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  1. My first Bovril was at my first Chelsea match in 1967. I can't say I liked it then but I do now, I actually bought a jar last week for the probably only the second or third time in my life and I do occasionally have it at Dulwich Hamlet matches if I'm off the beer. Love Marmite too.
  2. I can't stop looking at this photo. I recognize the lad on the front right with his arms folded from that video of Eccles and the Shed up in Newcastle. Also it looks like Ian Hutchinson is trying to sneak in the photo top left ! Where is Elm Brook Park by the way?
  3. You might want to think of watermarking these great pictures, they'll be on ebay before you know it.
  4. A few years after he left he confessed he'd received payments from Bates or something like that, got the club in a whole heap of sh*t. These days always bangs on about Spurs.
  5. I did at the time but what he did after was c**tish.
  6. I liked that one as an alternative to the Chelsea Independent. Letter from Portsmouth always made me laugh.
  7. Knocked out in the replay 2-0 so no semi final v Tranmere. A couple of coaches went up there, we had a great day out despite traffic problems on the way around Oxford which curtailed the amount of drinking time. No late trains home prevented more travelling but the supporters gave a great account of themselves winning many new friends.
  8. Yes. Away fans had to run the gauntlet, usually there was a big police presence but it wasn't unknown for some visitors to leg it back over the turnstiles, not even getting to the top of the slope, Swansea springs to mind. Also before thre was a food bar right over the far side and before proper segregation they had to come back to the slope to get a burger.
  9. Bloody postponed. Next Tuesday now, still with more notice maybe more fans can go so not a bad thing after all.
  10. Replay tomorrow night at Macclesfield after Dulwich Came back from 2-0 down with an 87th minute equaliser in front of 2,800. Two coaches already booked but with one eye on the weather.
  11. Happy to help a bit, we had a good day out there.
  12. Drew 1-1 with Bognor and then beat title chasing Needham Market 2-0 on Saturday in front of just under 2,000. 1200 tickets already sold for the Macclesfield match, looks like it'll be close to sell out 3,000.
  13. Decent away support in the North Stand, looks like they're singing " you'll never walk alone".
  14. Best bet I suppose is to find out when he broke the record and presume the award was given out at a game soon after, one of those you mention. On a side note, was anyone at the match where they held a long throw competition which Ian Hutchinson won of course, very late 60's early 70's. I seem to remember they threw the balls from the halfway line towards the North Stand. May have been Wolves, possibly Arsenal or West Ham. If it's not any of those it's a match I can't remember going to!
  15. Dulwich Hamlet are into the quarter finals for the first time since 1980. 0-0 at Braintree Town away after having some good chances including hitting the woodwork, three coach loads went plus cars, etc - Braintree stated 231 away fans but a head count gave 350+, remember the gate receipts are split 50/50! Anyway Dulwich Hamlet smashed them off the park 5-2 in the replay on Tuesday and now face ex-League Macclesfield at home in the QF. Unfortunately there's a price to pay for being London's trendiest Non-League club drawing in a few tits who think it's cool to chuck beer cans/water bottles onto the pitch (Braintree home and away) as well as getting on it (Ryston & Whitehawk) and letting off smoke bombs (Whitehawk). I can live with celebratory pitch encroachments for player hugging after a goal and TBH a smoke bomb is great to see but it's the third time the club has been reported for pyros despite appeals to cut it out. Great times though, away to league leaders Bognor Regis Town at the weekend and another expected big away following.