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  1. terryble things

    Favourite squad player?

    Danny Drinkwater
  2. Christensen and Luiz were shaky as hell first half, but both looked excellent in the second half. Great show of resilience from young Andreas. Bakayoko kept going for 90 minutes and looks a good all-round player. Kante & Alonso, superb throughout. KTBFFH
  3. Start with Christensen in the middle, he looked decent on the ball against Burnley. Then at half-time, hoping we'll have kept it to a draw, we then bring on Baka. I'm expecting one of Musonda/Boga to start too, Michy will be on the bench. If Conte's going all for the draw we could see tomori at RWB and Moses further up the wing. Will be fascinating
  4. terryble things

    2 weeks left in the window

    My bet is the Ox or someone like him (who can cover both on the right and in the middle, so Sergi Roberto) And a new LWB (probably as back-up to Alonso at this point) That'll give us 15 odd players who we'd be comfortable starting in big games plus enough for the likes of Musonda / Tomori to get valuable game time. No disaster.
  5. terryble things

    Our Youth on Loan

    And Bego and Ake... that's almost a full team there... I daresay they'd give us a run for our money if we played them this week
  6. Are there any other CMs at the club other than Scott?
  7. Other having to draft Christensen into midfield, (I wouldn't have two relatively 'new' players in the backline, so Luiz should stay back) this is our strongest Hazard-free side. Hardly a disaster.
  8. Brown, RLC, Zouma, Palmer, Chalobah, Ake, and Abraham all made premier league starts! Our talent pipeline is looking good! HA!
  9. Luiz has lost his bottle. He has no composure when the going gets tough, I'd sub him off even if he is the only experienced cb out there. Morata and Musona ASAP.
  10. Courtois, Caballero, Rudiger, Alonso, Fabregas, Kante, Moses, Willian, Batshuayi, Cahill, Azpilicueta, Luiz, Eduardo, Christiansen, Tomori, Musonda, Boga, Remy, Baker, Morata. provisional squad courtesy of the Evening Standard.
  11. terryble things

    Random Rumours

    Good shout, if he matches his potential we'll do well, if not as a fan he'd rather be a deputy here than up in manc. Should have involved him in the Matic deal somehow, now they'll probably just quote 40m for him.
  12. terryble things

    remember Essien?

    Sad how the injuries got to him, he should have been able to give us a decade of top football, he was only fit for what, 3 seasons total?
  13. terryble things

    Pre Season 2017

    Hopefully the match fitness of our first eleven is spot on, otherwise it's been a weird tour. What is the point of making 5 88 minute substitutions? Have we learned anything about how the likes of Pasalic, Scott, Baker, Clarke-Salter might work in our team? All four of them could end up being in our squad (if we don't sign an imminent Matic-replacement) and will be woefully short of game time and understanding with their team-mates. Conte keeps moaning about only having 14-15 players in his squad but that's cos he doesn't play anyone else!
  14. terryble things

    Fikayo Tomori new deal

    Can see him easily taking up a place in the squad. He'd be 6th choice CB and back-up on the Right. He'd basically take both Aina and Ake's places in the squad.