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  1. Just read that WBA have only won 1 out of their last 24 league games, this really is a must win for Conte, no f**king excuses why we shouldn't win.
  2. DD, or Luiz would be a better partner for Kante than Fabregas, we really need a performance out of him, can't have any passengers here.
  3. Can't believe I'm this nervous for West brom at home, come on we really need a performance here, an early goal to calm the nerves please. Would've started Willian instaed of Pedro, really need a performance out of him and Fab because I think they've been sh*t lately. COME on.
  4. Some results have went against West Brom this week, they're 7 points from safety so they can't afford to park the bus and simply have to go for this, which I think will work in our favour. Despite the fact we've been completely sh*t a win here puts us only 3 points off united in 2nd, lets use this as extra motivation to get our season back on track. I'm confident about getting 3 points here. 3-1 (Hazard, Giroud x2) COME ON CHELSEA!!!!!!
  5. can we forfeit the Barcelona tie. That will be a cricket score because we're f**king hopeless.
  6. What a rubbish half that was, big improvements needed here, can't even remember a clear cut chance we had.
  7. f**k Christensen injured that's all we f**king need.
  8. Same calibre???? Name me one of Bournemouth player that would get into our team.
  9. No need to rest anyone for this. We have a rest period of 5 days between this game and Watford so that should be enough. I'd go with. Tibo Dave Christensen Rudiger Moses Baka Kante Alonso Pedro Bats Hazard Should be a comfortable win with this team. 3-0 (Hazard Bats Alonso) COME ON CHELSEA!!!!!
  10. This will always remain one of my favourite goals. Up there with the very best I've seen. It really takes a special world class talent to pull off this sort of skill. I'm confident we'll see some more magic at home against Norwich tonight. COME ON CHELSEA!!!!!!
  11. Frustrating performance really ,at least we're still in it. I still think we'll be at Wembley in the final. Lets believe.
  12. Come on Morata, time to make up for last weeks showing. Really need a performance out of him tonight. 3-1 Morata 2 Hazard I have a feeling Morata will be out to prove a point and deliver. Lets show these c**ts who's boss. They've had things their own way far too often in the last few fixtures. Lets send Wenger and his dwarfs back to highbury with a boot up the ass. COME ON CHELSEA1!!!!!!
  13. Yeah I don't want Hazard or Kante playing in this match with Arsenal coming a few days later. We should win this match comfortably without them. I would possibly start Morata in this game though, he needs a confidence booster and he'll have plenty of chances against this team. btw is this match on the BBC??
  14. Mid-Season Signing Ratings

    Drinkwater 8 - Has slotted in nicely beside kante in our midfield. Should replace Baka permanently soon. Rudiger 8 - Also been impressed with him, apart from the shocker against Roma he's been very solid. Morata 6.5 - I had to give this some thought. Up until November I would've given him a 9, but he's gone off the boil a bit lately. Zappa 6 - Was expecting a bit more from him, started well for him after that goal against Quarabag, but to me hasn't done enough to displace Moses in our team. Baka 5 - Again I expected better really, i was really happy about this signing at first. i really thought he was a massive improvement to Matic after what I've saw from him for Monaco, but he looks like a passenger in some games with Kante sometimes doing the work of 2 guys. Needs to improve quickly or he'll find himself permanently on the bench.
  15. Chelsea 2018-2019 Home Kit "Leaked"

    I don't mind it. We've had much worse remember this one.