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  1. I have a spare for Burnley.

  2. 12medals

    FA Cup Semi Final

    Still category 2/3/4 tickets available, now down to 20 loyalty points. Plenty of people complain about not getting tickets during the year, good chance for them to support the team in a Cup semi final.
  3. 12medals

    FA Cup Semi Final

    Seemed very easy to get tickets this morning, even with a relatively low loyalty pts requirement. Presumably demand not high for this game after recent performances? No doubt if we make the final it will still be virtually impossible to get a ticket for members!
  4. 12medals

    Riyad Mahrez

    Perhaps he's gone to Spain?
  5. 12medals

    Game of Thrones

    Jon Snow seemed a bit over familiar with his Auntie! #KeepItInTheFamily
  6. 12medals

    Rangers Match Thread 2017/18

    Bit of a mixed start to the season for the Gers, at times playing some good stuff but not clinical enough. Five points dropped at home already mean it's playing catch-up already.