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  1. Proper capitulation. When did this Chelsea team lose it's resilience
  2. 6 goals conceded in 2 games. That's it then. Defending is piss poor, midfield all over the place, attack nonexistant. If we're going to concede anyway, I'd rather us attack the hell out of them. No way does a Barca scrub get to run rings around a Chelsea defence but those times are so far away now.
  3. Our left side failed today. Pedro can't keep his shot down, Bakayoko is (expletive), Zappacosta gets fed impossible balls where he has to sprint to it half the time then can't get back fast enough when the oppo counters and Cahill is past it against pacy forwards. It's like watching a slow trainwreck.
  4. Conte as CB? Super confused by this
  5. We need to be quicker and sharper in passing between the lines. Hazard being a striker at the moment just makes Bournemouth suffocate the middle and the box.
  6. Deino

    Olivier Giroud to Chelsea

    Costa and Fabregas?
  7. Deino

    Olivier Giroud to Chelsea

    Spurs is a big club?
  8. Deino

    January Window 17/18

    On paper we had an ok window but a game isn't won on paper
  9. This season is a rollercoaster. Next season, the players need to be consistent.
  10. Deino


    Deco is Brazilian?
  11. Moses and Alonso needs to bring their A game. And I really want to see Moses pocket the oppo LB and Alonso likewise with the oppo RB.
  12. Deino

    Eden Hazard

    Lampard didn't have Hazard's dribbling speed and quickness of feet. He beats Hazard on pretty much everything else but then again Lamps was someone that always wanted to score goals. Hazard just wants to assist a few years back. There are also times I felt that Hazard waited for the oppo defences to come back just so he could beat them whereas Lamps would go for the quicker route to goal.
  13. Deino

    Dzeko the Gecko

    We can still upgrade on RWB though, but it'd probably be around Jan of next year depending on how Zappacosta/Moses develops.
  14. Deino

    Dzeko the Gecko

    You mean like how Sanchez was playing against CP until he got the call and said I'm outta here then