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  1. Chelsea V Hull City (FA) Fri 16th Feb 20:00 UK

    Thanks F25, i don’t want to continue the conversation because I don’t feel comfortable talking down a young Chelsea player and that’s pretty much what I’d have to do to defend my point of view. I will only say two things: - First, if Kyle were asked if he’d prefer to be rated by Antonio or by me, we all know what he’d say. So he’ll never know what I think, and shouldn’t care if he did. He can take encouragement from the way Antonio is involving him. Second, I am nevertheless 100% certain that my opinion about Kyle is right.
  2. Chelsea V Hull City (FA) Fri 16th Feb 20:00 UK

    I have to accept that Antonio seems to like him and that does carry some weight with me. Nevertheless it is true to say that I wrote Kyle off long before he made his debut on Friday; long before Antonio arrived indeed. Standout at youth level? Not according to me. Often I’ve been dissatisfied when a development side is announced and Kyle has been named to play. It’s not what a Chelsea fan wants to say about one of our own but it would be dishonest to pretend I’ve ever had any hope for Kyle because I haven’t. A post below yours hints that those who don’t appreciate Kyle’s contribution may just not have noticed it. Forgive me but, if I read that as applying to me, I’d find it deeply patronising. I watch a lot of Chelsea football and I’ve seen what’s there to be seen. If others have a different opinion of what Kyle has to offer that’s fair enough, but please no one tell me I don’t know what I’m watching.
  3. Chelsea V Hull City (FA) Fri 16th Feb 20:00 UK

    Unfortunately I have to agree again. Trevor is, in my opinion, at least one level above Kyle.
  4. Chelsea V Hull City (FA) Fri 16th Feb 20:00 UK

    I hope you're wrong about that. Barca must be expected to dominate the ball next week. We'll need the player with the greater likelihood of getting the ball to stick when it's played forward. Given that Olivier started tonight, it seems probable that Antonio's plan was to go with Alvaro on Tuesday. I think tonight may have given him food for thought though.
  5. Chelsea V Hull City (FA) Fri 16th Feb 20:00 UK

    I confess I never thought I'd see Kyle play for the first team. I've been watching him for several years now in various development teams but I've never been a fan. Antonio likes him and there must be a reason for that but I'm still a doubter I'm afraid.
  6. White wall by any chance? I was there every home game for years and years.
  7. Wow best of luck to her. I've got a 13 year old niece who plays for the Sussex girls U15 rugby side. It's great to see how women's sport as a whole has developed. I sat next to a family of Chelsea supporters at the recent CLFC fixture against Arsenal. The thing is they live in the 'wrong' part of London so their youngster is a part of the Arsenal Ladies youth development structure. Best of luck to the young lady, I hope she fulfils her ambitions but come on people, you've got to think of these things before you move into a property!! P.S. Love the scarf. I was there the first time we played in that kit, an Anglo Scottish Cup tie against Fulham at Craven Cottage. We were bad that day, and bad every other time we wore it as far as I remember. I didn't get that version of the scarf. I got the silk effect red one with white lettering, and green tassels. Dear, oh dear.
  8. The ladies currently lie second in the WSL 1 table, two points behind a Manchester City Women side who have won every game they've played this season. That includes domestic and European matches. City visit Chelsea this Thursday evening in what, even this early, could be a title decider. This is a must win fixture for the Blues. Defeat would see us fall five points behind a team which just doesn't look like it's going to drop 5 points all season. Even a draw would, realistically, leave us needing to win at City later in the season to retain any title hopes. Chelsea Ladies home games are played at Kingsmeadow Stadium, 422A Kingston Road, Kingston Upon Thames KT1 3PB Tickets are £6 adults, £3 juniors/seniors and will be available from the Kingsmeadow stadium box office on the night or from usual Chelsea ticket outlets. If you can get down there to support the ladies you'll enjoy the quality of football on display. For those who can't make it, the match is live on BT Sport BBC Highlights of our latest fixture. (Everton at Home)
  9. January Window 17/18

    The club are far better placed than any of us to assess that situation before making any transfer decisions. If Antonio is tempted to leave, the club will know it before we do. If they want him to stay they can do more about it than we ever can. That situation must not impact our transfer activity however. If Antoinio is to continue, and I hope he does, then spend for him. If he is to go, then appoint his replacement in good time, and spend for the new manager. Whoever is in charge, our squad needs surgery.
  10. Renato sanches

    The one time Golden boy is struggling to get a game at Swansea. A lot of people, at a lot of clubs, made the right decision about Sanches.
  11. Renato sanches

    I was called a know nothing for saying this previously, but Sanches did not look especially good at that Euro. I posted all touches videos earlier in the thread but they'll pop up if you search YouTube. Watch 'em, and decide if your impression about the quality of his performances in that tournament survive the review. Sanches scored a good goal during the competition, was a part of the winning squad, and had just joined Bayern in a mega money deal. In other words, his profile was high and the hype was in full effect. Nothing has happened since which contradicts the opinion I formed then, nor to support the opinions of those who feel, or felt, that he looked good in those Euros.
  12. Random Rumours

    Sorry, I misunderstood the point you were making. I’d say it’s bound to be a number of factors rather than one. Our reputation for playing dour football must be in there somewhere as, I think, must be the fact that, win or lose we are regularly outplayed in the high profile games. We could talk about unpopularity due to events like the Paris metro, the Eva incident, the nonsense of the pitch in that second encounter with Barca, the JT/Anton Ferdinand incident and others. We could talk about the perceived instability of the club. When all is said and done however, I just don’t think top players rate us. They just don’t see us as a superior football team. Those potential recruits with good alternative options generally take them.
  13. Random Rumours

    Three main categories into which more than a few Chelsea transfer targets fit. These examples are by no means a complete list: - Players who would be tempted by our status and financial power, but who are simply not excited enough about joining us to kick up enough of a stink to force a move. Luca Modric, John Stones, Kalidou Koulibali, Sandro, Bonouci, Vidal, Naingolan. Players who string Chelsea along, not in an effort to find a good agreement with The Blues, but simply as a bargaining tool in their contract negotiations with other clubs. Too many to mention. Players who outright state, boast indeed, that they turned Chelsea down. Neymar, Ousmane Dembele, now of Barcaloana (in 2015), Danilo claimed he chose City despite Chelsea offering him more money, Mendy told Monaco he would not move to Chelsea but that he could not resist City. Kyle Walker, Oxlade-Chamberlain, Van Djik reportedly wants Liverpool not Chelsea, an agent in the press last week says, as others have before, that he advises his players not to join Chelsea, even Guardiola rejected us multiple times. People reading this can certainly remember other names, probably many other names, who fit on this list.
  14. Random Rumours

    Well you've heard of, or read about, the same events in previous transfer windows, as I have. If you have a different interpretation those situations, that's fair enough but my opinion is firmly as I stated.