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  1. Thank you huddersfield in showing us how to defend, but honestly how long before conte is gone
  2. Alright, who's bet on our first sub being used in the 90th minute?
  3. Anyone know if we've been banned from making subs, almost feels like that
  4. Cesc is turning into a passenger in this game, gotta get him off sooner rather than later I feel
  5. Yeah Conte's tactics and team selection are sh*te n all, but some of the players need a good look at themselves in the mirror, some don't deserve to be playing for us
  6. Will there be added time in added time
  7. We was losing before the capital letter's came out, don't put no blame on me lol
  8. Well we were losing 2-0 i thought that might bother you more than starting each word with a capital letter :L
  9. Wow, Wow, Wow, Sorry For Earlier Comments
  10. I'm Going To Predict The Liverpool Result For Us Already And Say Liverpool Will Only Score 6 Against Us
  11. Well At Least We've Scored Good Goals In Training, That Sure Relates To Our First Team Performance's
  12. Alonso Is A Lucky Boy With That Challenge
  13. Well Because We Never Usually Use Him, I've Seen A Few Times Now He's Been Free And We Still Try And Either Go Through The Middle Or Down Our Right, We Hardly Change The Direction Of Play
  14. Cesc Thinking He's An Attacking Midfielder, He's Offering Nothing Today, So Many Misplaced Passes, Not Even Attempting To Track Back