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  1. quik

    Alvaro Morata

    What a shame that this guy might be leaving so quickly. It's obvious if anyone watched him this year they would notice he has great abilities hidden behind his weak mentality. If Morata could get some confidence and start playing consistently like he did in the stoke game he could be something special. Unfortunately it seems he's already decided to leave the club.
  2. quik

    Antonio Conte - Now Officially Manager

    I say, keep Conte for next season if and only if Antonio Conte actually wants to manage this club. If he doesn't then we need a replacement immediately.
  3. That was the worst performance since city this year, tells us a little how crap we've been after christmas break.. Thank god the season is over!
  4. I always get chills when the liquidator starts playing at the bridge, just always gets me in a good mood.
  5. This is such an important game today, if we get a win at home to these and spurs lose to newcastle (somehow) we would end up in 4th.