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  1. Robbybob

    Antonio Conte - Now Officially Manager

    From 1st season he was a breath of fresh air. To this season he wasn't interested. Behind the scenes I can only imagine it's only the tip of iceberg from what we know. His after match interviews how he attack the board. He wanted out. Yes costa at times sulk. But than that's forwards for you how he treated him well wasn't ideal. He lost value in doing so. We never got into Europe more money lost. Where he openly knock the players. If I had a boss that kept saying I was basically rubbish hardly any incentive to win anything. Conte didn't want to stay obvious but to now cry that he won't be paid etc. After what he did. Yes he won us cups. But I don't think he can moan about treatment. So the board didn't back him does that give any manager the right to be constantly attacking the board. Half the season and more.
  2. Robbybob

    Conte to leave. Emenalo to stay. Joke!

    This thread is rubbish. Simple reason is last year we went right to the wire before getting much needed players in. And I like to think you can't judge a season until it's finished. I like to also think what the club and manager has done in less than a couple of years has been nothing short of a miracle. Not only have they change the make up of the squad. But in that change been successful. So you can keep your spat dummy...
  3. Robbybob

    Danny Drinkwater

    Actually I was on about moses.
  4. Robbybob

    Danny Drinkwater

    Premiership experience, knows kante. 4th midfielder and hg. Ticks all boxes. If conte does what he did last year gets a player who hasn't featured much in first team and catapults the player to exceed themselves and there expectations. Conte brings the best out of a player any top manager always does.
  5. Yeah I agree we are thin in a few places. They can't play all the games. We do need a few players but we do like to go to wire on these players last season beginning of was choppy we do like to strike a hard deal. Not sure if that's because of cost of players and so on but do feel there will be some more incomings. Least I hope so
  6. Hi new here I usually read the comments but had to join to post a comment after the match. It was a bad result but most part we had the upper hand and I do feel we was unlucky with the referee decisions. It went down hill after the sending off.but it was a harsh sending off at that. But just think when Bakayoko back to fitness. him and kante will boss midfield and I can't wait on that pairing in midfield.