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  1. Strider6003

    Ruben Loftus-Cheek

    I would be happy for RLC to be sold to Palace. A good player yet not talented enough in any one position to command a place in the first team yet at Palace he can play regularly at a high level. No brainer for me, sell and bank the money and invest elsewhere and that way the player is happy and the club look good bringing through a youth to the top level. We all know he is injury prone yet if another club is willing to buy knowing that, get the deal done.
  2. Strider6003

    Eden Hazard

    Hazard is winning some plaudits just now with inclusion to the FiFA FiFPro-XI not much significance to me yet for players I am informed it carries a lot of weight, Along with Kante and De Gea and the first time since 2014 that EPL players are included. Nice bit of global publicity for CFC.
  3. Strider6003

    Chelsea v Man utd (PL) Sat 20th Oct 12:30 UK

    The only good thing playing Utd after an international break is they are likley to have as many playing internationally as us. Fortunately the players don't require motivation for this fixture though I agree momentum is important and can be lost.
  4. Strider6003

    UEFA Nations League 2018/2019

    Sterling has a brace!
  5. Strider6003

    Alvaro Morata

    Good to see they have these drills as some times I do wonder …………….. Agree on this showing Pedro looked sharp.
  6. Strider6003

    Tiémoué Bakayoko

    Perhaps a loan to a French side might be the tonic he needs.
  7. Strider6003

    Maurizio Sarri Officially Appointed

    I found the bit in bold above interesting.
  8. Strider6003

    Chelsea v Man utd (PL) Sat 20th Oct 12:30 UK

    That was during the spell that Azpi and Morata clicked for the first 10 matches or so and then opposition clubs wised up and stopped the supply. I was hoping that Alonso could do it from the other side though it did not materialise. Would be great to see him score with such aplomb again, if we can outfox Utd like that.
  9. Strider6003

    Busy December

    I've wondered that in the past too, and on checking have seen they have their own cup competitions with the same amount of matches though do not know if they get the same congestion as the EPL. I recall JM the year he won the Europa with Utd having too play some matches very close together with a number of injuries. I don't think it is practically possible to win 4 trophies though some have won the treble.
  10. Strider6003

    Busy December

    You would hope one gets moved or perhaps Sarri will rotate more than we have seen before.
  11. I had Arsenal down as finishing in 4th spot, still a long way to go yet they seem to be improving. I did also have Spurs and Man U out of the top 4. It's so unpredictable, think we all realise with just considering the possibility of Hazard deciding to go to Madrid in January. Our season would severely be challenged. Of course it might not even be another club the curse of injury could strike. I really think we need to strengthen in the attacking dimension either with a better striker or attacking midfielder so that without Hazard we don't become a toothless tiger.
  12. Strider6003

    Chelsea v Man utd (PL) Sat 20th Oct 12:30 UK

    I would agree better to start Giroud and hopefully Pedro will be back to fitness too.
  13. Strider6003

    Random Rumours

    I've seen on the rumour mill that Utd are interested in Nathan Ake.
  14. Strider6003

    The John Terry Appreciation Thread

    Looks like Villa are serious about getting back to the EPL though will they provide the managerial team with funds for new players. Good too for JT to be involved at the less glamorous end of football with its added challenges.
  15. Strider6003

    Vintage Blues pictures and film

    Lots of memories for me, I tried standing in most places before settling in the Middle for the atmosphere. The crowds were variable with differences for cup matches, clubs with violent fans and political things like the poll tax protest. The police were weird at times, ignoring the foul mouthed Glaswegian and yet then pouncing on the local angry teenager, I guess the latter was seen to be more malleable at the local police station. Sometimes the singing was funny, other times intense, other times depressing. Interesting at times when players came up to communicate with crowd like Vinny jones or Joe Allen or when an opposition player like Gazza would respond to a chant with disguised gesture. In one sentence, I was suppose it was unpredictable yet mostly entertaining.