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  1. More chance on Wenger retiring then this happening.
  2. U been in a coma for a season pal? Pedro was outstanding last year.
  3. Or negotiations didn't even start till they new the results suppose we will never know.
  4. BREAKING NEWS: Manchester City sign Danilo from Real Madrid on a five-year contract. #SSN
  5. Monaco wanted 40 we payed 40. I think we was waiting to see results off knee injury first, that's what the hold up was I think.
  6. I would take deli ali or Kane all day long mate.
  7. I couldn't say... we all kinda no where vvd is going to end up don't we? so who knows.
  8. It's not up to costa he's gone to far he's as good as gone trust me.
  9. He won't stay he's already said he dreams of playing there and tbh I don't blame him who wouldn't wanna play for RM? And if we loose hazard, we will struggle to replace him new stadium etc money will become a lot more tighter then it is now.
  10. Hazard this time next year will b at real Madrid imho and there is nothing we can do about it, as sh*t as that is u no it will probably happen.
  11. I haven't got much faith in any of these deals tbh, Peter crouch any one?-lol
  12. Chelsea medical staff are exceptional are injury record speaks for itself, look at arsenal do they even have medical staff? If bakayokos knee is dodgy he's at the best club to be at, I have no worries about this at all.
  13. Looking at the transfer window so far and us not even having a full first team for the PL atm, who do u believe we will sign not dream signings but realistic signings?
  14. 30mill bargain, 80m is banter, if pep doesn't want him he will go it's that simple, he has no problem getting rid of players he doesn't want.
  15. It hasn't happened am just saying, fact is no club wants to sell to rival's but money talks.