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  1. Antonio Conte - Now Officially Manager

    This thread is like having teeth pulled.
  2. Vintage Blues pictures and film

    Thanks for that OG. Funnily enough one of each pair of brothers got into management/ coaching after they hung their boots up. Ray Wilkins, Peter Sillett and Alan Harris who ended up Venables number two at Barcelona.
  3. Vintage Blues pictures and film

    Did anyone see Choppers brother Alan Harris play? Was he also a toughnut? Ps We also had the Sillett brothers, plus the Wilkins. Graham Wilkins came in for the odd bit of stick I recall.
  4. Our New Stadium

    It's a bit moderne for my tastes. I think something more traditionally English would look better- Mock Tudor perhaps with a thatched roof?
  5. Will we win the FA Cup final?

    For big games Jose normally sets his teams up not to loose. Under Conte we're not exactly cavalier. I'd go for a a generally dull final which might open up late on. One nil to Chelsea.
  6. Vintage Blues pictures and film

    I'll try and nip over- shame about Dog Kennel Lane- there's very few London non league clubs playing in their original grounds left because they're just too vulnerable to property development. Lots of old Chelsea boys as mentioned at both Tooting and Mitcham, and Carshalton. Ps Terrible shame what that knob Dipre's done to the Robins
  7. Vintage Blues pictures and film

    Great pic. It that all Chelsea together, or some sort of a face off?
  8. Vintage Blues pictures and film

    Peter Osgoods testimonial?
  9. Antonio Conte - Now Officially Manager

    Point taken. Wherever in the world we come from, for some weird reason we've. alll become Chelsea fans. Apologies for being over tough with our overseas correspondents- win or loose, up the blues.
  10. Antonio Conte - Now Officially Manager

    Any chance of grammatically correct English being used on this forum? I understand that some posters are from overseas- no problem with that- but it would be nice if comments could be posted using proper English, not mumbo jumbo half English. Theres some over long,laborious, covering the same ground for the umpteenth time posts on here, which are made even more annoying because they're written in pigeon English. Rant over
  11. Vintage Blues pictures and film

    Spurs in the North Stand 78
  12. Vintage Blues pictures and film

    Millwall getting run out the Shed 77
  13. Vintage Blues pictures and film

    During redevelopment you would expect the atmosphere to have suffered but I don't remember it that way ( Shed and Northstand redevelopment) When the Shed temporary seating was in place ( the sway I think it was nicknamed), and the Matthew Harding stand up and running, for the first time ever we had four stands close to the pitch. Our support was still pretty old school then too. I can remember some cracking atmospheres at times.
  14. Antonio Conte - Now Officially Manager

    I'd say a that a large percentage of forum users- many I'm sure that have never been to a game- speak English as a second language, perhaps even joined up as a way of improving their English.
  15. Vintage Blues pictures and film

    Regarding risqué songs of many moons ago- almost forty years for the Watford game- if was a different era- a player got it in the neck if he had a big nose, got caught out shagging, you name it. By modern sensibilities they sound pretty beyond the pale, but if was all just fun. I don't remember any malice or nastiness. It sometimes annoys me when the same songs that that have been sung at football for getting on for half a century are all of a sudden deemed vile. Some of the journalists who have been going to games for years and are now all of a sudden offended, must have had cloth in their ears until recently.