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  1. Very smart and comforting response. Thanks for being reasonable and helping me not feel so negative because honestly my weekend has been f**ked bcoz of cahill
  2. Personally, I would prefer Luiz in midfield and Christensen at CB. Surely Chalobah must be kicking himself?! And Ake as well??! I mean, Conte spoke during the summer about younger players needing to have patience and this is clearly a great example of that. This could have been the chance these guys waited their entire careers for and they chose to jump ship.
  3. where were you during the 2015/16 season. We are not being negative, even Conte has been negative because he can see the parallels between both season. He said he didnt want a mourinho season 2 weeks ago, then complained about our squad. The same thing happened in 2015/16 after we won the league we didnt improve the squad and ended up buying Baba Djilobodji Hector. Also just seen Matic run the show for Man u. I am not going to say how i feel or i might get banned from this Forum
  4. Morata showed more intelligence and off the ball running in 30 mins than Batshuayi has shown his whole chelsea career. It is easy to mark a stationary striker who just wants the ball played to feet. We need a 3rd striker with a brain
  5. I agree with Moratta and Kante. Christensen and rudiger looked good going foward but exposed on defence
  6. What on earth will our bench look like against Spurs LMFAO!
  7. There are no positives to be taken from this game whatsoever. None. And what is worse is that everyone could see this happening all summer except by those that matter. Unfortunately however I was assuming this was going to happen next weekend. Once again though its against a workmanlike team who play for each other It is not the fault of the players as their respective characters are what they are. The point is that the board should recognise the fact that we have no ruthless players at the club. It should not just be about speed, passing and finishing. We have to look at the mental qualities of players as well. This season is going to be nightmare and what is worse is that it is of our own making. The media is going to have a field day. God alone knows where this is going to end up. 2015 was awful, last season could have gone either way after the Arsenal game and now this. There is a trend here and the club needs to address it. Build a team. Build a squad.
  8. MORATA is a boss. Batshuayi back to where u belong the THE f**kING BENCH
  9. Can we at least brig on kyle scot. Wanna see what he looks like
  10. so who partners kante now. The board shd be ashamed of themselves..
  11. Moratta has to start over batshuayi next match.
  12. You have the same team besides walker . This team doesnt have hazard, costa,pedro, matic and moses. Thats half the team
  13. Can't believe no one expected this. The signs were all there in pre season!