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  1. I saw a picture like that 15-20 years ago in the papers against Man U and the North Stand was full too. Wish I had kept it.
  2. Who is Saul, I vaguely recall a biblical reference.......
  3. There is evidence yet governments do not want to admit it - claims for compensation no doubt- a scientist (physicist) studying effects of overhead power pylon effects in a high cancer cluster area in the South West. They tested it on the minute growth rate of trees and found the trees grew more slowly close to the power lines and other things too, like if a certain planets movement was blocked by a meteor this would also impact some trees growth rate too. I got his book and it was how I worked out I had a problem with magnetic fields before Wi-Fi came along. Re the sparrows I suspect this was cable being laid up peoples paths as Sparrows used to nest in bushes, cant say for sure yet would expect this. Like David Kelly, Princess Di and Robin Cook the PTB decide certain things are just too dangerous to share, notice quietly the amalgam fillings are being phased out, I was at a health lecture over ten years ago when another physicist stood up and said it was not true that the mercury in amalgam fillings stayed bound and inert. Just like in World War I we are still treated as 'Canon Fodder' with the smokescreen of the political left and right just as long as we pay our taxes
  4. Fair point, Conte is certainly driven and although they are different characters I think that is a fair analogy though I don't see Conte kicking a boot in anyone's' face soon.
  5. They don't drop down dead the problem is they cannot navigate properly and so don't make it back to the hive. I also spoke to a Pigeon fancier / racer at work and he said Wi-Fi was buggering up the birds navigation system and they were losing more and more and he said the navigation system was the same as bees.
  6. I agree that his relationship with Conte will probably be important. Let's hope the SB faithful give him a big reception.
  7. I've used many things including putting aluminium foil up on the walls and sleeping under metallic fibre blankets. I have also invested in testing technologies - tri-field meters - although now there is just so much energy everywhere. It is actually one of the factors killing the bees. I told a friend who is a beekeeper and he rubbished this. A week later he comes back from his local meeting and apologises saying I am correct Wi-Fi and electro-magnetic fields are killing the bees.
  8. The one potential thing that could upset this is if he cannot settle in England, the thing about his girlfriend suggests things outside the game can impact his football.
  9. The govt warned Apple over it's last phones being very close to the upper safety limit. I was ok with 3g phones though since then my life has become challenging. When I bought their Wi-Fi protector a wasp nest moved on from our flat and bumble bees took up residence instead. I didn't mind the bees, the wasps were a pain the butt and I killed several! Wasps like bad energy bees like good energy I believe it is about the charge positive vs negative. I cannot feel any benefit from the wifi protector unit they sell yet can from their other products unfortunately they do not reveal how they work yet I suspect they are using harmonic resonance technologies. I know two more in my own circle from office work that use subtle technologies to combat electro-magnetic sensitivity.
  10. Haven't seen it though now think I should! Ok my contribution, Person A "Eric why now, why did you come back now?" Person B "Kids, they grow up"
  11. Blood simple?
  12. The Shed loved Joe Allon for a short while, he didn't last long. Is that Darren Barnard next to JT?
  13. Most films these days are from the US, thought at first a Spaghetti Western now thinking perhaps Buried Alive 1990?
  14. Can't see you got an answer for this, I'm thinking .............. No country for old men.
  15. The rumour mill news circus conjures up some salivating mind pictures of exciting permutations and then falls apart until the next set come up again and in the process we sign one or two medium profile players ( Rudgier and Bakayoko) and hope they will gel with the final big purchases before the window closes. It's mixture of fun and torture and guaranteed to blow your mind