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  1. Any game recommendation?

    That's exactly it, it just kills the immersion, I love fantasy lore aswell but I don't like it when it goes into the realms of Pokemon or final fantasy style. And Kingdom Come Deliverance is excellent so far.
  2. Any game recommendation?

    I've heard really good reviews but I just can't play stuff like that, I'm well into open worlds and RPG's but East Asian game developers always introduce manga into their games and it really puts me off. I hate when you see a sword that's bigger than the actual person and they're doing 360 spins with it.
  3. Charly Musonda jr.

    Indeed but on the other hand it's that type of confidence that gets youngsters places, he can still mature. Plenty of great players who acted like morons in their younger days, they just didn't have social media to publicly display it. He seems like a guy who believes in himself, cocky, arrogant whatever you want to call it, it gets you performing up to standard, it makes you stand out. I could be wrong of course, he might just be a tit, but regardless he has talent.
  4. Michy Batshuayi to Chelsea

    Ineffective? Torres is what you call ineffective, Batsuayi has scored plenty of winners for us including the win for the Premier League last season. His goal record speaks for itself.
  5. *Official* Pedro to Chelsea

    One thing I've noticed about Pedro, and it was even the same last season, his final ball. His final ball is bad, he always gets himself in a good position and he doesn't make the correct pass, he did that at least 3 times last night on a good counter-attack.
  6. Cesc Fabregas

    Certainly not, he has his uses, much more than Bakayoko & Cahill who are liabilities.
  7. Cesc Fabregas

    It just goes to show what we need in the summer, we need a central midfielder who can pass the ball forward and who doesn't come with huge defensive limitations. It's clear Conte was after a box to box player in that position but he hasn't found the right one for the job.
  8. Any game recommendation?

    Got it pre-ordered, the animations look clunky and the game looks a bit buggy, but it looks like a true immersive RPG, about to play it.
  9. Fabregas passing the ball forward all the time and getting it to Hazard, Pedro & Giroud is what helped us massively, something we lacked with Bakayoko-Kante midfield, it was incredibly stale.
  10. Barcelona must be quaking in their boots.
  11. HOW THE f**k IS THAT NOT A FOUL!? He literally had both his hands out as Kante fell over, clear f**king push. f**king Phil Mitchel looking bastard of a referee.
  12. Christensen was fantastic despite two tussles with Rondon. Not sure about the decision but either way we are 3-0 up who cares.
  13. Controversial opinion here, but I think Fabregas has been a lot better than Kante.
  14. After that awful performance, I would've put more odds on Courtois scoring the next goal than Victor Moses. 2-0, nice and comfortable! (Hopefully)