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  1. umb

    Next Chelsea Manager

    he's not gonna reply exactly the same game as we were used in naples, he's not that stupid :D He changes with what he has. His original tacts was 4231, as he was playing in empoli. when he came in naples he tried that formation for a couple of game and he switched to a 433 because was more balaced and solid. Left or right doesn't matter, we were building the game on the left cause insigne and ghoulam are better in playmaking and have more pushing attitude, while on the right side hisay is more defensive, giving the change to callejon to appear from nowere and collect the insigne pass from the other side. He mostly plays with a very high defensive line, with the two central defenders able to play the ball in case of pressing, spanish triangulations with the playmaker that in our case was jorginho, a man the always plays with one touch. Anyway it depends if he wonna continue with a 433 or get back to the 4231.
  2. umb

    Next Chelsea Manager

    i already posted about before. i saw the manchester city game against us. the style is prettymuch the same. We actually were playing better but the difference quality of the players came out in the end. If your players will not be humble and blindly follow him, it's gonna be a disaster. if they do follow him you are gonna have so much fun. he's a maniac, he takes care of every details. he has dozen of schemes on corner cick and throws in. they only flaws the mister has is that he's not very good in managing a large group of players and in reading the game. His substitutions are almost the same every game, you will notice he's gonna start at 60'. we napolis fan are gonna support you from here! Forza Sarri and Forza Chelsea!
  3. umb

    Next Chelsea Manager

    whem he joined us he started immediatly with his style, took 3 games beforethe team started to roll.
  4. umb

    Next Chelsea Manager

    If u wonna know why he's out of naples, it's because our president it's not a nice person to work with. The mister wasn't sure to repeat what he has done this year so he was thinking about what to do, the president got pissed and he said you know what? im kicking you out and sign Ancelotti. Sarri is a great soccer teacher, it's very very similar to the game you see with guardiola teams. The only problem he could have is he's not very used to use all the player at his disposition. He is not perfect in reading the game and he has not international experience at all. But you don't have to be worried. he's a beast and your team is gonna perform wonderfully.
  5. umb

    Next Chelsea Manager

    Hi there. Be sure if u got Sarri as manager, a lot of ppl from naples is gonna be an hard chelsea fan. we love him to the moon and back, we are still crying for his firing. With your club financial power and if the players will follow the mister blindly, you will have a lot of fun!
  6. definitely well i hope we can have another game in chl next year. i would like to come over again to the stamford bridge. gz again!
  7. sorry mate but this is fake. this is when he was back in juventus and was accused of fixing matches for betting proupose and he's talking about that. anyway, congratulations to chelsea for the title from a naples fan! we are reading about a supposed interesting of inter for your manager, but i don't think that he's gonna move at least for next year. he's gonna try and get the CL with the blues for sure.