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  1. Conte made him captain for a reason. Cahill is a good leader ( No offence, David Luiz but your too unpredictable), and shows a lot of grinta. I doubt he will be played out of the starting eleven by anyone, the only reason may be rotation due to the massive amount of games this season. Don't forget he scored 8 goals this season, and he is a bloody CB.
  2. The is hilarious, wasn't even good enough to make in into the starting eleven of my Belgian side STVV (who basically are relegation candidates every season) . Small, not quick enough defensive more or less fine but attacking not even worth a penny. The only reason I could think of why he would join these talented players is because Conte needs someone no wash the shirts.
  3. I've been reading and posting for a while, but haven't found a topic on CFC's tactics. The major change under Antonio Conte was changing from a 4-3-3 to a 3-4-3. But whit the pre-season at its end, I start to notice all the big English clubs ( except Liverpool) are changing to a back three. Anyone thoughts on that ?
  4. ''Danilo said: ‘It wasn't a difficult decision to choose City over Chelsea.'' I mean what ? Why in God's name would you pick current and multiple BPL champions over a club with only really too much money ? Read more:
  5. I'd buy him everyday of the week. But then he will have to play as a RF (instead of Pedro), which makes Pedro/Willian unneeded. Unless we play in a 3-5-2 and he plays along with Morata, but then what happens to Michy ?
  6. No way Baker and Fab are going to be put upfront.
  7. Haven't seen much of this player, but maybe he can be a replacement for Cesc ? The Fab is getting old, and if we buy Roberto now cheap, we may be lucky in a few years when he turns out to be a true wizard in the midfield.
  8. Why would we even buy another DM, then don't sell Matic...
  9. I guess City's owner has no idea who that is. If Pep says he wants Chris Froome, KDB and David Silva better go out and buy a bike.
  10. Wasn't he the young promising player that scored the crucial goal against PSG last year ?
  11. I'm wandering, and maybe someone on here can clarify this for me. But why isn't there a massive raid for RB Leipzig players ? I mean, the Bundesliga is a lot harder than Ligue 1 but Monaco is losing players at an unprecedented speed.
  12. From what I've seen RLC is bang average as well. And way to selfish, trying to do everything himself. I still think a Barkley move would not be a bad deal.
  13. Boy do I hope Conte can bring in some Italian grinta.