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  1. Ewell CFC

    Vintage Blues pictures and film

    Anyone know what the capacity of the Clock End was? The ground still held 58-60,000 back then. I stood in the North Bank with an Arsenal mate a few years earlier last game of the season when they played Villa, who won the league there- Arsenal also qualified for Europe. No Way was the Clock End as ram jammed that day as us in 84, yet the gate was nigh on capacity. The only other time I stood on the North Bank was the New Years Day game in 85, when West Ham away got froze off, and loads of us ended up watching Arsenal v Spurs. It kind of went off in the clock end which made Chelsea’s presence obvious, but there were loads Chelsea scattered around the ground keeping a low one.
  2. Ewell CFC

    That Chelsea fc worker at SB

    Aaron Lincoln was another burly background figure. He started off as Kitman then became John Terrys agent. I think he had a touchline barney with Gordon Strachan once. Someone else who seemed to popular with the players was one of the physios “ billy the rub”
  3. Ewell CFC

    That Chelsea fc worker at SB

    Don’t think the England team of that era ever played at the Bridge- is this a training session? Not a lot in the way of grass where they’re standing!
  4. Ewell CFC

    That Chelsea fc worker at SB

    Think it might be Gary Staker.
  5. Ewell CFC

    Vintage Blues pictures and film

    One of the biggest punch ups I’ve ever seen at football was the same fixture 2 years later at Wembley. A good few Chelsea involved ( the tunnel end for most of the first half) Didn’t go to Hampden the next year but that apparently was another free for all. I think that was a big part in the Home Internationals getting scrapped.
  6. Ewell CFC

    Favourite Ever Away Game

    It’s approaching the 20th Anniversary of The Super Cup v Real Madrid in Monaco, which was a fantastic trip. Like a lot of Chelsea we spent a few days sunning ourselves in Nice, got the train to Monaco. It was pretty low key but even so I remember thinking we’ve just beaten Real Madrid in a gorgeous place- it’s not gonna get much better than this ( beat the sh*t out of Rotherham away in 82) Other live in the memory ones for me were Man City, Pompey, and Grimsby in 84, and maybe Arsenal first game 84/85.
  7. Ewell CFC

    Vintage Blues pictures and film

    I never did own a “ You can’t ban a Chelsea fan” T-Shirt, but my mate did. I remember him wearing it on our first lads holiday in Cornwall in 82 . They were grey with I think blue writing and the rampant lion. That was our second travel ban after the one in 77, which didn’t work either!
  8. Ewell CFC

    Maurizio Sarri Officially Appointed

    John Neal used to smoke in the dug out. Did Ancelotti while he was with us? There’s pictures online of him enjoying an oily rag on the touchline?
  9. Ewell CFC

    Vintage Blues pictures and film

    Good read. He was a decent manager John Neal, and like Sari was partial to puffing on a fag in the dug out.
  10. Ewell CFC

    Our New Stadium

    It’s been suggested several times but keep the East and West Stands, and build some .... off new ends ( the new ends can be built one at a time) That should get us in the low 50,000 range with increased corporate capacity, because that’s where the dough is.
  11. Ewell CFC

    Our New Stadium

    They’ve got an entirely different fan base to us. No yuppies or day tripping Johnny Foreigners. Posh people don’t sing because they get embarrassed and day trippers don’t know the words.
  12. Ewell CFC

    Vintage Blues pictures and film

    He got his early bath for calling the ref a ....... disgrace.
  13. Ewell CFC

    Vintage Blues pictures and film

    I’ve seen other footage of this game before, where you can hear to travelling Chelsea support singing “ Strolling.” I think that was our signature chant for a bit, but kind of got given up on come the 70s.
  14. Ewell CFC

    Fa cup banners

    It’s gotta be 30 years plus since Wembley banned banners- health and safety killjoys put pay to that. That naff one at the Bridge made me squirm- WE OWN LONDON, with a silhouette of Tower Bridge. Obviously the product of some in club marketing idiot. Naff as hell IMO. A few years back a Man Utd fan got badly cut at Everton. When they played later that year Everton took in a banner which read “ Jobe. How’s your arse” Charming....
  15. How times change. Only seems like yesterday he was the most in demand manager in the world. He exuded confidence. A shadow of his former self.