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  1. We could have played a 442 diamond an still got run over by palace. The issue was our attitude which was lackadaisical and gave the impression we thought we won the game before a ball was kicked, also the fact that palace dont have international players and trained hard with their coach for 2 weeks while our star studded squad was travelling around the world. Either way enuff with the excuses . We are the champions and have shown with the Spurs and Athletico games that when we want to turn up we are a force to be reckoned with.. I expect the lads to blow Roma away
  2. And who might the other guilty party be?????
  3. Bats shd be stuck on the bench. I only trust him as a sub against tired legs like gainst Athletico and pretty much his whole chelsea career. Just saw a pic of Morata in training. Hope he is eased back into the fray. We cannot AFFORD to have him injured. Will go for T.bo Azpi Luiz Rudiger Zappi Fab Baka Alonso Willian Hazard Pedro.
  4. People can react how they want. i AM A REALIST. It is a 3 horse race with the teams who actually did their homework in the summer City Man u and spurs. We are in a 3 horse race for 4th position with arsenal and liverpool. Really glad they both dropped points today. Hopefully it teaches the board to Plan transfers properly. Failing to plan is Planning to fail and i guess the board have succeded all that is left is for Conte to get fired at the end of the season .SHAMELESS. Never thought i wud say this but i actually miss PETER KENYON
  5. LOL. JT was/is a legend . I just dont understand what Rudiger and Christensen have done wrong to be benched by Cahill
  6. That is the problem Azpi or an undroppable player should be captain. If Cahill wasnt English and Captain he wouldnt be in our line up. We should start our 11 best players irrespective of Nationality or Status. A spell on the bench might do cahill some good. He seems like an honest bloke and he should accept it the same way John terry did last season.
  7. On the plus side the last time we lost 2 consecutive games home and away we went on a 14 game winning streak. LETS GO CHELSEAA..
  8. I love Conte but he has to leaRN TO play players due to their form and not their reputation. CAPTAIN LEADER LEGEND LAST DITCH TACKLER CAHILL HAS TO BE BENCHED. Rudiger and Christensen have been been better but he benches them because Cahill is English. * Batshuayi doesnt suit Contes system. Even Musonda looked better when he came on as he is more fluid and dynamic. Batshuayi is too Immobile, not technical and not tactical (lacks brains). I was shocked he had the balls to throw a tantrum at being subbed when he didnt absolutely nothing but occupy space, its no suprise sakho just left him and went to press willian for their second goal
  9. You hit the nail on the head. Its like 2015/16 all over again. We have no football people in our board only business people who suck Romans Dick. And please nobody call Emenalo a football person.
  11. I feel your pain. We are Pathetic. We never learn. We should have dropped the cash for Lorrente and sold Bats. The dude is not fit to play in the prem. he is technically and tactically Lacking.
  12. Without kante we look like chelsea 15/16 season. IMPOTENT