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  1. Maybe the atmosphere would be better in grounds here if pyros were allowed.
  2. Seems they're more interested with that weirdo at Liverpool.
  3. And they're still waiting for Roman to get bored with his plaything an move on.
  4. I could have died the day he went, my mate phoned me and asked if I'd heard the news, I thought he was going on about Virginia Wade winning Wimbledon. All over a car and then we had to suffer those w**kers Blanchflower and Hurst/Gould.
  5. Looks like it's been run over by a Yokohama tyre.
  6. QPR out in numbers again?
  7. This w**kfest is verging on nauseous.
  8. I can't understand all this WHL fuss, it's not like they're moving across the river FFS, the ground is going to be in the same place. Plastic flag c**ts.
  9. Bridesmaid Hotspur. Hope they're enjoying this.
  10. My estimation of Thierry Henri has just risen with his comment about selfies in the dressing room is for winners.
  11. Dulwich Hamlet lost their play off final for the second year running. This time away to Bognor, around 1200 fans making the trip, incredible support.
  12. Same.
  13. Nor do I. Nearly a hairy testicle on view though.
  14. And not a Nike in sight.
  15. How to travel to the match Juventus style.