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  1. I thought we were much better in the 2nd half, we looked far more dangerous going forward. Good win, very easy. Football's back, Chelsea are top, life is good. Now time to open a few tins of beer. COME ON CHELSEA!!!!!
  2. Some of my thoughts on this first half. Morata looks completely shot of confidence, I would think about getting Giroud on if there's no improvement. Kante has been our best player imo, lost count of the amount of times he won the ball and is dominant in that midfield. Luiz looks off the pace to me, got beat far too easily on a couple of occasions. Our new keeper has had nothing really to do, but looks very vocal to his team, looks a good presence. Not been great, we're controlling the game without being dominant, probably a 7/10.
  3. I absolutely love that beautiful man.
  4. Yeah true, but he needs to step up now I think, the ball just bounces off him and never sticks, looks like his confidence is destroyed. Still don't think we should've loaned out Bats, that would've given us a different option.
  5. kante is incredible, keeps winning the ball back and is everywhere, without a pre season as well, he's been our best player so far for me. Morata has been invisible, the only thing I remember is him missing a sitter that wouldn't count anyway, but still he looks completely shot of confidence.
  6. My thoughts on the match. 1. Can't wait to see Kante and Jorginho in that midfield. We all know what Kante is capable of and if they get this right they will be the most feared midfield in the PL. 2. I don't think Hazard will start this game. If we need a goal in the 2nd half then he could make an appearance. 3. I don't think Kepa starts either considering he only just signed a few days ago, he needs to get to know his team, again thanks to that prick tibo for drawing this whole situation out until now. 4. I'm a bit split on who I want to start up top. Morata from what I've seen in Pre season hasn't impressed me too much, I think letting Bats go out on load is a gamble as well btw. Giroud has had very little training because of just coming back from his break, Morata starts by default, we need a massive improvement from him on last season, time for him to step up now. 5. Hudson-odoi has really impressed, I would give him a chance to shine in this match and start him, the lad deserves his chance, although I think he'll go with Willian and Pedro. Can't wait for the season to finally get underway, it's been a long few months but PL football is finally back. I'm quietly confident that we'll at least get back into the top 4, the team is good enough to mount a challenge and with a new manager now they'll have more motivation. I think a great season awaits us. COME ON CHELSEA!!!!!!
  7. dynamite

    Thibaut Courtois

    This really does leave a bitter taste in my mouth. His lack of professionalism has been nothing short of a disgrace, glad this selfish prick has left.
  8. dynamite

    Rob Green

    It's official mow, just saw it on the Chelsea FC FB page. The only time I want to see him play is in league cup games, keep him the f**k away from the important matches.
  9. dynamite

    Welcome N’Golo Kante

    He got taken off near the end, hope it's not an injury. Anyway another winners medal to add to the collection, a serial winner.
  10. dynamite

    Maurizio Sarri Officially Appointed

    I'm a bit sceptical about this appointment if I'm being honest, although I said the same thing when Conte came 2 years ago and that turned out great with us winning the league in his first year. Ill give him a chance, we've already got Jorginho, if he can somehow convince Hazard to stay then it's a great start.
  11. dynamite

    Eden Hazard

    Yeah just heard this news, I'm absolutely gutted. Should be close to a WR transfer fee though, nothing less, he's been brilliant at the WC, absolute class, he absolutely terrified the Brazil and France defence, every time the ball's at his feet he creates excitement and anticipation, there's very few players in world football I can say this about. Hopefully our new manager can somehow convince him that his future remains with us, but if he does go I just want to thank him for his service, he's been one of our gretest ever players alongside Zola for me. Thank you.
  12. dynamite

    Antonio Conte - Now Officially Manager

    Honestly our board are an absolute disgrace. The guy wins us the league and the FA cup and this is how they treat him. I knew the writing was on the wall, but why not just sack him as soon as the season ends, why now when we've already started training for the season, baffling. Not sold on outr replacement either, i don't think this is an upgrade in any way. Anyway thank you Conte for the 2 seasons you were with us, i hope you move on to a club where the board will back and appreciate you, the fans will miss you big time, all the best.
  13. Bookies actually have us as the slight favourites here with Sky BET.
  14. Come on Chelsea, lets get stuck into these c**ts from the start. This one's there for the taking. Need big performances from Hazard and Giroud, but the whole team needs to be on it, can't be carrying any dead weight today. I'm confident of a result, I think we'll win 2-1.
  15. Ah well, at least I'll get a good night out in Newcastle tonight. Nothing to see here.