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  1. Antonio Conte - Now Officially Manager

    Ironic, a manager who makes substitutions too late to save the game, is sacked too late to save the season.
  2. Oh the horror 2 Premier League Titles 1 League Cup 1 Europa League THE HORROR!
  3. Describe our current squad with the title of a HBO show:
  4. I just want this season to end. Hopelessly awaiting Alex Sandro signing is better than this sh*te.
  5. Describe Kante with the title of a Fleetwood Mac song
  6. May I just say that Morata has been very good so far.
  7. Leo Jardim

    Perhaps Bakayoko would improve under him?
  8. Buy Mo Salah and Kevin De Bruyne back. We should be fine after that.
  9. Following Our Nearest & Dearest Rivals, 2017/2018

    Who knew attacking a team leads to goals?
  10. RIP Ray Wilkins

    Rest in Peace, Ray. Absolute Legend and Warrior Thoughts go out to you and your family.
  11. Because you're wrong.
  12. Say what you want about the 2015-16 season but we didn't let f**king Spurs beat us.