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  1. OhForAGreavsie

    Lucas Paquetá

    Bloke looks really bad in that video. If he's angling for a move then he needs a new highlight reel. Some of the nonsense he gets up to in that video makes him look like a clown.
  2. OhForAGreavsie

    Mason Mount new deal

    I've offered opinions on this at some length before so I won't bore anybody by laying it again. A short version would be to mention two things. First, I can't think of a single genuine Cobham graduate who has gone on to produce a level of performance elsewhere which proves the club were wrong not to select them. Second, the product coming out of Cobham seems to me to be getting better. Two key factors in determining a young player's prospects are talent and how well they have been coached. Talent is random and in a sense guided by luck. Clubs can't inject talent into kids, or even coach it into them. In terms of coaching however I believe the current crop of U18 players are they most well rounded footballers that Cobham has produced. Most of them are not as talented as say, Jerimie Boga, but they are better players than he was at their age. In short, the academy is doing a good job of educating them. Cobham can only teach Kids to become as good as they possibly can. Whether as good as they can be, turns out to be good enough is a different question. We fans have to keep reminding ourselves that when a player gets too old for the U18s, he's still probably four years away from the age at which most players who are going to make it begin to become starters. I think two of the current crop have very real chances of a breakthrough, perhaps even of doing so at an earlier than average age, but they are 17 & 18. Along with Mason Mount, they are among the first players to have gone right through their junior education (8 - 18) in the new Chelsea Academy. That is a significant factor in why they are better than the players who either partially learned their trade elsewhere, or who started at the old Chelsea academy before the club condemned it, and started again from scratch.
  3. OhForAGreavsie

    Daishawn Redan

    Enjoyed the interview. Thanks for the link.
  4. OhForAGreavsie

    Daishawn Redan

    I'm not yet convinced that Daishawn is on the right trajectory to encourage hopes he might make it all the way through. Parts of his game need huge improvement if that is to happen. I'm much more excited about reports that we've signed a young striker from the PSV academy. The stories that the lad has agreed to join us have been contradicted by some claims that he's joining City instead. If he does join, that lad will become part of the U18 squad. He looks a much brighter talent than any of our other development level strikers. He also looks to have a higher ceiling than any of our senior strikers, come to that. Jayden Braaf is a very exciting prospect.
  5. OhForAGreavsie

    Mason Mount new deal

    Kane made his first Premier League start for Spurs in April 2014, a little short of his 21st birthday but he was far from a first choice player at that time. He scored his first Premier League goal of the following season as a substitute in November and made his first PL start of that season the next week. The famous 5-3 game at White Hart Lane came in the middle of a run of matches during which Kane really settled into the Spurs team. He was twenty-one and a half. Many Chelsea players have made their club debuts by around the same age at which Kane first played for Spurs. The difference is Kane took his chances. While he was only getting games off the bench or as part of the 'cup' team he was scoring goals and racking up assists. That's why he made the breakthrough. He was able to do it because he is an outstanding footballer, and yet it still took him until midway through his 22nd year to establish himself. Mason has had an encouraging season. If he is to return, I hope it is only so that he can play a significant supporting role in the squad. If that isn't going to happen then lets look for something in Germany or Italy for him.
  6. OhForAGreavsie

    Mason Mount new deal

    Isn't Harry Kane a poor example to underscore your point? He had several loans while his body and football were maturing. Players like Ali, who break into the first team as teenagers, are very much the exception, not the rule. There are other examples but they are still unusual. Around about 22 is the age at which players begin to establish themselves as starters for the top sides. In any case, had Ali been a Spurs youth product he would almost certainly have been sent out on loan. I haven't watched Mason at Vitesse but, at the end of last season, I'd have said he wasn't ready.
  7. Agreed. It would have been a great day to own a helicopter. :) Just a shame the 18s didn't add the fourth goal their performance deserved, and which would have provided a more accurate reflection of the gap between the sides yesterday. I thought United were good, but our team was better.
  8. The ladies play their third FA Cup Final in four years this Saturday 5th May vs Arsenal at Wembley. Kick off is at 17:30 and a record crowd is expected. We met Arsenal in the 2016 final and their fans probably made up the bulk of the crowd, and certainly the bulk of the noise, as Arsenal ran out 1-0 winners. If you're in London on Saturday and fancy swelling the Chelsea contingent tickets are £15/ £5 concessions and up to four kids go free with every paying adult. Chelsea have sold out, but tickets are still on general sale through The FA, or from the Wembley box office on the day. Get down there; you'll enjoy it.
  9. OhForAGreavsie

    Ken Bates: The Chelsea Years

    I'm not a big Ken Bates fan. I find him self-serving and revisionist. How, with Leeds United on the brink of bankruptcy, could he imagine it was in that club's best interest to hire a private plane and a helicopter to get him to home games from his home in Monaco where he lived to avoid paying tax? I haven't seen the documentary but it wouldn't surprise me if it was full of misrepresentations.
  10. OhForAGreavsie

    Antonio Conte - Now Officially Manager

    The more sober reporting of the Morata fee was £58m.
  11. OhForAGreavsie

    Callum Hudson-Odoi

    Callum plays in exactly the same areas that Eden occupies for the first team so I think pairing them would involve shifting Eden. Our Belgian has more experience so it's reasonable to expect him to cope better with a different position. By the way the score in the FA Youth Cup final, second leg was 4-0 (7-1 aggregate), not 5-0.
  12. OhForAGreavsie

    Our New Stadium

    For all but 19 years of its existence, and for all of its heyday, Wembley stadium has been owned by a private company. A sale would just be putting things back to the way it used to be. When you consider the absolute hash The FA has made of the rebuild, them owning it is the worst thing that ever happened to Wembley.
  13. OhForAGreavsie

    Chelsea V Hull City (FA) Fri 16th Feb 20:00 UK

    Thanks F25, i don’t want to continue the conversation because I don’t feel comfortable talking down a young Chelsea player and that’s pretty much what I’d have to do to defend my point of view. I will only say two things: - First, if Kyle were asked if he’d prefer to be rated by Antonio or by me, we all know what he’d say. So he’ll never know what I think, and shouldn’t care if he did. He can take encouragement from the way Antonio is involving him. Second, I am nevertheless 100% certain that my opinion about Kyle is right.
  14. OhForAGreavsie

    Chelsea V Hull City (FA) Fri 16th Feb 20:00 UK

    I have to accept that Antonio seems to like him and that does carry some weight with me. Nevertheless it is true to say that I wrote Kyle off long before he made his debut on Friday; long before Antonio arrived indeed. Standout at youth level? Not according to me. Often I’ve been dissatisfied when a development side is announced and Kyle has been named to play. It’s not what a Chelsea fan wants to say about one of our own but it would be dishonest to pretend I’ve ever had any hope for Kyle because I haven’t. A post below yours hints that those who don’t appreciate Kyle’s contribution may just not have noticed it. Forgive me but, if I read that as applying to me, I’d find it deeply patronising. I watch a lot of Chelsea football and I’ve seen what’s there to be seen. If others have a different opinion of what Kyle has to offer that’s fair enough, but please no one tell me I don’t know what I’m watching.
  15. OhForAGreavsie

    Chelsea V Hull City (FA) Fri 16th Feb 20:00 UK

    Unfortunately I have to agree again. Trevor is, in my opinion, at least one level above Kyle.