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  1. ThunderCat98

    Chelsea Kits for the 2017/18 season

    Really disappointed with the Nike kits. I don't have a problem with minimalism, but Nike has taken it to the extreme. The 3rd kit is exactly the same as PSG's, City's, and Spud's. How about some individuality/club-specific looks?
  2. ThunderCat98

    Random Rumours

    I agree you bring in VVD if available. No question. However, with a crowd at CB, why not transition Azpi to play more at wingback as a sub for Moses and/or Alonso? He was serviceable a few times last campaign in that role. Whatever is decided, we have to shore up the midfield. Kante and Cesc are clearly not working. How about a formation change? Adding a third midfielder seems like it may be the best way to get the most out of Cesc.
  3. ThunderCat98

    Hello from London . . . Kentucky, that is.

    Outstanding. Just found this board today. Excited to discuss CFC with other diehard fans!
  4. New to the site from the States. Just wanted to pop in and say "Hello." Any other Kentucky Chelsea fans out there?