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  1. James Rodriguez

    James is a spoilt nightclub going, cigarette smoking prat with gold in his boots. If he stopped dicking around he'd be one of the best around. Right now I'm not sure what we need is another ego though.
  2. Charly Musonda Jr.

    Remember remember Kevin De Bruyne. I see great things in Charly's future. And I'd very much like those things to be with us.
  3. Willian

    We moved on Andre Shurlle and KDB and they were nowhere near this abysmal, like not even remotely close. I'm astonished Willian is still getting game time when you look at how ruthless we have been with some players (rightly or wrongly depending on the case). I think we've all noticed his levels dipping for some time now. Palace highlighted everything wrong with his game: stops on the ball for no reason mid counter, easy mugged off the ball when he's on it, offers us nothing in the final third. The fact he was our player of the season a few years back means nothing - no place for sentiment now, he needs binning now untill he bucks his ideas up.
  4. Unlike Willian I believe that not playing Bats is tantamount to writing him off forevermore. With Willian he have options. Hazard or Pedro as a false 9 is horrible imo so Bats should play, after hopefully having a boot up his arse in training. Assuming Morata isn't 100% of cours, no need to rush him back if he isn't.
  5. Following Our Nearest & Dearest Rivals, 2017/2018

    And tbat muppet wants to manage Barcelona? Every single forward player is out of position and his midfield has no creativity whatsoever.
  6. Andreas Christensen

    Good to remember that Roma, according to an Italian friend of mine, are pretty garbage at the moment. Christensen has to be starting every game now with how unreliable GC and DL are atm.
  7. Andreas Christensen

    It's obvious that this is the way to go. I'd like to see Ampadu given a chance perhaps? Risky for sure but I'd like to see it. Musonda over Willian seems glaringly obvious.
  8. Andreas Christensen

    If you check my pre match thoughts - I did for one. Too many out of form players and not enough trust in the rest of the squad, for whatever reason.
  9. Better think hard about it cause at this rate we won't be in it next season.
  10. De Bruyne, Lukaku, Shurlle to name just a few would improve our squad massively. No Christensen or Rudiger is weird and moving Boga and letting Challobah go is weird as well. Sticking with the same sh*thouse players is baffling too.
  11. I've had enough. I've switched off. Good on Charly for giving it a go but it's a sad state of affairs indeed. Here's hoping we get something from the game but I won't see it, going to play some Skyrim or something.
  12. After City's goalfest. I'd be outraged.
  13. We say that after every sh*t defeat. The heads of those responsible never roll. It'll be the usual suspects back next week.
  14. I think I might take a break for a while if we lose to Woy.