a key to the outcome.