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  1. Candreva

    What follows is pure speculation on my part. Not a scrap of real evidence of to support it but... Based on his reactions at the 2nd leg of the FA Youth Cup Final, I think Antonio likes Dujon. Is a 2-3 year contract for Candreva just about the right length to allow the young man to grow into the job?
  2. Alex Sandro

    Sorry, I'm fed up with this nonsense. How do you know what the board do or don't do? How on the face of this planet are you able to tell us the size of the picture they look at? You honestly believe the drivel you've written here? The board know: - The manager's wishes. The owner's wishes. Who they have or have not bid for. Which of those players are, or are not, interested in joining. The precise response to any offers we've made Which of these offers has been conclusively rejected or withdrawn. The size of the budget at their disposal, and the reason it is set at that level. Of any future deals which may be in the pipeline, and which may influence decisions this summer. And many other pertinent details. You know: - And you want to measure the size of of the picture see against against the size of the one they look at? Funny. As for your Arsenal example, I'm affraid you've just fallen for the heard mentality reaction, and, as so often, the heard view is stupid. You constantly argue that there is a price and that we should pay it. PSG were told of Neymar's buyout clause, they paid it. They didn't tell Barcelona that they wanted to avoid insulting them so they were offering an extra €5m just to be polite. When you buy your Pierre Cardin suits, you don't check the price and then offer them a couple of hundred more. Arsenal were told that bids in excess of £40m would trigger a clause so that's what they bid. It was the information given to them by Suarez's people which was duff, not the bid. They thought there was a price and offered to pay it. I'd have thought you'd have been praising them.
  3. Random Rumours

    For me this is a huge story. I hate the way football's money & player distribution mechanisms entrench certain clubs to allow them ongoing, and self perpetuating, advantages over their would be rivals. What you've said above hadn't occurred to me but it makes perfect sense. It's logical for LA Liga to try to protect the privileged position of its top two clubs, and so its whole league. Logical, but disgusting. I hope that PSG & City will keep sticking it to the old money clubs until they feel forced to accept FFP regulations which are actually fair. Speaking of FFP, Paris must have given some thought to how they are going to cook the books so they can slip this spending through. This little story is going to be fun to watch.
  4. Alex Sandro

    It's the attitude of posters who assume a very complicated problem has a very simple answer which is ridiculous. It is the belief, implicit in so many posts, that we internet bandits know better than the professionals how to negotiate 8, and now 9, figure transfer deals which is ridiculous. In any case Neymar did have a price so a club could choose to pay it. The point many just refuse to see is that, until Juve decide to sell, they won't have a price. They will play the game for sure, and encourage Chelsea to bid sillier and sillier amounts, but they will not name figure, or even have one in mind. How do you pay a price which doesn't exist?
  5. Alex Sandro

    Always is going too far, but this bit of what you say is obvious. This is where you go, and keep going, wrong. Juve don't want to sell, they don't need to sell but, if forced to accept that they must, then their price won't be set as a number. It will be set as an idea. An idea backed by the security that even if they dither too long, reject one too many bids, and cause Chelsea to walk away; they keep the player. That outcome would be presented to the world as a win for The Old Lady, and would allow them to paint themselves as heroes to the fans. Their negotiating idea, "Get as much as we possibly can out of the bar stewards." The only time Juve can be completely certain that Chelsea have bid as much as they are going to is about lunchtime on deadline day. You can't just pay a price which does not exist. A reasonable guess at the current situation is that Sandro is interested in the move, perhaps for the money, perhaps for other reasons too, but that he's not interested enough to agitate for it. There is therefore no pressure on Juve and they can let their idea run it's course.
  6. Alex Sandro

    I agree with you there.
  7. Renato sanches

    Well that may be so, but from what I've seen he's been pretty consistent. Consistently ordinary. The reaction of some Bayern fans suggest that this is their take too.
  8. Alex Sandro

    Dortmund were employing a different strategy based on the fact that they accepted PEA wanted to leave and had set their price. Juve are in a different place. As far as we know they have not accepted that Sandro will leave so they are, or have been, playing things differently. If Juve genuinely do not wish to sell, or are pretending that they don't for negotiating reasons, a deadline makes no sense so they will not set one. If we try to set it, they will simply laugh. If Juve genuinely do not wish to sell, or are pretending that they don't for negotiating reasons, setting a price makes no sense so they won't do it. Any figure we offer will be routinely rejected. This just pay the price idea presupposes that there is a price which Juve have set. In the context described this idea is ridiculous, bordering on childish.
  9. Random Rumours

    Couldn't do worse. Feruze is a hopeless footballer. Whoever watched him and thought that was a player worth signing deserved a rollicking. I'm not a big fan of Gilmour. Has a lot to do to transition to Chelsea U18 level I think, never mind first team. That said he started pre-season well. I wish him all the best. The lad from Celtic is going to be a mega hot property when he's 16. I imagine all sorts of clubs are inviting his parents to measure up various luxury properties, in various European cities, as we 'speak'.
  10. Random Rumours

    Hope it's true that we're trying to get him, and hope we succeed. Wherever this kid is, he will have made his first team debut before his 18th birthday, and he will be a first team regular before his 20th. This is what genuine world class potential looks like. Renato Sanches eat your heart out.
  11. Renato sanches

    I don't think we should overrate Bayern's performance against us. Cesc & N'golo was the wrong pairing to start with and, on top of that, Cesc produced his worst ever display in a Chelsea shirt. Further, he was far from the only one playing badly. We were extremely poor that day, so Bayern shone but the difference between the sides is not as big as it looked. There is a clear difference, but it's not quite as embarrassingly large as we made it seem.
  12. Renato sanches

    Is that really what's happening, or are they just loosing belief after yet another poor outing? I didn't see the game so have no opinion on Sanches's display but, fans don't turn on a player, especially a young player, after just one bad game. It takes more than that and you know it. People who have exclusively positive opinions of Renato Sanches surprise me. A great deal of what this kid does is very, very ordinary.
  13. Random Rumours

    Cardiff. :)
  14. Random Rumours

    In this regard i think we are a victim both of the time and of our own success. It has become fashionable, and I can't say I disagree with the fashion, to believe that player development is best served by playing on loan rather than filling out a club squad. The success of our academy teams means that our youngsters have a high profile. They get talked about, by name, in all forms of the media, including the social variety of course. As soon as they hit eighteen they find themselves swamped by stories of how Chelsea is them back. They get itchy. If they don't get a loan, they think they are being left behind. The only players who will accept squad roles are those who don't believe they are good enough to play anywhere else and that won't work for Chelsea of course.
  15. Renato sanches

    Well yes I would bow to Antonio's judgement but, first let's see if Sanches arrives, then let's see if he is tried at RW, and lastly let's see if he retains the role. The first of those might happen, but I'll believe the other two when I see them.