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  1. Battlewhisk

    Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain

    This is entirely untrue and a weird mentality to have. We're trying to sign a player as a back-up utility player, Liverpool need someone to replace Coutinho. If we were to lose out, it's not because we're a worse team to sign for, it's that we suit the player's needs/wants less. I get that this is partially a dig at Liverpool and that's fine, but to be upset that a player chooses first team football instead of being part of a rotation just isn't reasonable. If we both wanted the player to be a key part of our squad then that's a different story, but we don't.
  2. Battlewhisk

    Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain

    I reckon it's Wenger's last season, despite having signed a 2 year deal. He's clinging on to all his players for dear life knowing they go next summer.
  3. Battlewhisk

    Random Rumours

    That's the thing, I don't think we'd get a replacement at this stage. We could get £200m, but if we can't get a replacement in, it's useless to us.
  4. Battlewhisk

    Random Rumours

    It's probably because the media see our scouts at games and make assumptions based on that. We're really just scouting our opposition, though.
  5. Battlewhisk


    To be fair, if that's an option I think we should look into it.
  6. Battlewhisk

    Benjamin Mendy

    It's quite impressive that within 5 hours of someone here saying that it would be nice, there's a suitable tweet to make the connection. I might start suggesting players and see if tweets appear as well. I heard talk that Conte has turned to Football Manager 2006 for inspiration and is looking to sign Norwegian utilitarian superstar Sindre Loe Bing and the Brazilian seal dribbling ace Kerlon.
  7. Battlewhisk

    Random Rumours

    We were the first club to do this in '97 or something around there, weren't we? Hardly a break from tradition. Also, Cahill doesn't exactly suit a 5 man defence. He doesn't have the pace to deal with a winger on his own and he doesn't have the passing range to play in the centre and step into midfield. If and when we switch to a 4-2-4 or any other 4 at the back formation during the season, that's when he'll be ideal. That doesn't look like how we're going to start the season, though. So he's not right for it. There's no point putting a square peg in a round hole just so we can say that we have someone English in the side. What would you rather say at the season? At least we had an Englishman playing in our first choice side or at least we won the league?
  8. Battlewhisk

    Random Rumours

    That's pretty solid, but we also have a sneaky 4-2-4 to throw in when needed. Which is also why we're probably going to sign another striker, but we'll see. Courtois Azpilicueta - Luiz - Cahill - Alonso Bakayoko - Kante Willian ------------------------------ Hazard Batshuayi - Morata As you say, Danilo and Sandro would be the icing on the cake to add depth and quality to our wing back position. We're also quite likely to throw in a 3-5-2 such as the below: Courtois Azpilicueta - Luiz - Rudiger Moses ---------------------------- Alonso Bakayoko - Kante Fabregas ---------------Hazard Morata
  9. Battlewhisk

    Sergio Aguero

    Rightly or wrongly, a lot of people are extremely cautious when it comes to strikers close to 30. We've had our fingers burnt a few times in recent memory and I think it's colouring the judgement here. The same caution isn't there for Sanchez in a similar age bracket. I'm a hopeful fellow, so I'm just drawn to the excitement that adding either Aguero or Aubameyang to the side brings. It could go tits up, but I'll hold out hope until I'm proven wrong.
  10. Battlewhisk

    Sergio Aguero

    Does anyone else feel nostalgic seeing us linked to Aguero? Maybe Manchester United will finally sign Wesley Sneijder as well, he's out of contract I hear.
  11. Battlewhisk

    Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang

    I would very much be interested in some of the drugs half this forum seem to be taking. Refusing the greatest footballer of all time in favour of Harry f**king Kane? I'm also confused by the idea that Kane would give us 30 goals because that's what he scores. Like it's a simple bit of addition. Why not have 11 strikers and see how many goals we'd score. From what I've seen on here these past few weeks there is a strange notion of simplifying things to the point they're meaningless. The claw for Lukaku is almost a desperate nostalgia for Drogba. He's not Drogba and won't ever be. He's faster, but worse technically. They play in different ways and have different attributes. I try to express this fairly often, but it's not worth replacing a player with a poorer version of the same player. Harry Kane is good but as someone else quite eloquently put it, "Levy wouldn't sell us the steam from his piss for £70m." I think a few people rate him more highly than they should because of the English hope factor. The papers and every Englishman rates him more highly because he could be the saviour of the national team. He's not going to be the greatest of all time however. He isn't Pele or the Brazilian Ronaldo. He's a good player and a good goal scorer. Incidentally, I think something similar has happened to Moses. After his poor time trying to make it as a winger, loans all over the place we'd all but given up on him. This year he has a break out season and plays wing back beyond all expectation. This leads to some saying that Danilo is a poor signing. Some saying that he's too expensive to be a backup, but given the inflated market that's not really true. Others saying that he's not as good as Moses. Clearly a pair of blue tinted spectacles are in need of removal or at least a good lens cleaning kit (my mum swears by putting them in the dishwasher). Moses has been exposed more than a few times and if Danilo failed to make the grade for looking a bit clunky compared to his teammates, I can only imagine how Moses would look in that Real side. To my overarching point. It should go without saying that signing a player is extremely complicated. Styles can be changed without changing systems, systems can be changed without changing styles and players can be changed or not changed with all others changing. Signing Aubameyang would mean a change in style, but not necessarily a change in system. It would mean that Willian and Hazard would need to play closer for sure, but we would be blistering on the break. Something which genuinely excites me. Against the smaller teams, Aubameyang has that knack for finding space and we have two players in Hazard and Fabregas who have the ability to spot it and more so in Fab to find the pass. Pumping it to a big man doesn't have to be plan A and I'd much rather it isn't. Michy can hold the ball up and a slight rejigging would allow him to be our plan B. Looking at stats is all well and good for finding out current performance, but isn't necessarily a solid predictor of future performance. There needs to be some qualitative analysis alongside. The system, the style, they type of chances are all factors that need to be considered. I think Aubameyang could work for us, I think Morata would be better and I think that both would be better than Lukaku. I know at this point it sounds a bit soft to say that as we failed to sign him, but I was more resigned to that decision than excited by it. I think there was too much wrong with signing Lukaku. I could be proven wrong with all of this ina year from now, but hindsight is 20:20 and until then this is where I stand. Although if there's a chance we can get Griezmann as part of the Costa deal I'd carry him to Madrid on my bicycle.
  12. Battlewhisk

    Romelu Lukaku

    I wonder if the mods could set up an auto-filter for these kind of things? It brings down the level of discussion across the board.
  13. Battlewhisk

    Random Rumours

    Hello, I am a football agent with a very unique prospective perspective about the prospect of using 'prospective' to explain my perspective. I'd also like to mention that we are appalled at the recent price increases and are refusing to spend more than 35p on a packet of crisps. This might mean that we can only attract monster munch and space raiders, but consequences be damned. Thank you for reading my prospectus outlining my prospective perspective on Chelsea's prospects. Hugs and kisses, Whiskers.