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  1. Thanks. Yeah I thought he'd be around that price, around 4th/5th favourite for the golden boot. As much as I hate to say it I think if Kane stays injury free he's got it in the bag again this season.
  2. As good as, if they can have odds on potential transfers then they should have Morata in this list, surely?
  3. I just checked what odds Morata would have to finish top goalscorer and he's not even on the odds yet. Would odds do you think he'll be??
  4. Same, I remember watching him against Barca last season and he tore them a new asshole.
  5. Yes I was thinking the same. I think him and Bats will compliment each other well. I honestly cant wait to see Morata in a Chelsea shirt.
  6. This is a great signing. 60M is an absolute bargain for a player of his talents. 60m for him or 75m for Lukaku is an absolute no-brainer. I'm convinced that Morata will be a success for our club. COME ON CHELSEA!!!!!
  7. I agree, but Spurs will never sell him and even if they did he'll never come to us It's a gamble, but I think considering his relatively young age it could be a good investment for them, obviously I hope he turns out to be a huge flop as his goals could help them win the league similar to van persie in 2013. Yeah Morata would be a great signing for us, It will be interesting to see who we bring in to replace Costa if or when he does leave. I think we need to bring in 2 strikers because of the extra demand of CL football. I'm still not panicking yet, Conte knows what he's doing.
  8. Brilliant, this is more like it. Hope for at least a few more in the next few weeks.
  9. I think he'll get 20-30 goals for them next season if I'm being honest. I thought he would've been better back with us, but I don't rate him at 75 million, so In a way I'm glad he never came back.
  10. I still find it strange that after what happened Mourinho would sign him at another club. Obviously he's improved a lot as a player though. I think he would've been better coming back to us personally, even though he might not be guaranteed first team football, depending on who else we signed.
  11. That's Lukaku confirmed to have a medical at United. I'm actually surprised United went in for him considering the history between Lukaku and Mourinho. Jose was pretty much desperate to get rid when he was with us.
  12. I must admit it's gonna feel pretty damn strange seeing him in a Villa shirt.
  13. Honestly i was hoping we'd sign somebody by now, That's Lukaku officially signed for United now for 75 million, so we've missed out there. Having said that he's not worth all that anyway so maybe United just outbid us IDK. Not panicking yet, but i really want to see us confirming some transfers by the end of the week.
  14. Our first 7 fixtures are overall quite tough, with the likes of Spurs, City, Arsenal, Everton and Leicester away. No complaints really, we need to play them all at some point anyway, and playing Spurs in their first match at Wembley should be an advantage for us. Bring on the new season, with hopefully some top quality players to come. COME ON CHELSEA!!!!!!
  15. If we can get Sanchez and Lukaku in. I think we're all set from an attacking point of view. I would go with. Tibo Dave Luiz Cahill Pedro Kante Fab Alonso Sanchez Hazard Lukaku With Lukaku as out main striker and Hazard and Sanchez terrorising defenders just behind him, our attack will be unstoppable.