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  1. Hazard is just pure CLASS. He was handed the man of the match award and he ignored the interviewer and just gave the award to Willian. What a team player
  2. Give him a break he is a teenager playing his debut against grown ass men
  3. Palace and Westham beat us , doesnt change the fact that they are shyte
  4. Rudiger is def a class above Cahill..
  5. Funny what fresh players can do to a side. Hopefully Conte learns his lesson bullsh*t excuse that the team is tired when he refuses to rotate after a greulling game aginst Athletico.. Its 3-0. Hazard and kante shud be taken off for a rest
  6. Our record with the false 9 is actually pretty impressive. I dont recall us losing in it and besides it helps us press the opposition better
  7. WOW didnt know Alonso could cross a ball. Well done BIG WILLIE
  8. Not really he is just coming back from injury and is our only striker off the bench
  9. Wont mind it one bit, our players are gassed out
  10. Morata out.. looks like false 9 hazard
  11. I thought Saturday was the end of life but the sun rose on sunday and today we have the champions league draw, funny how a quick game after a loss can remedy things hopefully we dont blow it P.S Things could be worse , we could have signed Romelu Lukaku.. Thanx a Million JOSE
  12. courtois Dave Rudiger Christensen Alonso DRINKWATER Kante Pedro Morata Batshuayi Hazard LETS f**kING GOOOOOOOOO
  13. I pray westham and palace go down, but we should be able to step up in these derbies. I am also sick and tired of always playing in a back 3 especially when our wing backs cant beat their man one on one . It might as well be a back 5. We should go 424 against bus parkers and stretch the field with hazard and willian while bats and Alvaro keep the defenders occupied. It was embarassing seing Conte bring on willian and pedro and still stick to the 343 , pep brought on jesus to add to aguero and they were basically playing 235 it was risky but showed they have BALLS something we lack especially in london derbies
  14. This season is on the board . They have failed us and Antonio