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  1. Bookies actually have us as the slight favourites here with Sky BET.
  2. Come on Chelsea, lets get stuck into these c**ts from the start. This one's there for the taking. Need big performances from Hazard and Giroud, but the whole team needs to be on it, can't be carrying any dead weight today. I'm confident of a result, I think we'll win 2-1.
  3. Ah well, at least I'll get a good night out in Newcastle tonight. Nothing to see here.
  4. I am currently in a hotel drinking with some Newcastle fans. I plan on hitting some pubs near the stadium in an hour or so, they dont seem like a bad lot imo.
  5. I'm going today, my first Chelsea game of the season, i've been to at least one match every season since 2005 so had to keep the run going. Confident we'll get the win, we've been playing quite well the last month or so and Newcastle are on a bad run and have their flip flops on, plus we need some momentum heading into the FA cup final. 3-1 Willian, Morata x2 COME ON CHELSEA!!!!!
  6. we got lucky there, now lets push on and get a winner. COME ON CHELSEA!!!!
  7. f**king unbelievable.
  8. Willian looks up for this.
  9. Hazard and Giroud on the bench, don't like this team at all, that said it should still be more than good enough to comfortably get the job done, I guess we can bring them on if we need to in the second half. 3-0 willian, morata and Zappa COME ON CHELSEA!!!!!!!!!
  10. Looking at the remaining fixtures of the 3 teams going for the CL places our best hope is Leicester beating Spurs, they really owe us one after the battle of the bridge 2 years ago, can't see Newcastle getting anything against them and Brighton wont get anything at Anfield, so that's our best hope. I'm confident we'll win our last 2 games, Newcastle are on a sh*t run and have their flip flops out already, and Huddersfield are fighting for their lives but we should still be too good for them.
  11. Great win. Hazard ran the show today, MOTM for me. Baka also had his best game in a Chelsea shirt, we need to see this more often from him, Kante as always brilliant and making important interceptions, Rudiger was a f**king rock in defence, Moses was making good runs and Giroud ran his f**king socks off, you can see at the end that he game everything for the cause. Let's end the season strongly by winning our last 2 league games and win the FA Cup, its still unlikely we'll get top 4 but at least we've given ourselves a punchers chance. COME ON CHELSEA!!!!
  12. Come on blow the f**king whistle.
  13. This is going to be a long few minutes, come on hold on.
  14. Holy sh*t that would've been our goal of the season.
  15. Unlucky Baka, best game on a Chelsea shirt.