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  1. Are you sure? Because what annoys me is that people don't say a word about the team sheet then once we lose a game they blame the manager for the wrong lineup. The Manchester City thread this season we had everyone faulting the manager for tactics & lineup but I can't say I saw anyone complaining about the team sheet or formation when it was released an hour before kickoff. Fickleness & hindsight, that annoyed me.
  2. Antonio Conte - Now Officially Manager

    But if you're in Conte's position how do you expect to win by discipline? The board never protects the manager, that's the main issue. We should have stood by Mourinho when players weren't performing for him, we didn't we just let it drag out until it got really bad. I hope the same doesn't happen here, I've seen it too much with Chelsea over the past 10 years, our players underperforming for the manager then suddenly become world class when new one steps in the same season.
  3. The fickleness is annoying because all we keep getting is "told you so!" on both sides. The incompetent board thread for example, if we lose a game "TOLD YOU WE HAD A BAD SUMMER!", if we win a game "YOU PEOPLE STILL COMPLAINING ABOUT SUMMER TRANSFERS NOW?" I think we can all have a rational discussion that Conte didn't get the targets he wanted, things weren't great, but we also did get some good buys and some good sales, it wasn't terrible. But at the end of the day, all fans are fickle, all fans have different opinions, we aren't as disjointed as Arsenal fans who want Wenger out and Wenger in. I think there is bound to be negativity when we lose games in the fashion we've lost them, some people go overboard and that's where we need people to step in and change the atmosphere. We could do without the fixation on a few results and performances and actually look at the bigger picture, the full season. We've got holes but we've also been unfortunate with injuries, we get our players back we can perform and still salvage a good season. I just really really really hope we don't sack Conte, that will upset me.
  4. Antonio Conte - Now Officially Manager

    Yep agree, he's also persistent on playing out of form players like Willian. But I really hope we don't sack him, I'll be gutted, we should stand by him give him a full season, make it clear he's going nowhere. I hate when the board just waits it out, nothing good comes of it we just make things worse. The players all revolted against our last series of managers, it's time the board stops giving in to player power and back the manager.
  5. Couldn't be playing them at a worse time and a worse circumstance. I hate to be negative here I really do but I can't see a win here, not even at the Bridge.
  6. There really is a big decline in Spanish football atm, not to take away anything from Spurs of course. It was the same for us against Atletico, we looked brilliant but Atletico also look weaker to what they did before. I always wondered if FFP would do the opposite of helping modern football if teams like PSG & City can keep bypassing FFP laws with loopholes, it's become a whole political situation. Not that I completely sympathise with the Spaniards as they were funded by the Government for years. But if City & PSG can go on spending 200 million a season regardless of losses the future of football is going to look pretty grim I reckon.
  7. Victor Moses

    If this is the case then we are overdue for a big squad. You're right however, we have been fortunate, but that'll be down to our training & medical team. Not a coincidence, obviously something this season has gone wrong or we just are unlucky, regardless it's having an effect this season and I don't know if we are good enough to win the league if we keep dropping points like this.
  8. Victor Moses

    For f**k sake, what's with the damn injuries this season?
  9. Michy Batshuayi to Chelsea

    I have defended Michy a lot on here, but I must admit that single performance does make me wonder if he has a future here under Conte. Not because of his ability, I actually think he's a very good talent, but he's so bad at holding the ball up. I thought it's an area he could possibly improve on but I'm not sure, I know it's only one game but he looks very far behind in that department, really struggled.
  10. Fabregas I understand, we are very short in that area, but Willian & Cahill starting? What the f**k is going on with Conte's team selection.
  11. Haven't been able to watch as I was at work, absolutely gutted at the result, I take it we played very badly?
  12. Mourhinho's exit transfer blunders

    Amazing player, so technically gifted in every way, not the most physical but makes up for it in skill. Although I will say he has very underrated power.
  13. Welcome N’Golo Kante

    Hahaha about as much chance of that happening as Liverpool winning the league in the next 10 years.
  14. I have no doubt Palace will be trying to surprise us and even up their performance given that they've been a bit of a bogey team over the years, they've even still got quality players. If they got relegated I could bet half of their first 11 would be bought by other Premier League teams. But let's be real here, we should not be losing this whatsoever, and we shouldn't be expecting an upset just because it's the Premier League. That's not down to us being great, that's down to them being atrocious at the moment, if we are to give them a glimmer of hope this early in the season then that's on us. That'll just be embarrassing and inexcusable, to say the least, they'll be without some of their best players also. I'm not saying it would be the end of the world or the end of the season if we dropped 3 points but it certainly wouldn't look good for our title chances this season would it, if we can't beat a team that's broken a record for not scoring a single goal.
  15. Means nothing, it's a team game, Messi played in a final at the very least. There have been many mediocre players that have had good international careers and won a world cup. Messi has been the top dog consistently for years.