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  1. Day 4: 29/07/2017 Have we signed Alex Sandro yet? No
  2. I almost forgot. 28/07/2017 Have we signed Alex Sandro yet? No.
  3. If Mendy is worth £52m, Sandro is easily £65m in my opinion. Plus, it's not our money. Why do people care so much?
  5. I'd say get him on loan with the option to buy.
  6. Cabellero's signing is great. A good second choice keeper who has Premier League plus Cup experience. Only downside is that he isn't homegrown but I'd rather him than John Ruddy...
  7. Day 3: 27/07/2017 Have we signed Alex Sandro yet? No Tune in tomorrow my friends for more updates.
  8. Just my opinion, it's based on gut instinct rather than tactical analysis. 1. Man City - They've strengthened where it matters, let's hope their new signings won't be the revelation they crave. 2. Chelsea - Just think that if we don't get the remaining players we're after e.g Sandro, the added number of fixtures will take their toll, still think we're strong contenders for the title though. 3. Liverpool - Just something about how Liverpool play under Klopp which makes me think they'll be underdogs, their defense is lacking however. 4. Man Utd - They just don't look like the complete package to me, bunch of instragram obsessed youngins, apart from Carrick, I don't think they've got any leaders, 5. Arsenal - I expect Arsenal to improve this year with Laca, however I think the other teams will still find ways to exploit them, Wenger is Wenger at the end of the day. 6. Everton - They've picked up some fairly decent players, I don't think Lukaku's departure will affect them that much, but I don't expect them in the top 5. 7. Spurs - Despite a good manager in Poch, they haven't strengthened so far, they've lost a big player and they're playing at Wembley. I expect them to be the surprise disappointment of the season.
  9. Wow, they released a third statement too! "Dear China, on behalf of everyone at the club, we deeply apologise for Kenedy's comments. We hope that this incident hasn't tarnished our special relationship, we truly hold it dear because after all, how else are we going to sell bench players for obscene prices?"
  10. Going from John Terry to Gary Cahill for Captain is like going from Steven Gerrard to Jordan Henderson...oh wait.
  11. New Cabellero chant: He's bald He's sh*t He plays when Thibaut's not fit CABELLERO!
  12. Day 2: 26/07/2017 Have we signed Alex Sandro yet? No Tune in tomorrow!
  13. Until the transfer window is over, I've decided to formally update everyone on Alex Sandro, every day. Day 1: 25/07/2017 Have we signed Alex Sandro yet? No Tune in tomorrow for more quality content.
  14. FT: Chelsea 2 - 3 Bayern Not too disappointed to be honest, we did well to get 2 goals back when we were 3 down, shows fight in the dressing room. It's only pre-season but I still believe we could use the addition of 1-2 more players that could not only add depth but also challenge for a place in the starting 11. Praise be Alex Sandro