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  1. Sheva

    Eden Hazard

    I feel like Neymar will go to Real and thus causing PSG to bid for Hazard. Question is will he want to go there.
  2. Sheva

    Our New Stadium

    Matt Hughes‏ @MattHughesTimes Roman Abramovich has personally taken the decision to put #Cfc stadium on hold after being denied a UK Visa. Unwilling to invest over £1billion into a country where he is not permitted to work.
  3. Sheva

    Our New Stadium

    Wow well this is interesting.
  4. Sheva

    Next Chelsea Manager

    He's still a top coach, I feel like he would walk into most jobs if they are available. The only problem he would have there is getting them to believe in the way he plays.
  5. Sheva

    Thibaut Courtois

    Will be interesting to see if this has any effect on Hazards situation.
  6. Sheva

    Thibaut Courtois

    Rumours are that he's not renewing and we are looking at Allison.
  7. Sheva

    Mauro Icardi

    The captain of Inter and they just qualified for the champions league. I don't think they will sell to rivals in Italy but we would have to pay his full release clause to get him, if that sort of money is being touted for Lewandowski then maybe it could happen but I doubt it. I can only see us doing this if we send Morata the other way and a large sum of money.
  8. Sheva

    Alvaro Morata

    I think signing Lewandowski is our best move also if it's possible but us having no patience is something we have a problem with. Morata may not of shown his best qualities here but I think he will flourish elsewhere but In this situation I dont think it's our fault. It seems it's more mentality his but when you look at Michy, someone who has been dying for a chance and he gets shipped out on loan. Now he can't stop scoring at Dortmund and an injury preventing him doing so. I feel like if we gave him more consistent chances here then we would be better off this season. I can see us loaning out someone like Ross Barkley also who needs his chance to flourish and a manager who believes in him. Cuadrado is another example of having no patience, Salah, KDB and Lukaku also to a certain extent. We lack patience with youth also but that's down to the constant sacking of managers and us not building. Managers are stressed to win things and will always start with experience. If they don't they are out the door, even when they do win things they are still out the door. Christensen was the first youth player to start consistent full games since John Terry right? The board want trophies over stability for a few seasons, which again is understandable because it works but I think with both Manchester clubs heavily invested now and with Pep at City I dont think we will get close to that league trophy for a couple of seasons. Which is why I want the board to have more patience with the new manager and the way he plays, top 4 finish and good cup runs should be our expectations for the manager next year. Develop the players we have invested in and develop a team that can challenge in a season or two, I think if we want instant success and we don't spend a huge money then it's not going to work for upcoming managers. The board need to change their mentality and expectations if we are not going to spend big. Going for Lewandowski for me is us being afraid of another failure in someone younger but I personally think Morata is not a failure, the whole team this season has been under par and if he played in a more confident team like Contes first season I feel like he would of bagged a good few more than 11 goals. With more confidence I don't think the mental issues would of been there for him. Spanish strikers of a history of sulking when things are not going well.
  9. Sheva

    Alvaro Morata

    If we do let him go I think it will explain why we are after Lewandowski. A proven world class goal scorer who is very unlikely to fail but you just have to look at my username to show you that it can fail. I don't think the board have any patience and I can see him getting loaned out to an Italian club with a perm fee at the end of the loan. It's sad because the talent is there but he needs a change of attitude for me.
  10. Sheva

    Next Chelsea Manager

    Matt Law reporting that Napoli will give us Sarri for free if we give them David Luiz for a cut price fee. Im still Conte in but I have given up hope but i am excited about Sarri only if we give him time. The board have to learn from their mistakes, we need to give Sarri time to build and implement his style of football.
  11. Sheva

    Realistic Manager Poll

    Unless we told Poch that we will give him a lot of money to spend on this squad. I really don't see him coming here, new stadium and CL football at Spurs. It kinda of stinks of him getting a new contract. I'd be worried if we are still in the hunt for a manager behind the scenes with our last game being on the weekend.
  12. Sheva


    I fully expect the board to pursue targets without a manager in place. Hopefully he has given recommendations but I guess the board will pursue players that we have scouted over a couple of seasons and go from there. This makes me hope we get Sarri as he seems more of a coach than a manager who wants to deal with transfers. I would prefer it the other way round but the board doesnt work like that. I would personally like to invest in 2 top players money can buy and then promote Ruben, Mount and Odoi to the first team. We also have Van Ginkel on our books and hes had a stellar season in Holland. There is 4 signings right there who would do better than what we have had last season. Pay top money for 2 elite players. Don't waste it on the likes of Drinkwater, Barkley and Zappacosta just to make up the quota. I still have hope for those signings but they are not worth the money we paid for them. We have numerous players lighting up different divisions on loan this season. It's time to use them.
  13. Sheva

    Next Chelsea Manager

    Rumours that Carlo is off to Napoli, which then opens the door for Sarri.
  14. Sheva

    Alvaro Morata

    I think we need a workhorse and workhorse that can finish. My perfect striker would be Diego Costa without the nonsense that comes with him, I don't know if that type of striker exists though. Morata could be quality but when we are up against it he's not someone who's going to pull us out of it. It's going to be an interesting summer and I wouldn't be surprised if we cut our losses on him and look elsewhere. I have a funny feeling it's going to be one of those loan deals with Juventus. If we had Diego up top this season we would be looking at 3rd.
  15. Sheva

    Antonio Conte - Now Officially Manager

    I think the manager and the board have both made mistakes. Conte doesn't owe us anything, you'll struggle to find a top class manager these days who would want to stay at the club because they love the club. Contes love is elsewhere, he's here to win trophies. If he asks for Player A or Player B and gets C and believes in his work then he's going get a bit peeved. He will know he can get those players at other clubs. He's still a top manager and once he leaves, I wouldn't be surprised to see him managing top CL club. I have been very much Conte in but I am baffled by some of his decisions but I am also more baffled about the board not investing in quality players. They did it under Jose and they have done it now. Conte won't be here next season but the board need to give the next manager time if they are not going to invest in players that will take us to another level. If they want to play youth players and develop the squad then we have to give the manager time to develop them into those quality players. I want the next manager to have that, I think we can't compete with the Manchester clubs no more in transfer fees and we should be investing in our youth but the board need to give the manager time or we will be just going round in circles.