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  1. This is the same player who joined Monaco. I don't think we are interested but money talks more than CL these days.
  2. I for one believe we shouldnt go near him. I think hes an uninspiring centre forward. He will come up with 10+ goals a season but he just goes missing far too much for me. I dont see him worth near the money touted and hes not a big match player. Would love for him to prove me wrong and i do think we will sign him because there is nobody in the market who is available.
  3. According to Dimarzio it looks like Conte has convinced him to stay and Juve have moved on to Matuidi.
  4. I do find it strange that some clubs in the premier league don't take a chance in loaning someone like Traore. Exposure to this league will increase his value if he does well but I imagine when you look at someone like Bamford. It doesn't always work out as they could just sit on the bench for the season.
  5. Looks like he's going to Arsenal. Mustafi, Xhaka and say a Lacezette would be a great transfer window for Wenger.
  6. I still think Remy is going to go, unless he is extremely happy at warming the bench. Bony could be on his way to Everton which may pave the way for Lukaku to join us but after selling Stones i can't see them selling Lukaku. Not a lot of striking options out there unless you pay big money. We've been linked with Icardi but De Boer said he's not going to be sold. Though his wife who's his agent recently liked a news story linking us with him on twitter. Oh social media, a like turns into a story.
  7. So what are the chances of Ola Aina starting this one over Ivanovic? Could be a tough game to start with West hams attacking wingers but if we go by Ivans form last season. Then it could be tough for him.
  8. I don't see how anyone can moan about a club wanting to keep a hold of their player and trying to get the most amount of money possible. When someone comes in for Hazard I expect us to do the same.
  9. That was that? Sure it was Villa but he was arguably man of the match for that game and was unlucky not to take his chances against Swansea. Last season was dire, it was refreshing to see a guy who wanted to get his career back on track and do well. It was a different case to Falcao where you could see him struggling, Pato could of been a good backup option for us. Especially for the price Villareal got him for. We have Traore so it makes perfect sense to push forward with him instead and hopefully Pato will get his career back on track and I see him being a big success in La Liga.
  10. Honestly don't get the Pato hate. The guy wanted to come here and resurrect his career, showed great passion and he arguably took his chance when it was given to him. I think he will be a great signing for them.
  11. We are getting linked with a 40 million bid for Cavani now.
  12. This is the one time I hope Everton dig their heels in and don't allow him to leave. I personally think we should be looking at Ross Barkley more than anyone from Everton.
  13. Id argue Napoli and maybe Roma would be up there. Juventus are a step above, Juventus have been step above us going on previous couple of seasons. If it wasn't for an incredible Barca forward line then they would of become european champions. The Premier League is vastly overrated, it has a lot of money which attracts the big names. The idea of a player playing for a club like Juventus that can't cut it at a premier league club baffles me.
  14. He was signed at a terrible period of time for us with a manager on his way out and a manager who obviously didn't believe in him. He looked like a dear in headlights, he's a good player and he has proved that in Italian football. Don't care what anyone says about Italian football but their top clubs like Napoli and Juventus are better or on par with us at the moment. I don't buy the argument that he's not cut out for the premier league. The premier league is arguably at it's weakest in terms of quality in European football, it was great that Leicester won the league last season but it shows our poor the league is. Under Conte, a manager who wants him and a manager who believes in him I believe he will thrive and could be like a new signing.
  15. Yeah don't get me wrong, if we got him for 100m I wouldn't say no. He has superstar written all over him but I honestly see him on the same level as someone like Kevin De Bruyne in terms of quality and I think the big difference is Pogba is extremely marketable.