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  1. Aguero is the more injury prone of the 2. So if they can manage Aguero's hamstrings, they'd be strong contenders Pep's WM and overall tactics doesn't involve a lot of running for long distances or heavy pressing especially for strikers so they can probably sustain the duo for quite a while before we see any injury creeping in.
  2. Your unpopular opinion about Chelsea

    Good enough as a starter? Arguable Unfit to wear the shirt? Far from it
  3. They really enjoy being a source of ridicule. That much is certain
  4. Diego "the guv'nor" Costa

    Our best striker since Drogba. A great story but a terrible ending. Dug us out of a lot of mess and was equally capable of creating one. At least we'll be saved from the nerves of getting our striker sent off every game
  5. All I ask is for the team to give 100% and avoid silly fouls.
  6. The guy isn't really suited at LB/LWB. If he had better footballing IQ, he'd be quite an impressive LF/LW
  7. Michy Batshuayi to Chelsea

    Isn't cutout to be a target man but really good fox in the box. Has the knack for goals, it's a bit of a shame though considering he has the right physical qualities to be more well rounded if he improves his technical and mental side of the game.
  8. His career is just starting. His first appearance as a sub in Chelsea colours at the Bridge against Forest at 17yrs of age and he gets criticism from the start? A bit over the top don't you think?
  9. He has the ability to get past most defenders. It's just that with his talents, he could go all the way to the top and it's at that level that the likes of Hummels, Ramos etc would get the edge over him. If it was against Shawcross or Huth, he'd easily get past those imo. Still to be seen how he kicks on from here.
  10. I thought Bale would have been a star LB in the mould of Ramos. Didn't expect that he'd turn out great at a LW role. It's a pity he seems to be on a decline when he used to be viewed as C. Ronaldo's successor. ----------------------------- Thank god we didn't get Ox. Would have been a waste of money and we wouldn't be able to see Zappacosta's goal
  11. CBs these days are fast too, it'd be tough for him if they start being physical and knowing that these days refs don't call those fouls on us makes it worse
  12. Good game. Fantastic effort from the young guys. Can't believe we conceded at the end but that was probably complacency kicking in at the final seconds. Rudiger and Christensen pushing for that CB spot bodes well for the future. Cahill has to keep up or else it'd really be the bench for him.
  13. Ethan Ampadu

    Never thought I'd see the day that a 16yr old is on the bench for Chelsea in this decade. Correction: Make an appearance for Chelsea in this decade
  14. Good start. Quite a youthful lineup bar Willy, Fabregas and Cahill. Musonda's day, needs to bulk up to win against physical defenders. Kenedy has everything to be a good player but brains, gets offside a lot despite having enough pace to beat his man. Fabregas has been used far too much. Good game from him today but playing the full 90mins against 3 opposition would be risky. Should be rested after the 60min mark.
  15. It's just infuriating that Arsenal players and fans will have a major ego boost after this. These games make me wonder why I felt sorry for them in the first place.