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  1. It will be awful to lose to United, but it would be great to beat them. The only issue I have is Conte's tactics, I really hope he doesn't go defensive if we go 1-0 up against United, that'll just massively backfire. Time for us to save this horrible season and get something out of it.
  2. Tiémoué Bakayoko

    It's got to a point where we praise him for not making a mistake, that's a very bad road to go down. It's an absolute crime how Drinkwater can't get a game because of him, this type of stuff would break even Zlatan's Ibrahimovic's confidence if you were being picked behind Bakayoko.
  3. Tiémoué Bakayoko

    I'm worried, did you even watch him? If that's a step in the right direction we should go sign Steve Sidwell.
  4. Tiémoué Bakayoko

    Definitely not, Lukaku does have a poor first touch, first touch % is misleading, it only counts when you give the ball away, you can easily make a bad touch and not give the ball away.
  5. I think it's illegal for Herrera to get a yellow card.
  6. Arsenal are getting this favourable underdog treatment lately. This is by far one of the worst squads ever under Arsene Wenger and I keep hearing about how good they are and how dangerous they can be. They're 6th for a reason... Never in a million years did people ever think Spurs would surpass Arsenal, yet they have, and by quite a distance I believe. I can see Spurs finishing above Arsenal for years from now on.
  7. Alvaro Morata

    Apologies for some reason I saw Drogba instead of Costa. And I strongly disagree, Morata in the earlier part of the season showed excellent hold-up play, he was actually very good yesterday despite his misses. The United match he had the defenders on strings, we have seen a good player in him, but if we can't see that player consistently then he's never going to make it here.
  8. Alvaro Morata

    I loved Costa's confidence and how he would score in a game with hardly getting a chance at goal. But at the same time I remember how bad of a player he was, he would ruin every single counter attack as soon as he got the ball. I don't think Morata is anywhere near as bad on the ball as Costa was, Costa looked like a Championship player at times with his back to goal. I also think Morata has better movement and gets himself in better positions, it's why he's scored a lot more headers when Costa scored about 4 headers the whole time he was here. And when I saw people comparing this situation with Torres then I knew for definite people are getting way in over their heads.
  9. Alvaro Morata

    Jesus Christ I'm not being that literal, I'm not saying you post 100% negative posts, I'm saying you are overly negative when it's not necessary. Do you think calling Conte a bald c**t is mature? You said that when we were losing to Southampton, that's the type of behaviour I expect from trolls on twitter. Don't get me wrong I understand that it's a terrible season and I can't expect you to pretend that nothing bad is happening, but I don't go in every thread talking about Conte. The constant digs at the same players and manager is just getting tiresome, offer constructive criticism, not name-calling and silly comments. Conte's decisions this season have pissed me off, playing Cesc in the two-man midfield when we have Drinkwater who doesn't play (something we've agreed on here) but it's pointless repeating it all the time, most of the forum are aware of it and if you haven't noticed Conte has a lot of people who aren't his fans anymore. Just go on his thread and look for yourself, people who I thought would never dislike Conte now dislike Conte.
  10. Alvaro Morata

    I don't think Drogba was a great goal scorer actually, great in big games, but most of all he was an excellent complete forward. He brought players into the game, when Drogba played the likes of Malouda, Anelka, Kalou & Lampard would score double figures a season. Drogba was better with his back to goal than he was facing the goal, I think that's also the case with Morata. But no I do agree I think Drogba is a better goal scorer than Morata, no question. But Drogba at 24/25 was also struggling just as much as Morata is now, same age. Like I said, give him another season and we'll see where it goes. But this time I want to see Batman get his chance.
  11. Alvaro Morata

    @Nibs You might want to see his tweet. I don't think any Chelsea fan can be unhappy with that response. Fair play.
  12. *Official* Pedro to Chelsea

    As good as he is sometimes I still think it's best for all of us if he's one of the players out of the door in the summer. He's been far too inconsistent and hasn't turned up enough when it mattered. It's a shame we didn't sign him a year or two earlier actually, he's a fantastic player, last season he was magical.
  13. Alvaro Morata

    Well yeah, but he was horrifically bad and he was terrible before we signed him. Unfortunately, the only good game he had before we signed him was against us but we were losing 3-0 to Sunderland at home then so we were even worse at that time. If I remember correctly we didn't win 1 game of football in November under Carlo Ancelotti in his 2nd season, something ridiculous like that. But the reason I brought up Bakayoko earlier is that if you believe Bakayoko can turn it around next season, why not Morata? I don't see the difference. If anything I would be more confident in Morata because he has at least shown glimpses. If Juve comes in and offer the same amount of money we paid for him, then fair enough I can understand if a lot of people were for selling him, it makes sense. But sell him for half that price because he had one bad season just seems silly to me, we may as well give him another run at it. But that's not to say we rely on him, same with Bakayoko, don't put all our eggs in one basket, make sure we signed other options. With Morata hopefully, we can bring in Michy and give Michy more game time. And that's fine with me, if you behaved like this regularly I wouldn't have an issue with you, but you don't make that very clear. A lot of your posts come across aggressive and full of knee jerks you need to understand why people can get frustrated with seeing you on multiple threads saying the same things. Not saying I'm perfect but I try my best to stay on topic and be positive when need be, I don't care about being right, I want whats best for my team.
  14. Tiémoué Bakayoko

    When I watched Bakayoko playing in the Champions League I wasn't impressed, it's why I wasn't fussed on the idea of bringing him here. He looked like a passenger and not really an improvement on Matic. I looked over the statistics and he had better defensive stats than Matic, interceptions, tackles, covering ground (although this is Ligue 1 compared to PL which is very different) however he had worse stats in the offensive area, pass completion, assists & forward passing was less. That alone always concerned me, and when I watched him in both legs against Juve was it? He kept giving the ball away and just looked very sloppy. So I've never had a great deal of confidence in him, I thought he was okay in the Spurs match, I thought he was VERY good when he came on against Arsenal, should have started that game actually. But since then he declined, but you can tell he's suffering from confidence, however, you can't really make those excuses, can you make those excuses for Morata? No, they're pro footballers, they have to suck it up with the money they earn. I'm all for giving him another season don't get me wrong, but I'll be furious if he starts as many games next season as he has done this season, his quality does not warrant his game time whatsoever.
  15. The problem is though, he seems incapable of doing better. I guess we'll find out next season, as for now though I would play Giroud.