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  1. Slojo

    Welcome Ross Barkley

    No matter what happens, we'll always remember this moment Ross!
  2. City are so good, but does any team even try against them? Only Wolves actually attempted to win the game and went all out and should've actually won it.
  3. Our job should be to finish in the top 4, I'll be happy with that quite honestly, then we go for the title after. Right now we don't have any strikers, I can't expect us to challenge for the title with our sh*t strike force we have going on. So far so bloody good though, I'm really happy with the results and how we are playing.
  4. Ferguson would attempt to bully every single referee if he never won a game, he also used to get into heated altercations all the time on the touchline whenever a game wouldn't go his way. The thing is with Ferguson is that he won so much we never used to see the bad side of him that much, but when he used to lose all the dark side of him came out, he was also trying to fight Mancini on the touchline when his team were 1-0 down at Old Trafford to City. Ferguson has absolutely no class whatsoever. Then later made a book calling the likes of Gerrard average and all the players he's had a history with terrible taking 0 responsibility whatsoever.
  5. Ferguson? Class? Are you sure about that one?
  6. Am I justifying what Jose has done in the past? No. You're just trying to deflect this to suit your narrative, the evidence is there, our assistant for no good reason tried to rile him up on two occasions. It's completely inappropriate and if we defend this we can't exactly get angry when Jose acts like a pratt? Two wrongs don't make a right.
  7. "when he turns up" that's a big IF, and from all the evidence we have with Willians time here at Chelsea is that he does not grow into a game if he starts badly. He's best coming off the bench or starting the occasional game, he's started for us 5 times on the bounce now and I'm yet to see a good performance from him in those games (this is mostly due to Pedro being injured) but Pedro is back now and has been available throughout all the international break, there was no reason why he shouldn't have started or at least come on 30 minutes earlier than when he was brought on.
  8. Slojo

    Maurizio Sarri Officially Appointed

    I think this was the first time he's made some glaring mistakes, all in all, that's brilliant.
  9. People underestimated Tottenham the past two seasons because they had a few silly losses at the start of the season and were underperforming but still managed to grind out results. We should not write them off again, last season they didn't win a game at Wembley (their home stadium) until around 10 games there, and they still managed to finish above us while we were winning games comfortably then. I expect Spurs to be up there at the end of the season, they usually get into gear around January.
  10. Tribalism is never taking off your blue tinted or whatever colour your team plays in specs. People who are defending our assistant who on the replays we can see is clearly trying to provoke Jose would be going batsh*t crazy if that was Michael Carrick trying to aggravate Sarri at Old Trafford after his team just equalised in the last minute. Let's be realistic here, we were in the wrong for this, that bloke only represents us if we celebrate his actions, let's keep a perspective and think about what we would feel like if they did that to us. I certainly wouldn't be happy about it, particularly to a former great such as Mourinho who has done a lot for us. I wouldn't say Mourinho has been completely respectful to us but what did you expect? He's a winner, he does everything to gain an advantage but he's still always said good things about the club while being at United. We should always keep in mind that we sacked him, TWICE, he should be allowed to go wherever he wants, so fans slamming him for going to United need to get a perspective. I don't want to defend Jose but when we do silly things like this I have to.
  11. It's a great position to be in, nobody can dispute that. People are just annoyed that we made two silly mistakes, you can say it's hindsight but look at this thread from the very beginning, everyone was saying Willian & Morata need to come off halftime, anybody could see that. Keeping them both on for so long did nothing for us, add into the factor that we got 2 years of this under Conte, particularly his 2nd season where he would just keep underperforming players on until a predictable sub in the 70th minute and then two more past 80 which a lot of the time wasn't necessary, it was really Rafa Benitez eske. I agree we should be more grateful but keep in mind that with the way we are playing lately expectations are bound to be higher, and ultimately we should have won this game.
  12. The goal against Everton was extremely fortunate though, it took a deflection, their keeper had no chance. Willian would on average deliver a 6/10, 7/10 performance every game of the season then. I think he thrives when he has competition and when he comes on against slower legs, that's when he's best utilised and we have a lot of evidence over recent years to support that theory. He's always been a patchy player, he's a squad player lets be honest, and he's fooling himself if he thinks he can go to Barcelona and start games.
  13. No problem, but we need to be serious here. If this was Liverpool we know their fans would be defending it, Exhibit A: The Suarez T-Shirts. We called them out on that, how can we defend this? It's that sort of tribal nonsense that showcases the blatant hypocrisy of clubs & supporters. I didn't like how Arsenal fans (particularly Piers Morgan) were celebrating Wenger assaulting Jose in the technical area. That was totally classless, but if you slammed Wenger and Arsenal supporters for that and you're fine with one of our coaches trying to wind up Jose after he conceded a goal at the very end you're a hypocrite, it's that simple. We're better than this and we should know that's not the right thing to do, I hope our club apologises to Jose and takes action against that Assistant.
  14. Slojo


    He's had his moments, and that's what Willian is good for. I rate him but I don't rate him as a player who can lead the line of attack, he's always been a better player when he's reduced to minimum game time and comes off the bench, and starts the occasional game. He should always be behind Pedro in the pecking order, as for worse than Morata or just as bad I really disagree on that one, Morata offers nothing whatsoever.
  15. I didn't rate him then though, in Mourinho's 2nd season Willian played about 37 games and a sh*t load of minutes and he only had 3-5 goals and 4 assists to his name in the league. He was just a workhorse, always in second gear when it came to attacking. That for me was Willians worst season, his first season and his first season under Conte were Willian's best seasons, when he didn't play as much and came off the bench and fought for his place. He was also our best player in Mourinho's 3rd season but I don't think he was particularly good then like many say. I still rate Willian, I just don't think he should ever be a nailed on starter, Pedro should have that luxury over him because Pedro is unpredictable, he can score out of nowhere and grab an assist, he will work defenders for over an hour a day quite comfortably.