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  1. Remember more genuine fans had tickets at the semi final so the atmosphere would naturally have been better and add to that several more goals. I certainly heard Chelsea fans on TV.
  2. Nothing to do with Matic, Arsenal completely closed him down which IMO was why Luiz was spraying long balls out wide. Kante just could not settle on the ball.
  3. To me it seemed he always had a wall of Arsenal defenders in front of him yesterday and not a good opportunity to run at them. I noticed he also did not make the best choices with his passing yet was far from alone with that. In the players mentioned above there is one glaring omission for me and that is Suarez, not on the level of Messi and Ronaldo but on the next level certainly and better than most.
  4. Yes it was Costa who collided with Kante, just Lady Luck. Kante runs horizontally just as Costa looks to make a break from defence. I didn't think Costa was crap, he scored even with Mertesacker trying to pull him back by the neck. perhaps unlucky not to get a second. Matic wasn't great yet his midfield partner Kante was just as poor and hardly able to make even a simple pass at times. Arsenal did a number on us, I assume they watched the replay of us United and Spurs and worked out where to close us down for maximum effect.
  5. I agree too, we will not win the league next season without strengthening the squad. When I say strengthening I believe we need better players not players to sit mainly on the bench.
  6. That is why I think a swap might be considered with Griezeman though not sure Conte would want him. I believe Athletico still owe us money from Felip Luiz.
  7. If China don't come in for him is another club in Europe likely to pay £60m?
  8. I don't think the mentality of the players was at fault I just think Conte got the tactics wrong and the sending off meant it was not going to happen. Re Bale he would have been good as he can double as a striker and with him and Costa we would have torn apart their makeshift defence today. With Costa on his own with the other players so far back we never made the most of Arsenal's defensive weakness.
  9. As good as Arsenal were we seemed unable to react to being closed down, it's happened against Liverpool, Spurs and United. As good as Arsenal were we seemed unable to react to being closed down, it's happened against Liverpool, Spurs and United. To me you need to use the long ball to pin back their defenders and defensive midfielders. We couldn’t do that with just Costa up front and so we never took advantage of their weak defensive partnership. What annoys me is this has happened before does Conte not have a plan B to communicate with his players on the pitch when he sees this is happening? Conte got it wrong with his subs, Costa should never have come off though no problem with Willian coming on. Today Wenger got it right though the ref certainly assisted them on at least two occasions.
  10. Arsenal closed us down in the first half and were quicker into the tackles, it took us ages to recover and by then we were a goal down and lucky to not have conceded more. Costa was up front most of the first half on his own with no support, no blame attached to him. Some decisions went against us too and just when we were looking like pulling back Moses loses his mind. I'll have to look at that their second goal as it was so soon after we scored I missed the build up though Kante was named by the pundits for not sticking with his man.
  11. Yes he got it wrong. I talked about Lady Luck before the match started and we had it in the first half to stay just at 1-0 down. I agree we may well have equalised with Moses still on the pitch but we'll never know.
  12. Almost karma with Moses if you remember Spurs.
  13. Agree though thought Azpi was poor in the first.
  14. Gutted. We were poor although better in the second half. Really disappointed with Kante, very poor passing. Hazard was quiet why take Costa off who has a great understanding with Cesc who you have just brought on. Sub Hazard and use Bats. Moses, oh dear he got lucky at Spurs very silly to do this on a yellow. Credit to Arsenal they were better, I realised since they went three at the back they looked more dangerous though still thought we would win.
  15. Just 1-0 Poor first half – panic from Moses, Azpi and yet Cahill (CL winner) has kept his nerve. Odd chance for Pedro and Costa. Think Conte will sort this at half time, fingers crossed.