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  1. I've looked after it 46 years...

    Beerqueen. Photos uploaded. Wiki says "The most recent modification to the crest occurred in 2001 when the club wanted to better situate itself for the 21st century and further standardize its crest. One of the modifications made was changing the mulberry stripe to a more bluish shade." The stripe is in mulberry as it would have been in the 70's. Still want it? If so, how do I go about getting it to you without posting my or your details for all to see.
  2. I've looked after it 46 years...

    You've got me looking over my shoulder now. I'm not ready for the grim reaper yet, - I hope :-) . I understand your cynicism. Truth is, I'm having to sort out all sorts of bitty stuff left by my parents, some with history and some without, some with a bit of value and quite a lot without; so I've been doing a lot of web crawling and trying to find homes for bits that mean something instead of it all being dumped. The RMFC badge was not in that stuff but now I've got the opportunity to 'save' it, I thought why not try here. I know its story. If its going to a good home then you're welcome to it.
  3. I've looked after it 46 years...

    Beerqueen - No, I'm not trying to sell it. I'm genuine and, no offence, I wouldn't like to see it go to a seller. It's a little piece of Chelsea's history. Unfortunately the roll of film that was on the bottom floor of the bus was unused otherwise there might have been some interesting piccies to go along with it.
  4. ....and now it's time someone else had it. Someone on the European Cup Winners Cup bus dropped their Real Madrid buttonhole badge on the top floor of the bus on 22nd May 1971. I can vouch that it's authentic and it came off that bus. I just want to pass it on to someone who it would mean something to. So, any helpers? Problem is, being RMFC, you might not want it.