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  1. Renato sanches

    The one time Golden boy is struggling to get a game at Swansea. A lot of people, at a lot of clubs, made the right decision about Sanches.
  2. Renato sanches

    I was called a know nothing for saying this previously, but Sanches did not look especially good at that Euro. I posted all touches videos earlier in the thread but they'll pop up if you search YouTube. Watch 'em, and decide if your impression about the quality of his performances in that tournament survive the review. Sanches scored a good goal during the competition, was a part of the winning squad, and had just joined Bayern in a mega money deal. In other words, his profile was high and the hype was in full effect. Nothing has happened since which contradicts the opinion I formed then, nor to support the opinions of those who feel, or felt, that he looked good in those Euros.
  3. Random Rumours

    Sorry, I misunderstood the point you were making. I’d say it’s bound to be a number of factors rather than one. Our reputation for playing dour football must be in there somewhere as, I think, must be the fact that, win or lose we are regularly outplayed in the high profile games. We could talk about unpopularity due to events like the Paris metro, the Eva incident, the nonsense of the pitch in that second encounter with Barca, the JT/Anton Ferdinand incident and others. We could talk about the perceived instability of the club. When all is said and done however, I just don’t think top players rate us. They just don’t see us as a superior football team. Those potential recruits with good alternative options generally take them.
  4. Random Rumours

    Three main categories into which more than a few Chelsea transfer targets fit. These examples are by no means a complete list: - Players who would be tempted by our status and financial power, but who are simply not excited enough about joining us to kick up enough of a stink to force a move. Luca Modric, John Stones, Kalidou Koulibali, Sandro, Bonouci, Vidal, Naingolan. Players who string Chelsea along, not in an effort to find a good agreement with The Blues, but simply as a bargaining tool in their contract negotiations with other clubs. Too many to mention. Players who outright state, boast indeed, that they turned Chelsea down. Neymar, Ousmane Dembele, now of Barcaloana (in 2015), Danilo claimed he chose City despite Chelsea offering him more money, Mendy told Monaco he would not move to Chelsea but that he could not resist City. Kyle Walker, Oxlade-Chamberlain, Van Djik reportedly wants Liverpool not Chelsea, an agent in the press last week says, as others have before, that he advises his players not to join Chelsea, even Guardiola rejected us multiple times. People reading this can certainly remember other names, probably many other names, who fit on this list.
  5. Random Rumours

    Well you've heard of, or read about, the same events in previous transfer windows, as I have. If you have a different interpretation those situations, that's fair enough but my opinion is firmly as I stated.
  6. Random Rumours

    I agree with most people about the positions we need to strengthen but I also believe you have to take good players whenever they are available. With that in mind I hope the club is throwing its hat in the ring for Goretzka and Malcolm. Our problem of course is that we’ve manoeuvred ourselves into a place where good players have little or no interest in joining Chelsea. Goretzka is a tremendous footballer, and therefore unfortunately an impossible target. Malcolm’s reputation might not yet be as firmly established so let’s go all in before he too moves beyond our reach. (Assuming he hasn’t already that is.)
  7. Full time: Chelsea 3-0 Rosengård Rosengård started as strongly in the second half as we had done in the first. Our keeper, Vigy Lindahl, made three great stops. There were last ditch blocks, goal line clearances and missed chances as it looked for 15 minutes like the visitors must score. We rode out the storm however and gradually played played our way back into the game. Although we never quite re-established the complete dominance we had shown in the first half, the ladies did more than enough to merit the three goal margin. The second leg is next Wednesday, 15/11/2017. The full game can be viewed on YouTube. (Game coverage starts 5 minutes Into the video, so slide forward to that point.)
  8. Halftime at Kingsmeadow. We deservedly lead at the break. Fran Kirby’s excellent run and finish is the only goal so far but we’ve created all the chances and probably deserve more.
  9. These half and half scarves are stupid

    Fact is, none of we fans who consider ourselves committed supporters in the traditional way, could ever, ever do such a thing but those scarves are not for us. They are for a different type of fan. For them the half and half is a bit like getting a programme. It's a sort of I was there token to them I think.
  10. Emanalo The Problem

    I used to sing the Wilkins song week after week at The Bridge. (Same as the Ossie song with Wilkins, not Osgood.) I was a fan. As an observer of the game however, he is clueless. He talks in cliches and his comments often seem entirely divorced from what he's commenting on. Everything he says in that interview is Jurasic nonsense. As for Townsend agreeing with him about Matic!!
  11. January Window 17/18

    Fekir reminds me of Shaqiri. The first time I saw the Swiss international I said he looked to me to offer a bit too much flash, and a bit too little efficiency. When he later joined Bayern I said I doubted it would work and I'm not surprised to see a player once touted as the next superstar, now languishing at Stoke. Fekir has not yet impressed me any more than Shaqiri did back then, so, if I had to make a decision based on what I've seen of him so far, I'd pass. I much prefer Malcolm.
  12. Having eliminated the team ranked 6th in European women's football, FC Bayern Munchen Frauen, Chelsea Ladies now take it up a notch to face Sweden's FC Rosengård Dam over two legs in the last 16 of the Women's Champions League. The Swedes are the 3rd ranked women's team in Europe, so represent a mighty challenge for our women. That said, our squad has quality and strength in depth. This game will be tough, but as manager Emma Hayes says, "I'm sure once we get in front of our own fans we've got all the ability to produce a fantastic European performance again." Chelsea Ladies home games are played at Kingstonian Stadium, 422A Kingston Road, Kingston Upon Thames KT1 3PB Tickets are £6 adults, £3 juniors/seniors and will be available from the Kingstonian stadium box office on the night. If you can get down there to support the ladies you'll enjoy the quality of football on display. For those who can't make it, the match is live on Chelsea TV and Chelsea'a YouTube channel
  13. Victor Moses

    I hope so. He’s a good prospect. He deserves a peek at the first team. Well, at a first team fixture anyway.
  14. Well, we’re through. We lost 2-1 on the night but advance on the away goal. That isn’t half the story though. So much drama and incident. Injuries, own goal, missed sitters, disallowed goal, bad decisions and six minutes of added time! At one point I had no idea how many players we had on the pitch. We made three injury related substitutions but still the knocks kept coming. We were down to 10 when they got their first and we had 9 or 10, I’m really not sure, when they got their second. Phew I said elsewhere and that really is the word. Draw for the next round is on Monday. There are at least three sides left in who are better than Bayern, and who we could do with avoiding. BBC report
  15. Chelsea Ladies FC @ChelseaLFC· 38m Chelsea team: Lindahl; Bright, Flaherty, Eriksson; Blundell, Chapman (c), Mjelde, Thorisdottir; Spence, Kirby, Bachmann. #CLFC