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  1. yea..what did bats do to be called a foul?
  2. the positive i have seen till now is christensen. cesc has been the complete opposite of what we was against arsenal.
  3. damn...donno y azpi stopped tracking him
  4. Age 30+. We dont even offer contracts more than a year to guys at that age. SO better forget signing them, and that too for huge fees.
  5. Well, the Monaco players proved themselves in the CL. That's valued a lot more by all the top clubs.
  6. when I said that he can be used as a CAM or as a CB, I didnt mean to use him in those positions. I was just implying that he is very good in both attack and defense.
  7. In a perfect world,i think our formation requires 2 CMs who are equally very good at attacking and defending. Isnt that why Conte's top target was naingolan.
  8. Can is one of the best allround players in the PL. He can play as a CB or a CAM. Very good in defense and attack and also in the air.
  9. I think we should try to lure Emre Can. The guy has just 1 year left and juventus is trying to get him.
  10. i just hope baker gets more time in the next match.
  11. seems like the 6m on kennedy was a waste.