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  1. I think Jose brings it up a lot. He has more of a no lose mentality than Conte. You can see Conte devastated when we lose while Jose is angrier
  2. Tbf Ribery is 34. He's bound to get injuries playing at the speed he does at that age.
  3. You would win trophies a lot but your football will be dire at times and your club's meltdowns will be very public over a period of 3yrs.
  4. I thought that was because Conte and Poch value players that can work hard and sacrifice for the team? Barkley seems to fit that sort of profile
  5. Which is why I stated that he still needs a lot of developing to do. For Mount, I just hope he doesn't go the route of McEachran
  6. @Davey Baby Juventus under Marotta has always adopted a rotating door policy. From what I've seen, they barely keep their WC stars. Their team went from having the 1 of the best midfield to 1 of the best defensive line to what it is today in a few short years. They could have had this team: Buffon, Alves, Chiellini, Bonucci, Barzagli, Sandro, Marchisio, Vidal, Pogba, Higuain and Dybala with subs including Pirlo, Benatia, Cuadrado among others. If a player wants out, they let them go without a lot of fuss
  7. That wholly depends on the tactics and systems a team employs. A striker's main job is to finish passages of play, the build up and transition of the team from defence to attack is facillitated by a team's system. In our system, the fullbacks act as auxiliary wingers/forwards especially in the manipulation of space of the field as well as pinning back forwards and fullbacks alike. In a team like ours that employs a 3 at the back, wingbacks contribute to passages of play varying from defence to midfield to attack. From the Bayern game, you can see that when our fullbacks aren't on it, the service becomes dire, the midfielders have no passing options which often results in Cahill/Luiz lumping it to the strikers. In our system, each player is important and depends on each other to function.
  8. 1st title - He had an on form Matic and a defensive Oscar to cover him when he picks passes. 2nd title - Mostly came on as a sub (Which is a great tactic to be fair, tired oppositions, more space etc2). Kante played amazing so was able to cover for him, 2 Wingbacks that covered for him if he ventures forwards and 3 at the back with a sweeping CB ready to pounce. imo Cesc can thrive in a midfield 2 but only if the team carries him. Fab is worth a team carrying him as does Pirlo but if you have to put Cesc in a 2, you'll need a workhorse to cover his deficiencies and have the team centred around him. Fabregas' weaknesses are so apparent that all you need is to congest the midfield and a high press to avoid getting balls to him and he will be an afterthought. ofc there are also ways to counter this by using sideways passing to tire the opponent out ie Barca but we need players that can keep the ball under pressure to do so which is why I think Conte emphasizes one touch football training. Regarding Sanches, I hope he does sign for us as he can be the perfect Fab replacement in a few years. Still needs a lot of developing to breakthrough the WC barrier.
  9. Walcott and Valencia is fast as hell but you don't see them produce better goals than Pedro.
  10. Is he still in that PSG hotel?
  11. I said he seemed to me. Doesn't make it set in stone as I've yet to see him function in a 2 man midfield yet. Fabregas doesn't necessarily thrive in a 2 man midfield. He can play in it but his skillset is more suited to a 3 man midfield.
  12. I'd rather we spent it on Sanches, Sandro and Toljan/Hysaj. Ox is ok-ish because he covers for at least 3 positions but Barkley is a 2nd rate No. 10 and he hasn't really develop all that much from when he first broke into the 1st team
  13. He seems like a stronger Fabregas. All he needs to do is develop his game and introduce a better workrate and he might approach Fab's levels in a few years. Very high ceiling. He seems like a midfielder who'd thrive in a 3 more than a 2
  14. That might be a dive but that was JT losing his head. He isn't like Ramos who actively looks for decisions
  15. Just another player enticed by Pep. It's crazy how some players think it's worth it being a sub in a Pep team.