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  1. Evans was the one who cut Giroud's calf, Dawson was the one who could of broke zappacosta's leg with that shocking challenge
  2. Antonio Conte - Now Officially Manager

    4-1 was harsh, really, we we're sh*t, we were lucky it was only 4-1
  3. Antonio Conte - Now Officially Manager

    Of the players we signed, how many do you think conte actually wanted??
  4. Yes conte deserves some of the blame but the way some of the player's have been playing is beyond a joke, cahill let's him keep running in the box then decides to try and block it, square the attack up ffs
  5. I wasn't a fan of signing Giroud, but we need to bring him on now, for the way we play, having no target man is pointless, hazard Is isolated as the central player, bring Pedro off (poor again) for giroud
  6. well that's screwed what I wanted
  7. I'd make two changes now, bring off pedro and Bakayoko and bring on Giroud and Drinkwater, can't be any worse than what's on show at the moment
  8. Did Watford win the league last year or Chelsea, from what I'm seeing Watford are looking like a top half team and we are looking like a relegation team
  9. Pedro starting again, how?? why?? Please
  10. Happy Birthday, good rant although it was a sh*t result today for you :(
  11. I'd chuck pedro back in the reserves before hudson odoi
  12. I'm starting to wonder if he has a plan A. Conte is just fed up with the transfer's that he can't be arsed to be a manager, all he is here is a glorified coach
  13. Pedro has had 1 good game in about 6
  14. Ake doing well for my fantasy team though, but cahill again, great in the centre of a 3
  15. I'd rather see barkley play where bakayoko was instead of out wide, he's lost out there and bakayoko offers nothing