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  1. Carefree_OBrien


    Officially voted MoM vs Israel
  2. Carefree_OBrien

    Emre Can

    What is everyone's opinion of Can? potential free transfer next summer, United and Juve also sniffing around..... http://readchelsea.com/2017/09/05/chelsea-interested-in-can-with-liverpool-contract-talks-stalling/
  3. Carefree_OBrien

    Eden Hazard

  4. Carefree_OBrien

    Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain

    Not every player needs time to adapt.....
  5. Carefree_OBrien

    Virgil Van Dijk

    Dutch media claiming his agent has met with Chelsea officials..............will happen on deadline day!
  6. Carefree_OBrien

    Random Rumours

    It would have to be Sanchez as the replacement....1 year left on his contract, made up injury keeping him from playing! he wants to leave....the opportunity is there! Front three of Sanchez Hazard and Morata!
  7. Courtois Azpi Luiz Rudiger Moses Kante Bakayoko Alonso Willian Pedro Morata
  8. Carefree_OBrien

    EFL Cup

    Anyone know when the ticket information will be released?
  9. Carefree_OBrien


    Good point....IF he only leaves to go abroad!
  10. Carefree_OBrien

    EFL Cup

    I wonder if we will see the likes of Scott & Tomori feature? maybe something like this...rather difficult to pick a rotated team! Willy Rudiger Christensen Cahill Tomori Fabregas Scott Kenedy Pedro Musonda Michy
  11. Carefree_OBrien


    IF Willian goes....I will only accept Sanchez as his replacement.
  12. Carefree_OBrien

    2 weeks left in the window

    I have a feeling nothing will be announced until transfer deadline day!
  13. Carefree_OBrien

    Joao Cancelo

    Joined Inter.....
  14. Carefree_OBrien

    Jamie Vardy

    Cheeky late bid..... http://www.mirror.co.uk/sport/football/transfer-news/jamie-vardy-transfer-chelsea-leicester-11031209?x For me it depends on price......