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  1. Willian

    We just need to find a way to Eden and Wills in form at the same time they just seem to rotate there good spells .
  2. Our own fault to be honest we were the better side then just seemed to stop playing .
  3. Yessssssss f**king yessssssss get in willian
  4. He is f**king sh*t Conte blind faith in him will get him sacked
  5. Michy Batshuayi to Chelsea

    He's got his second
  6. Just got back home from that embarrassing performance .We look totally lost as a team no idea how to break teams down no balance and no bloody passion until we go a goal down .very painful game to watch
  7. Such negative tactics when we were one up
  8. Brilliant passing and team play for the second
  9. Most hated opposition

    Victimpool, Spuds, Gunners for me
  10. Cracking result and fully deserved. Winning run starts now
  11. Buzzing for this game cant wait no longer coming down now for a couple of pregame beers or two
  12. Bloody brilliant fully deserved that absolutely buzzing now
  13. CFC fan from the Midlands

    Welcome Ash . From the Midlands myself Nuneaton not far from Cov a couple of us travel down to most games from here.
  14. Looking forward to this game as well . I should imagine it will be a strong team as well we wont want to start the group off with a bad result . And the Chelsea Pensioner aint too bad for a pregame beer or two.