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  1. What Kop ?
  2. I liked him a lot, a touch of class amongst a load of dross we had back then.
  3. Umtiti scored for France. ( cue childish snigger)
  4. I know we laugh about their away support years ago but the proof is in the pudding in that photo. Is that Steve Wicks playing for them?
  5. Hollins put a penalty over the bar at the North Stand which nearly ended up on the District Line. Tons of fighting behind me, especially at the end.
  6. It was quite common in the 70's especially cup matches.
  7. One of those days. New contract for Mr.Bean hopefully. BBC comentary was terrible, usually Danny Murphy is Ok but today so biased I thought Wenger was giving him a reach around. Ref was a c**t Well done Arsenal, deserved it on the day despite a dodgy descision. Seasons over, been a long one. CHAMPIONS
  8. David Luis f**king giant
  9. I'm dying to hear that loud and clear more than anything.
  10. Just bought four big bottles of Belgian beer and stopped off for a quick pint on my way home, now on my third pint of wheat beer in there reading the papers. Arseholes starting to twitch a bit tbh.
  11. Too young to see him play unfortunately, always thought his hair looked stupid, Ralph Coates too.
  12. Maybe the atmosphere would be better in grounds here if pyros were allowed.
  13. Seems they're more interested with that weirdo at Liverpool.
  14. And they're still waiting for Roman to get bored with his plaything an move on.