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  1. Clattenburg on Battle of Stamford Bridge

    It’s an absolute disgrace and we should absolutely be looking to recover our fine. I’m livid! If I rememeber correctly, we ended up getting a MUCH heftier fine than Spurs. Something needs to be done!
  2. This is our first team!! Great line-up! Come on you Chels!!!!
  3. Haha! He might be able to do a job a wing-back. Shame that he was never suited to the premier league.
  4. That's where you're wrong. Maybe in your little bubble KDB wasn't rated, but he was very highly rated by me and the lads at the time, no one could understand why he wasn't playing. You made you're opinion on KDB in 3 games in a Chelsea shirt. Very harsh.
  5. KDB only made 3 appearances for us. Most Chelsea fans were screaming out for him to get more playing time because he was brilliant during his loan to Werder Bremen - one of the best players in the Bundesliga that season. He then carried on the brilliant form at Wolfsburg. He's been the best player at Genk, Werder Bremen, Wolfsburg and now City - but only got 3 appearances for us. Jose has to take the blame for that one. Salah, Lukaku, Ake and Chalobah leaving didn't bother me and still doesn't - but I'm gutted about KDB!
  6. Andreas Christensen

    Best young defender in the world. Should be starting most games now.
  7. I felt sorry for our midfield on Saturday. They were playing so deep, and every time they received the ball they had 3-4 City players buzzing around them - and no obvious pass up the pitch as we only had Eddie up there.
  8. I don't know if I can have 'fatigue' as an excuse. These guys are professional athletes and it's not as if we're coming towards the end of a long season - we're only just at the beginning. Granted, we had a very physically demanding game on Wednesday, but being so early in the season, having private jets, top notch facilities, and sports scientists/physios etc to help them recover, I'd hazard a guess that most of the team would have been fully fit and raring to go on Saturday. We also had the benefit of being at home, but we didn't use this to our advantage at all as our negative approach wasn't exactly giving the fans anything to get excited about. Imagine the atmosphere in the stadium if we'd really gone at City in that first half and pressed them, it'd have given the players a huge lift and would have scared the life out of Otamendi and Stones. Instead we sat back and gave their defense probably their easiest game of the season. I know hindsight is a great thing, but I'm just frustrated because they looked a level above us on Saturday and I honestly don't think they are. I believe in our team and definitely think we can get back into the title race. Love Antonio, but he got it wrong on this occasion in my opinion. We need to start playing better against the top teams.
  9. We're a better team than the others - much better!!! We're the champions playing in our own back yard - we gave City way too much respect. I'd back us if we went toe-to-toe with them, especially at home with our fans behind us. And I still don't rate their defence. I love Conte but he got his tactics wrong. I don't think it was a personnel issue, more tactical. We were playing way too deep. An embarrasing thing for the champions to be doing at home.
  10. You're right, he did. Loved that midfield trio together. Kante and Baka machines pressing the Atleti midfield, and Fabregas mopping things up and setting us on our way forward. Very similar the the very successful Juve midfield trio of Vidal, Pogba and Pirlo.
  11. Absolutely brilliant performance from the boys last night - what a result!! I've seen a few here give a couple of our players some stick (Fabregas/Luiz), which I think is so harsh! You don't go to a place like Atleti and win without all of your players performing well. It's a team game and everyone out there contributed to a great team performance! No one scored below and 7/10. With the squad we have at our disposal I think 3-5-2 is now our best formation, and we should be playing it in all the big games - next up City! Come on you Chels!!!!
  12. I'd play the same formation as against Atleti - I think it's our strongest. And I'd play the same team except Christensen for the suspended Luis, and the extra pace of Rudiger over Cahill.
  13. What are everyone's thoughts on Tiago? I really liked him for us, but was sold after only 1 season. Was highly regarding at Atleti and is now the assistant manager. I'll never forget the screamer he scored at old trafford from about 35 yards, just after we'd won the title.
  14. Very happy with this lineup! Would love Eddie to be starting, but sensible as Stoke likely to kick lumps out of him as usual. Come on Chels!