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  1. Alex Sandro

    Not a chance in hell he will move in January mate, sorry but juve is not a second tier club that sells its key players during the winter window while competing to win all competitions even for a ridiculous offer (100+).Sandro has had an awful start of the season and allegri has put some pressure on him like on Dybala, but both are key players and need to get back on form if we want to have any chance to compete in CL. Next summer it will be another story if Sandro and Dybala decide to go, but that will be handled in spring when we will have the time to find alternatives Last match btw he started and played very well
  2. Antonio Conte - Now Officially Manager

    I did not say you are ignorant, but that what you said is. Preferring one style of play to the other is perfectly fine with me and I actually happen to agree that the first year with Conte we played one of the most entertaining type of football ever helped by the fact that we did not play in Europe. Already from the second year while becoming more effective (way less draws than during first year) we did not manage to replicate the same quality and intensity once we had to play three competitions. An entirely different thing is to call our current manager, who btw has the best results so far in Juve history, a donkey or claiming we play horribly, that is both untrue and ignorant. It is not a question of opinion nor a personal insult it is just the way it is sorry. Sadly these days, it is the attitude of so many Juve fans who act and talk like spoiled know-it-all brats rather than fans for the club, that's the price to pay for so many years of good results apparently, people loose the sense of reality and do not appreciate what they got. I dislike and despise from the bottom of my heart this attitude that is the exact polar opposite of what Antonio rightly appreciated in English fans who support the club no matter what as long as players and manager give their all. Forza Juve and Chelsea indeed (at least until we do not meet :))
  3. Antonio Conte - Now Officially Manager

    I guess each club has its own :) Don't get me wrong Antonio deserves all the praise he gets as a manager although he did not leave us in the best possible way, but fans that keep crying over old players and managers and do not move on and start insulting the new managers/players annoy the hell out of me and unfortunately at Juve we have so many of those
  4. Antonio Conte - Now Officially Manager

    Conte is a great manager, one of the best at present and the first season was also memorable because unexpected. I always support Conte at least until he does not come back to Italy. Having said that Conte's widows are a disgrace for Juve fan base unfortunately. Our fan base is the largest in Italy but too many do not support the shirt and they prefer to support single players and managers. Allegri does not play spectacular football all the time but is an excellent manager and games like those won against Real and Borussia in 2015 or Barca and Monaco this year have also been excellent. Saying that we play horrible football is just pure ignorant and untrue and shows very poor understanding of the game sorry. After the first year we saw quite a few bad games with Antonio too, especially in Europe btw. Going back to Antonio I think he is not a manager that can stay more than 2-3 years with one club because the intensity that he puts in his job is so high that he burns the candle from both ends and it is very hard to keep that type of intensity from the same group of people for very long. I would be surprised if he stayed on for another year but I cannot see him staying for over 3 years despite the fact that he clearly loves Chelsea
  5. Zappacosta

    I really do not remember Juve bidding for him, but it is definitely possible especially 2 years ago when he was younger and had played in Under 21. It is not a bad player and very likely that Conte will improve him. His price is probably a good 40% higher than it should but you guys have a lot of money so it is ok I guess
  6. Zappacosta

    Not sure about Italy but for me Alonso was the best LB of Serie A 2 years ago at Fiorentina (Sandro was not yet starting) , Zappacosta is ok but not as good as Alonso
  7. Zappacosta

    He is an ok player, not great but will probably improve under Conte but you paid him way too much
  8. Matic

    I do not think they agreed anything yet. Allegri likes him for sure very much but can't see us spending 40m for him. Currently there are rumours about 3-4 players Matic, Nzonzi, Matuidi and Can who is the only one I personally would put an offer for. I am not sure first refusal clause are feasible, those are gentlemen agreements rather than contracts
  9. Alvaro Morata

    Morata vs Lukaku vs Belotti is a no brainer really
  10. Alvaro Morata

    I would be happy to accept that bet no prob. You got yourself the best available on the market
  11. Alvaro Morata

    congratulations you got lucky not to get Lukaku . Fantastic player and one additional reason to sympathise for Chelsea (except vs Juve of course ) I think Alvaro will do very well.
  12. Alvaro Morata

    Conte had a fall out with Juve when he left and unfortunately I do not think he would have a problem to coach Inter, let alone Milan with whom he had already a deal during his last season at Juve but the club wisely did not release him. Bonucci followed a similar trajectory but unfortunately the club was not wise this time or had the balls to impose him a foreign destination PS: anyway Milan seems to be after Belotti
  13. Alvaro Morata

    That was what he said after the CL final. Having said that, if Milan offers him over 10 million net I am quite sure he will start considering them. I am positive though that he did consider Chelsea since he has even stated in an interview that he wanted to play for Conte who was the one to pick him at Juve (even though he never coached him in the end). To be honest the timing of Chelsea's negotiations for the striker looks a bit off. Once they decided to offload Costa (a big mistake if you ask me)they should have got already an alternative in their pocket
  14. Alex Sandro

    that is actually a speculation from UK newspapers, I doubt it is true. Juve never put Sandro on the market and refused the offer at 60m. The position has always been that he was not on the market and any talks would be linked to the player asking for a transfer which he has not so far (it seems). They now have also offered him revised terms because after the surprising transfers of Bonucci and Alves it would really be a mess if we sold Sandro too. Having said that if the price is 40m £ I also hope you sell him to Inter
  15. Alvaro Morata

    yes so far they spent 170 m, with Morata they would go close to 250 and they are also negotiating with Bayern for the Portuguese midfielder. It is also true that only a small part of this cash will be going out this year (40m so far) . They are betting on CL and a fast increase of their turnover. I hope Chelsea does not leave Morata to Milan, it would be another very sad moment to see him with that shirt.