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  1. We haven't been playing well at all for a few months now, so I don't see why we shouldn't be sampling a couple of different formations. I'd like to see the below. Courtois Azpi - Christensen - Rudiger - Emerson Willian - Kante - Drinkwater - Hazard Morata - Giroud A young/pacey back-line, with 2 destroyers in central midfield. More options up-front playing a 2. We could switch from defensive to offensive very quickly depend on the instructions given to the full-backs. They can either sit deeper/closer to the centre backs to make us more solid, or push forward adding an attacking threat, overlapping Willian/Hazard, confident that they'll have Kante and Drinkwater covering in midfield.
  2. Well that was bloody frustrating - I can’t stand the Arse! I thought we started off brilliantly and deserved to go 1-up, we were playing a much higher line than usual which is what I think we should be doing every week. We got very unlucky with both of their goals, which completely changed the complex of the game. It allowed them to play more of a possession game, and we just didn’t have it in our legs to keep the intensity up, especially in the second half. If they hadn’t been so fortunate with their goals I’m positive that there would have been a different outcome and we’d have been able to pick them off. We didn’t look great in the second half but Arsenal aren’t actually a bad team. They’re 6th in the league and have only lost once at home all season, their struggles have been away from the emirates. Which is why I’m really disappointed that we didn’t really go for it against them in the 1st leg - we were way too cautious and that’s where this tie was lost. Baka gets a lot of stick on here, but it was his best match for us by a mile last night. Our best player by a distance. It’s not all doom and gloom, we’re still a much better team than the Arse! Up the Chels!
  3. Last time we played 4 at the back we got a battering at the Emirates, which prompted us to revert to a 3. Although I’d like to see us go back to a 4 again in the future, I don’t think it should be tonight. With no Morata or Bats I think we have to go 3-4-3 with Hazard as false 9 supported by Willian and Pedro.
  4. DannyVblue


    It’s a no-brainer for £15mil. Very happy about this signing, although slightly concerned that it might hamper Ruben’s chances of getting more playing time with us. Barkley has a load of talent and we’re crying out for an attack minded central midfielder that can run with the ball and shoot from outside of the box. He’ll be perfect in a midfield 3 for us. I’m really hoping that he’s going to step up to the challenge - I’ve got a sneaky feeling that he will.
  5. Ampadu and Kenedy both played well, but my man of the match was Rudiger. He needs to be starting more, he’s brilliant. Overall not a great performance, but a win is a win. Hoping to draw Bristol or Arsenal, then beat City in the final!
  6. You’ve obviously seen that half completely differently to me then as Kennedy has arguably been our best player so far. Absolutely brilliant from him for our goal - took everyone by surprise except Cesc.
  7. DannyVblue

    Following Our Nearest & Dearest Rivals, 2017/2018

    De Bruyne is just superb. Brilliant with both feet, unbelievable work ethic, strong and powerful runner. Still cannot believe we only gave him 3 games. Salah also looking like a superstar, which doesn’t surprise me after seeing him rip us apart whilst playing for Basel. I’ve heard people say they were both donkeys when playing for us, but if you’re not given consistent playing time its so difficult to show your true worth.
  8. DannyVblue

    Thomas lemar

    He's a good player, but not worth more than £50 million even in this market. I'd rather pay £25-30 million for Leon Bailey. He's rapid, skillful and strong as an ox. Think he'd be perfect for the premier league.
  9. DannyVblue

    Clattenburg on Battle of Stamford Bridge

    It’s an absolute disgrace and we should absolutely be looking to recover our fine. I’m livid! If I rememeber correctly, we ended up getting a MUCH heftier fine than Spurs. Something needs to be done!
  10. This is our first team!! Great line-up! Come on you Chels!!!!
  11. Haha! He might be able to do a job a wing-back. Shame that he was never suited to the premier league.
  12. That's where you're wrong. Maybe in your little bubble KDB wasn't rated, but he was very highly rated by me and the lads at the time, no one could understand why he wasn't playing. You made you're opinion on KDB in 3 games in a Chelsea shirt. Very harsh.
  13. KDB only made 3 appearances for us. Most Chelsea fans were screaming out for him to get more playing time because he was brilliant during his loan to Werder Bremen - one of the best players in the Bundesliga that season. He then carried on the brilliant form at Wolfsburg. He's been the best player at Genk, Werder Bremen, Wolfsburg and now City - but only got 3 appearances for us. Jose has to take the blame for that one. Salah, Lukaku, Ake and Chalobah leaving didn't bother me and still doesn't - but I'm gutted about KDB!