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  1. Still pissed about our performance today, honestly this is the worst I've ever seen us play in a cup final. I'm not going to moan too much about the first goal, yes it was handball, but really we were very lucky not to go into HT 4-0 down, no urgency in out play at all. I would only give Cahill pass marks after that clearance he made. The only good thing we can really take from this is at least Conte will be forced to buy big in the summer, we need 4-5 new players IMO. I've been dying to say this for f**king ages now but Matic looks seriously out of his depth, Kante has been carrying him all season, Kante in the first half especially was 3 yards ahead of Matic closing down, offering very little support, he was sh*te against Spurs too, it was just that goal covered it up a little. I also think a replacement for Moses is likely, hopefully we get Sanchez but TBH he's probably thinking right now that he has a better shot at winning the PL if he stays put. When we won the title in 2014/15 we got complacent, started preseason late and paid the price, at least this defeat should give us a boot up the arse and not allow the same mistake to happen again.
  2. Agreed, I'm very pissed about our performance today, but people need to think where we were this time last year.
  3. *SIGH* Without a doubt our worst performance since we played them at the Emirates, the only positive i can take is that we're still in this game, sanchez has run the show, we should be 3 or 4 down TBH. I want to see Fab on to start the 2nd half to replace Matic.
  4. I would've prefered troopz on fam, get me blud
  5. The guy that was on Robbies right (forgot his name) is a right miserable c**t.
  6. Oh jesus, these nobs on Arsenal fan tv on the BBC.
  7. Not long now. Slightly nervous, but still very confident of a result. 3-1 Hazard, Cahill and Pedro. Lets get this double and end the season on a high. COME ON CHELSEA!!!!
  8. 2004/05 was our best team IMO, but 2011/12 felt more special to me because of winning the Champions league, we were the underdogs throughout, the turnaround against Napoli, that crazy night in the Nou camp, that Torres goal, and of course the final in Bayern's own backyard. it was so epic the way we did it. Oh yeah and the fact we denied Spurs a place in the champions league the following season made it just that bit more sweet.
  9. Well said. It's just stupid really. The only colour I'll ever f**king wear is BLUE.
  10. Arsenal seem to have a few injury doubts and suspension of their captain. We really should win this comfortably I think and complete the double. 3-1 is my prediction (Pedro, Costa and Cahill) Lets give Pinocchio the send off he deserves. COME ON CHELSEA!!!!!!
  11. I would still have us as favourites, with City a very close 2nd. TBH I don't think United have improved since last season under LVG.
  12. Odds for next season. I just don't understand it. How can they have United favourites over us when they finished 24 POINTS behind, unbelievable.
  13. He obviously doesn't want to play against his future employers
  14. It looks like Arsenal have some serious defensive problems for the cup final. One of their main defenders suspended and the other injured. What a shame