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  1. goldmase

    Michy Batshuayi to Chelsea

    I dont care with his playinh time... when u are sub pls be more sportmanship.. he is utterly arrogant! Shiittttyyyy bats
  2. goldmase

    Charly Musonda jr.

    He is good, but I think he is not yet there..
  3. Let him at swans, going back will not make him good.. he need more game time..
  4. Squad depth is sh*t... we have mousanda? Utd have martial? Linggard? Rashford?
  5. Mousanda is crap! Bats is garbage!
  6. And yet ppl asking conte why he didnot play?
  7. Fckkkkk sh*t..... why on earth is luiz playing... willian and hazard is f**king lazy
  8. Come to city and partner with stones?
  9. If we use them I think the game ended 4 nil
  10. I think conte know best.. with only fab, kante and bakayoko in CM, he cant do much.. 3 of them are not in best physical condition.. only 1 day rest.. his plan is to save the energy and start play on minutes 70..
  11. We lack depth.. if drinkwater is fit.. I believe we have mobility in the middle..