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  1. Never liked De Rossi. Too inconsistent, aggressive, sloppy and even his contribution has gone down steadily over the years. Vidal can still offer something, but it's marginal, and the price rules it out completely. If we're going to go for a midfielder, I would rather have Verratti from PSG, although we will be battled several clubs and PSG might be unlikely to sell. Another option would be the Brazilian Jorginho from Napoli. Will be much cheaper, relatively young at 25, and an excellent contributor all around.
  2. I like him a lot, don't get me wrong. He would be a useful player to have - especially next season when everyone parks the bus against us. However, it has to be for the right price. The market has changed a lot, and if we want to be taken seriously in CL contention we have to go for premier names. Mahrez has one solid season behind him, and then had a major downturn.
  3. Any word on Mahrez? I know a couple of weeks ago he was caught on camera praising us. I see him as a decent 2nd tier option, if we can't get some of those top targets we're eyeing.
  4. How insane would that truly be though? Even getting Sanchez, Veratti, Lukaku. We would dominate for years.
  5. LOL
  6. I'd rather pair Kante with someone else.
  7. All of this just feels a little too early for me. First Verratti, Sanchez, these are not exactly early buying action players, but then again, some gems have gone pretty early. I guess I'm just a little skeptical that we're chasing both at the same time. These are elite level players.
  8. True, I just like it because it makes you feel a little like being there.
  9. Has anyone seen this video? I really like it for some reason.
  10. Even if you have to overpay slightly - you have to go for Lukaku. Already tied to the club - the tradition with such players at this club - the right skill set for the league, proven scoring record. We need him, and frankly he's got Chelsea written all over him.
  11. Big fan of Verratti. Definitely a builder in the midfield. Advances the attack with careful, precise passing, but can also do riskier passes like floaters to the wings. Definitely more of a pure CM - less defensively inclined, but a nice compliment to Kante who will always do the dirty work. The only problem is that PSG don't need the money, and there are 6-7 wolves already gnawing on the carcass - a lion might not even be able to tear it away.
  12. Hey everyone, long time lurker here. New York City - been a fan since 2009. Relatively new, but don't hold it against me. Kante favorite player, Cahill close second. Cheers everyone.