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  1. Aside from the fact that it was clearly a parody, to be precise Conte was never accused of match fixing but of failing to report one, arranged by a couple of his players in Siena at the end of the season. The whole accusation was a farce relying only on the word of a self confessed match fixer and felon who made a deal with the prosecution to get a more lenient penalty. For all those who know Conte's character it is hard to believe he ever accepted to loose a game for any reason even less so to cover up for some useless scumbags players he had the misfortune to manage and in facts all the other players including the other 2 involved in the fixing denied having shared their plans with Conte. That of course is well known also to Neapolitan supporters, but since they hate juve they have with simple truths like that the same difficult relationship they have with sense of humour and with the respect of sport rivals. On that note I would like to congratulate you for your great season, I had absolutely no doubts since you signed Antonio who is at present one of the absolute best if not the best manager in the world. I am also equally sure that Chelsea will do even better next year, when he will have more experience and better players, provided that the board is wise enough to work with him on transfers.