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  1. He's also a cheater who used steroids in his playing days. This is why I'll always call him PED Guardiola, it wouldn't surprise me at all if he's applying his own playing methods to his own players.
  2. I wouldn't say there were runners up, they just had more points than every other losing side. They were 20 points behind City throughout most of the league, it was never a challenge.
  3. It's amazing the bias they have on Sky, BT & the BBC. that post match analysis was a f**king joke. Ferdinand, Keown & Jenas, 1 united, 1 arsenal and 1 spurs, how the f**k are they covering the match? Where are the Chelsea pundits? Jose was spot on years ago, the bias against Chelsea is amazing, they never have Chelsea pundits on. Ferdinand is bias, Keown is very biased and Jenas is a bitter c**t, all three of them did nothing but put our performances down and explain how Arsenal were unlucky.
  4. Slojo

    Mateo Kovačić

    It baffles me how he couldn't get into the Croatian team though
  5. Slojo

    Jorginho is a Blue

    I saw some worries defensively but this guy is such a great player you can just see it, I thought he was absolutely superb today on the ball. I had no idea his distribution was this good before he came here, that ball to Alonso was beautiful.
  6. So happy we won that game, but if I'm going to be objective I think we have a lot of holes in our system so far. I am going to write this season off as a transition season completely, I think I was too optimistic expecting us to revert back to 4 at the back so easily. Alonso as brilliant as he is cannot deal with pace @yorkleyblue you called it before the match kicked off, Bellerin's pace for him was an absolute nightmare to deal with. But my god our attacking football has improved so much, that was so good to see, and I already love Kovacic.
  7. Slojo

    Tiémoué Bakayoko

    Agree, I just think he was way out of his depth coming here and went into hiding a lot of games. Conte should never have played him that many times, it was quite clear Baka was not growing with confidence being played all the time. I hope for his sake he can get his career back on track at Madrid.
  8. I can't say I've ever seen that mate, Pogba was always known for his flair and skillset, he has been compared to Zidane many times. Kante is also massively praised as a footballer when I think they are his overrated traits (I know I know it should be a crime for me to say that on here). I know there has been some things regarding this, like a City coach has just recently got into trouble for saying big black and quick about his youth players. But I wouldn't say it's a wide ongoing epidemic or something that's happening a lot. I think you're very wrong on Pogba, I mean Pogba is a tall dude and he's strong, so they are obviously good physical aspects he has but I haven't heard anyone make the point that they are his only aspects. It's mental aspects that seem to effect Pogba's game, discipline and work rate, those are the points that get spoken about him a lot as a footballer.
  9. Wash your bloody mouth out coco
  10. Remember when he got fined by the F.A. before the judge had even given a verdict on his case and even then he wasn't guilty they didn't find enough evidence of him being racist. But the F.A. thought they'll take it into their own hands and fine him anyway. I'm an awful lip reader by the way but I didn't see anything regarding "black" that came out of Terry's mouth, I only saw "C*nt". But I'm awful at lip reading, I would be a hopeless deaf person. Either way the people saying it's out of racism are putting too much emphasis on skin colour themselves, probably more so than the alleged racist journalists out there that are known for starting witch hunts against rich sport athletes.
  11. What obsession is that exactly? Besides Sterling who else can you name who's getting so much abuse? There are a lot of black players in the England squad and Sterling is the only one getting targeted a lot. It's hardly an epidemic.
  12. I just put this in the other thread but I can tell you right now this is nonsense, every time one of their players gets injured he's back next week, PED Guardiola always has some tricks up his sleeve.
  13. Rooney & Terry used to get it really hard from the media, Harry Kane also has a lot of trivial sh*t written about him just not as much as Sterling, both of Englands big players. Is it racism? I don't know, I don't like saying something is racist without being sure because it's a serious accusation.
  14. Exactly, no excuses why we shouldn't win this one, they look a lot worse than we do.