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  1. Yeah, I really don't get it why he's constantly taken off in games like these which are still very close. We seem to lose control of the midfield every time it happens. It happened during the Liverpool game and yesterday too. Other thing is, Barkley may have took his chance with 2 goals in 2 games but this game + the Liverpool one, he was largely at fault for two goals. You can blame Alonso being high up on the pitch for United's second but there was such a big hole between him and Luiz which should've been covered a lot better. I like Ross a lot and I think he can thrive under Sarri but I don't think he should come on for Kovacic in big games, but it seems Sarri likes to stick to his 4-3-3 under any circumstances, and Jorginho is undroppable. If he took off Kante everyone would've go for his head.
  2. Ledgerson

    Next Chelsea Manager

    If the rumors about Sarri wanting Higuain to come are true, I’m starting to dislike him even before he has signed the thing. He’s got worse targets than Conte.
  3. Ledgerson

    Next Chelsea Manager

    So, according to Italian press, Sarri and his staff are going to be in London today, but according to the English press or Matt Law specifically, they still wait for an offer from the club. It must be great to be a journo.
  4. Ledgerson

    Next Chelsea Manager

    Until an official announcement or at least picture of the new manager at Cobham, I won’t look too much into rumors. The media was certain Artera will be the new manager of Arsenal.. and suddenly it’s Emery and that came from Arsenal’s spokesman basically. Atm, lot of things are kept in the dark in our club, even to people like Matt Law who seem to have some inside information. I’m more surprised, there haven’t been any talks about the next DOF since Emenalo departure tbh. Wouldn’t be more logical to appoint a DOF first, then a manager and then to think about the squad? I guess we’re doing things backwards. The club have their work cut out for them with the short summer this year.
  5. Ledgerson

    Next Chelsea Manager

    I don't expect a manager of his quality to end up in Russia, but it would be interesting development if it happens.
  6. Ledgerson

    Next Chelsea Manager

    His release clause. If we don't manage to negotiate a deal until then, it will be a lot more expensive, and add the money we need to give Conte and his staff, then it's going to be a ridiculous sum. Probably half our budget. I wouldn't want to think what's going to happen in that case.
  7. Ledgerson

    Next Chelsea Manager

    Yep, it looks like it unless he goes to Monaco and we get Jardim but I think the Jardim rumours were just that anyway.
  8. Ledgerson

    Leon Bailey

    The most reliable journo for Bayern. And from what I read, a lot of Bayern fans thought before he reported this, Leverkuzen won't sell to Bayern. Don't know what was the story there.
  9. Apparently Lukaku won't start. He was very good against at Old Trafford, but still I have bad memories from the year before when they played with Rashford and Lingard.. Still, could be mind games from Jose.
  10. Ledgerson

    Next Chelsea Manager

    Atm it seems that way. All of the big clubs are known which manager will they have next season, but it doesn't stop Conte to take a year off. Ancelotti, Guardiola did it before. And he can absolutely take a year off with the paycheck he's getting, if he's sacked.
  11. Ledgerson

    Next Chelsea Manager

    Yeah, Enrique rumors heating up.. But this paragraph was the most interesting for me: "With the Paris Saint-Germain job going to Thomas Tuchel and Max Allegri and Sarri potentially staying at Juventus and Napoli, there is an increasing fear that Conte could take a year off and collect his full compensation." Does the club really fear this could turn into another Costa situation but with Conte this time? I knew our club is in shambles atm but this will be a new low.
  12. Ledgerson

    Eden Hazard

    Well, according to The Telegraph, the board is looking for Conte to quit, so Hazard will stay which suggests their relationship is not good but if you ask me, every media is trying to hit the jackpot with news surrounding our club, because it seems they're being kept in the dark, even club's mouthpieces like Matt Law.
  13. No, if we pay the bucks, we'll get the players. Arsenal and United in recent times showed, CL or not, it doesn't restrict you from buying. When we won the league with Mourinho, did the CL helps us singing top quality players? Nope, we still ended up with the Djilobodjis and the Hectors of the football world. We may not be in the CL next season, but we still pay the biggest player wages and bonuses after the two Manchester clubs and that's what on player's minds these days. So it all depends on what the board will do and that makes me nervous.
  14. Now with the Saint's win, this game will be much tougher than anticipated. Bad thing is, they need only a draw to ensure their survival, so the game will be played in front of their goal and we have a hard time against team like that. Hope the boys are up for it.
  15. Ledgerson

    Following Our Nearest & Dearest Rivals, 2017/2018

    Same but imagine if they don't beat the Saints next week, who still fight for their lives and City players already thinking about the WC. All the talk about breaking our records, it would be sweet if most of them stay intact. EDIT: Damn, I forgot they play midweek too... :(