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  1. I don't like the fact that some of our fans are already leaving. This young team deserves to be applauded of the pitch for the shift they've put in.
  2. Forest fans chanting where were you when you were sh*t, well we were sh*t for basically the entire 2015/16 campaign and we still sold out every game.
  3. This will be great for Bats confidence. We need 2 strikers on their game in case Morata gets injured. I think we should take Hazard off after 60-70mins and bring on Morata and see how him and Bats play together.
  4. Brilliant start. Kennedy with his goal, and Musonda looks very lively as well.
  5. Bar Cahill, I don't want any of the players that started on Sunday to start. We need to be as fresh as possible for our upcoming 3 games against Stoke/Atletico/City. These are our big games and squad rotation is key. Cab Rudiger Christensen Cahill Zappa Bakayoko Scott Kennedy Musonda Bats Hazard This should still be good enough to win this game comfortably. Give Hazard 60-70 mins and hopefully Bats to score and play well. We need another striker firing in case Morata gets injured or loses form. 4-0 Hazard, Bats 2, Kennedy.
  6. We were far too casual today, too many subpar performances. I don't think tiredness was a factor here, we played an easy team 5 days ago, so if that's really the case then I really dread the Atletico/City back to back matches, but I don't think that's the case, I think we just didn't turn up today. Weird team selection. Why was Cahill back in the team, he looked nervous as f**k on Tuesday, no reason to include him in the team, Rudiger and Christensen are probably pissed off right now. We should've started with Zappacosta as well I thought. Not a disaster today, but we need to step up. We have some really big games coming up in the next few weeks against some top teams. Cant afford to have any passengers.
  7. I was still in high school when this happened. I Remember Wayne Bridge's winner like it was yesterday and jumping in the living room celebrating with the old man.
  8. WTF. Are these muppets at ArsenalFanTV paying sky to make these polls.
  9. Rate our center backs 1-5

    Dave Luiz Rudiger/Christensen Cahill Cahill has been the weak link in our defence this season. I thought he was sloppy again tonight, though we have very good defenders at this club. The best defence in the Premier league by a mile imo.
  10. This is pretty awesome. We've actually improved our team in 4 positions from last season.
  11. Zappacosta must start this game ahead of Moses. Christensen played well tonight imo, it would be harsh to leave him on the bench. We have good competition between him and Rudiger. I would probably go with. Tibo Dave Luiz Rudiger Zappa Fabregas Kante Alonso Willian Morata Pedro Hazard and Bakayoko to come on in 2nd half. I don't think Hazard is quite ready yet to start this match.
  12. We're f**king back. Also 0-0 in the other game in our group. I fancy us to top this group, neither Roma or Atletico impress me too much tbh.
  13. Bats on for a hat trick now LOL.
  14. Perfect, hopefully that gives him some much needed confidence.