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  1. This is just about a done deal should announce on Monday I expect
  2. This argument is completely moot because he's not being sold to Chelsea plain and simple. There's a better chance of Ronaldo or Messi wearing a Chelsea shirt this year than Alexis Sanchez
  3. It's just a preseason friendly against the best team in the world lads relax
  4. I'm Italian myself stands for without papers...because many Italians when they came to America had no papers lmao
  5. pay the man he's a fine talent...not many wops want to play in the prem for some reason though
  6. Looking forward to Saturday's game against inter on espn2 in the states at 730
  7. We must get Sandro he's the key to our season
  8. Pedro and willian both have plenty of quality you must be f**king kidding me...I swear some fans wouldn't be happy unless we bought Messi and Neymar, cloned them and put them at every midfield and attacking positions
  9. I've always liked kolorov when healthy he's an underrated defender...anyway I hope we can lure sandro this week
  10. Sandro not in the lineup for the Juve Barca friendly tonight here in New money says we're working on him fingers crossed
  11. Pleased with the sound of today's performance. Sounds like we can not add anymore major transfers and be just fine
  12. Not sure what there is to attempt likely we inquired and arsenal said take a flying f**k
  13. Make juve an offer they can't refuse for Sandro it's worth it
  14. Batshuayi should start some games over pedro
  15. I'm telling you lads I'm excited for morata but bats is gonna show us something this season