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  1. I do not think they agreed anything yet. Allegri likes him for sure very much but can't see us spending 40m for him. Currently there are rumours about 3-4 players Matic, Nzonzi, Matuidi and Can who is the only one I personally would put an offer for. I am not sure first refusal clause are feasible, those are gentlemen agreements rather than contracts
  2. Morata vs Lukaku vs Belotti is a no brainer really
  3. I would be happy to accept that bet no prob. You got yourself the best available on the market
  4. congratulations you got lucky not to get Lukaku . Fantastic player and one additional reason to sympathise for Chelsea (except vs Juve of course ) I think Alvaro will do very well.
  5. Conte had a fall out with Juve when he left and unfortunately I do not think he would have a problem to coach Inter, let alone Milan with whom he had already a deal during his last season at Juve but the club wisely did not release him. Bonucci followed a similar trajectory but unfortunately the club was not wise this time or had the balls to impose him a foreign destination PS: anyway Milan seems to be after Belotti
  6. That was what he said after the CL final. Having said that, if Milan offers him over 10 million net I am quite sure he will start considering them. I am positive though that he did consider Chelsea since he has even stated in an interview that he wanted to play for Conte who was the one to pick him at Juve (even though he never coached him in the end). To be honest the timing of Chelsea's negotiations for the striker looks a bit off. Once they decided to offload Costa (a big mistake if you ask me)they should have got already an alternative in their pocket
  7. that is actually a speculation from UK newspapers, I doubt it is true. Juve never put Sandro on the market and refused the offer at 60m. The position has always been that he was not on the market and any talks would be linked to the player asking for a transfer which he has not so far (it seems). They now have also offered him revised terms because after the surprising transfers of Bonucci and Alves it would really be a mess if we sold Sandro too. Having said that if the price is 40m £ I also hope you sell him to Inter
  8. yes so far they spent 170 m, with Morata they would go close to 250 and they are also negotiating with Bayern for the Portuguese midfielder. It is also true that only a small part of this cash will be going out this year (40m so far) . They are betting on CL and a fast increase of their turnover. I hope Chelsea does not leave Morata to Milan, it would be another very sad moment to see him with that shirt.
  9. you are right and probably I noticed it more in Rudiger because he played for Roma. However I do like tough defenders but I dislike simulators also when they play for juve like Cuadrado or Lichtsteiner who are good players but have the same issue. Rudiger I felt a few times he brought this malice to the next level in a few occasions and disliked him for that
  10. With Antonio he will improve his tactical skills a lot, there is no doubt about that. When Conte took over Juve Bonucci was anywhere near the player he became afterwards. The issue is more about whether he is able to put the will to improve and to keep his concentration high all the time and on the side to improve his fair play record as well.
  11. well bonucci is a different category all together. Rudiger is a good player but in my book it would never be worth anywhere near 40 million Euro. He is very strong physically and very fast. Besides he is able to play in two roles which is a value added. He is not very smart tactically and sometimes he looses concentration during the game allowing chances. With Conte he will improve for sure these two aspects because otherwise he will not play :) The area that I dislike the most is his character,he is not straight as a arrow, he often provokes opponents and simulates, and I am not sure he will be able to change that. He reminds me another player with the same attitude, Pepe
  12. No Pogba was sold last year. Pirlo left in 2015 along with Tevez and Vidal and in fact the following season we had a terrible start. This summer is really unlikely especially after Bonucci left
  13. possibly :) I actually think that we have a good subs in Spinazzola that is at Atalanta till next year and had a phenomenal season last year. You should have gone for Bonucci this year damn it!
  14. yes his little one was very sick last year and luckily recovered from it, but he is still under medical attention in Turin
  15. no I think Sandro was never on the market and selling it now would really be a suicide even for silly money. Of course if the player gets crazy and starts pushing hard is possible but Juve at this point should really be strong-armed to let him go even for 70 millions. I think they have offered him an extension of the contract with increased salary and a promise to consider offers next year like they did with Pogba in 2015. If Sandro leaves as well I thinks that the huge technical problem would not even be the worse part, fans would start becoming really crazy and the season would risk being compromised