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  1. Is there anything Kante can't do
  2. When we get into huddersfield's half we just literally stop, nothing really happens
  3. http://www.dubs.to/nbcsn/
  4. It's early I know, but please be quicker in passing it and stop with the side to side passing
  5. Jackson27

    Little Fekir

    They are in the europa league with us
  6. Jackson27

    Fantasy Football 2018/19

    I've joined, l already created my team earlier, couldn't think of a good name at the time so just decided to name it "DeadlineDayDrama"
  7. Jackson27


    Rob Green to be our backup keeper if we sign kepa or even make him our no 1 who needs willy
  8. Jackson27


    Totally agree it's not all on Danny, Bakayoko and Ruben need to step up, Ruben has been poor he's looked like he's ready to be told he's going on loan
  9. Jackson27


    Danny has had a lot of the ball but he's held play up more than anything, ruben is playing half-arsed, bakayoko hasn't done anything, can we clone ampadu and play him as a CB and Midfielder
  10. Jackson27


    How f**king slow are we playing, it's basically last year all over again, i know it's pre season n all but surely they can pass the ball and move a bit quicker
  11. Jackson27

    Tiémoué Bakayoko

    https://gianlucadimarzio.com/en/milan-continue-pursuit-of-chelseas-midfielder-bakayoko There you go, there's the english version
  12. Jackson27

    Matt Miazga

  13. Jackson27

    Matt Miazga

    Well we did, Papy was a man mountain for us when we played, especially that cameo role in the league cup
  14. Jackson27

    Thibaut Courtois

    Can't we put carlo in goal for this coming season, he should be better than willy really lol
  15. Jackson27

    Roeslan Malinovski

    Nope Can't Say I Do, I Mainly Watch The Premi, Serie A And The Bundesliga, But The Latter 2 Not That Often