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  1. Nah mate, I can... Any one whose plays decently even in their own city can... but not with their weaker foot though... thats something i didn't think about.. Thats exactly what i was thinking! Very excited over him, but really think Bats should start the opening game with what he's shown so far... unless Morata does really well against Inter.
  2. It wasn't "great", but you can see what he brings to the table though... a physical player who is also technically sound. That is a similar player to baka and IMO the perfect partner to Kante. And of course i'd be delighted if he could do everything consistently, but he can't..YET. Thats why i said he'd be a good option only as a squad player.
  3. I saw Mitchy do the same thing though... not that hard in an open net honestly..
  4. I think he'd be worth taking a shot at. The guy is 19, already playing internationally quite regularly and does something our midfield currently lacks.. that is carry the ball forward running with it. I suppose thats why bakayoko was bought. But him having as a squad player would be very good in my opinion.
  5. I am actually very optimistic about this guy. Looked a proper player in both the games he played for us, at least in my eyes. Hope he gets to be the backup rwb if we don't bring anyone new in.
  6. Among the top teams it probably goes down like this.. ManUtd>Chelsea/Arsenal>ManCity>Liverpool Tottenham don't really have followers here. but this is of course only among the people i know..
  7. Kolkata...
  8. Hello everyone. Long time lurker here and a Chelsea FC fan since 2005. Really looking forward to getting involved with you all in the discussions here. KTBFFH!