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  1. Brilliant passing and team play for the second
  2. Most hated opposition

    Victimpool, Spuds, Gunners for me
  3. Cracking result and fully deserved. Winning run starts now
  4. Buzzing for this game cant wait no longer coming down now for a couple of pregame beers or two
  5. Bloody brilliant fully deserved that absolutely buzzing now
  6. CFC fan from the Midlands

    Welcome Ash . From the Midlands myself Nuneaton not far from Cov a couple of us travel down to most games from here.
  7. Looking forward to this game as well . I should imagine it will be a strong team as well we wont want to start the group off with a bad result . And the Chelsea Pensioner aint too bad for a pregame beer or two.
  8. Riyad Mahrez

    Talk sport are saying he's in London and will be playing in the same colour kit .
  9. Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain

    Will turn out to be a good a buy and if nothing else it will add competition for places making others work hard and stay focused
  10. Looking forward to this game will be down nice and early . Going to be a tight one though 2-1 to us
  11. Champions League Draw

    Roma now
  12. Champions League Draw

    They certainly drag this out a bit
  13. Fantastic result a real back to the walls performance of grit determination and team work Hope the media bum fest with spuds stops now
  14. Stunning free kick but that Morata miss could cost us . I would put Luiz back in defence and maybe bring Pedro on if he's fit enough.