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  1. Warner11

    First team squad outgoings?

    On the hazard conversation. He defiantly has been one of our most consistent players this season. The ones saying he needs to go for big money because he's inconsistent are the people that expect him to be able to win a game by himself when the whole team are playing crap. He's a great player who can make things happen and have that moment of brilliance to turn a game that isn't going your way. But he can't drag us out of loosing games every week. The level he'd of had to play at in feb-march would of been crazy. If you put an attacking team around him and not a team just hitting on The counter giving him less chances to show you what he can do. You will see the best of him. Saying that If he doesn't sign a new contract over the summer I would take 200m for him if it was invested correctly not on players with one good season like baka. Or meh players like Zappa and Emerson
  2. Glad Baka won't be playing (I'm not a hater of him but currently unimpressed) How Drinkwater isn't the first choice to play next to kante I don't know.
  3. Spoken like a true 2003 supported
  4. Warner11

    Luis Enrique?

    I feel Carlo was sacked at a time when Roman expected to win the league every season due to the amounts we spent and the the we had. I think if that happened again now. He wouldn't sack who ever is in charge just for that reason. We did play our most attacking football under Carlo. Seeing as we've had every top manager of be up for Carlo again. I kinda hoped he'd get it after mourinho. Hopefully we go on a good run now (don't see it happening especially looking at the fixture list) and keep Conte as I've always hated the manager merry go round. (With the exception of the avb sacking and the absurd Avram grant caretaker time.) But I'm not overly impressed with counter attacking football. Although mourinho really annoyed me with his stupid comments and childishness in his last season. If we'd only collapsed to a 4th / 5th placed finish I think he could have got over it. Then again I do look at the list of players he held back who are now world class or close at other side and get pissed off. Who ever is manager come the summer 2 big names and team leaders are needed. Preferably ones of the managers choosing.
  5. Warner11

    Olivier Giroud to Chelsea

    Giroud is a good backup striker. He knows how to play I. This league and has a good goals ratio. People who would rather have bats have to realise that Conte dosnt rate him. So what's the point in keeping him if he won't use him. I think loaning bats out at his age to a top team in germany is a good idea. that way if Conte goes or dosnt renew his contract. Then in we will have a player who will have grown and importantly played regularly. And a new manager can use him if he rates him. I like bats as a goal scorer. But Conte wants more link up play which we all know he needs to work on. So giroud for a quick fix and a player Conte will play and a chance for bats to develope I think is a good deal.
  6. Warner11


    I feel Alonso is doing a good job. He just needs to be able to be rested subbed if he's not having an effect and someobe after his place when he's not proforming. I'm still undecided on Zappa on the other side. And Moses can't cross so Dave does it for him ha
  7. Warner11

    Dzeko the Gecko

    I think it's worked really well. If you look at the age of our squad now I comparison to a few years ago. it's great. They can easily bypass it with clauses like set number of appearances get automatic year extension on to of 1 year extensionsW Without looking like favouring certain players.
  8. Warner11

    Charly Musonda jr.

    So happy to see that assist today. I really though this might have been his season to get quite a few sub appearances in. But Contes playing a 3 man midfield more this season has sadly limited the chances for him. Either a good loan spell in the prem, or one of pedro / willian moving on at the end of the season (not that I want either to leave) and the manager trusting in him to fill the void. Either way hes at the age where he needs to be getting regular starts for another team. Or regular minutes for us
  9. F**k it. just chuck musonda on see if he can do better than bats.
  10. Warner11


    I think he is a good buy at £15m. Not sure how much playing time he will get. On another note looking at our CM/CDM with the exception of fabregas they will all be under 27. So they could really play together for a few years if it works well.
  11. Usually I'd expect us to go into a match like this with a slightly weakend team. But with our midfield having the injury's has and players needing the rest. I think we will or will need to go fully youth and subs beach for the starting 11. Maybe fabregas and rudiger from the weekend. Not saying that's the team I want out to win the match but I don't feel Everton will field there strongest team either as we both have more important games and competitions than this seeing as we've dropped off the pace in the prem and they are struggling in Europe and the prem
  12. Dave's as good as got us two goals today with that cross & positioning against the counter attack was great
  13. Warner11

    Deadline Day Drama

    we were only kings because we didn't care what we spent. Ha
  14. Warner11

    Deadline Day Drama

    We covered two of the required positions and I guess Baba will be staying for lwb competition now. For all of us who have criticized the board and our transfers. They did agree deals for 4 players in the last 2 days Drinkwater. Zapacosta. Barkley & ox. Obviously ox and Barkley turned us down and we could argue maybe they should have known that before. As to what they are gonna do about an extra CF I don't know.