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  1. atomis

    Tiémoué Bakayoko

    Laca is much better......more all around type. No contest for me. Now in 2 years time it might change hands, but atm Laca is far ahead.
  2. atomis

    Jorginho is a Blue

    Just another useless pundit spewing crap for the hell of it......its the producers ass that should be kicked for hiring and persisting with these so called Experts who get paid very very well for nothing.
  3. Jose is coming to spoil the party......you can bet your ass he has spent the break to fully analyse us. They will do their all not to lose and build on that.......NC sure f**ked it up a bit. A must win for me.
  4. Most def my friend..........its just one of hundreds of sh*t we have seen through the Fergie years. How can you go through the Fergie years and not think this sh*t stinks? As soon as he got Knighted it was almost game over, a freemason as well.......managing utd, the so called cash cow of epl, when the head chief of FA comes out and says we need utd in top 4, we need utd winning and going far, then alarm bells should ring. Jose instantly said he was not surprised by these comments.......he knew. Make no mistake utd still get alot of good sh*t their way......but not shocked its no where near under Fergie. He had them by the balls, refs included.
  5. That sh*t went as designed.......it was fergi's last season........no way they would allow anything other than 3pts against a title rival. No such thing such as the ref bottled it.......3 huge calls went for them that had direct effect on the game.....it went as intended.
  6. atomis

    Eden Hazard

    Nahh he aint signing if he intends to leave........why should he? It could well f**k his chances that way. This isnt some above average player who is willing to sign just so his current Club gets more Cash. If he signs its cuz he is staying, not becuase he wants us to get more Money by selling.
  7. atomis

    Eden Hazard

    Yup he really needs to stop this sh*t.......if they ask silly crap, answer in kind Eden. Pro Jose fans at utd are having a good go now cuz of these quotes lol........that Jose is not at fault, its the players etc. Either hold your tongue in your mouth or just say I have spoken enough about RM and in the future we will see. He aint doing us or himself any favours this way.
  8. atomis

    Maurizio Sarri Officially Appointed

    All quality stuff........I really really hope the Club backs him, this aint Serie A or that farmers League in France, 2-3 bad results and they will come down hard on you from all sides, nevermind a Club as Chelsea. Back him and the team with quality players and he will run riot.
  9. atomis

    Tiémoué Bakayoko

    There must be one or 2 Clubs in EPL who would take him on board.......what a f**king waste man. And you know we aint getting good Money by selling him.
  10. HAHA your hatred for them is strong.....good, very good.
  11. atomis

    Eden Hazard

    RM will not be up there for a while im betting. Now they might buy Eden and so on but overall they will no way in hell be up there like these past few years. Alot of so called older players there out of their prime and it will take some massive Investment and a good coach to even begin setting standards. If we could just add quality to our first 11 and we would be rocking. Its his dream etc, but doesnt mean he will have big success there.
  12. atomis

    Eden Hazard

    Yeah and why he should just zip it imo. Yes he dreams of RM and no secret he could easily go there, but your a Chels player atm, save all that sh*t come summer. Unless we do really good this season and get that CL place, he's more than likely a goner.
  13. atomis

    Eden Hazard

    Yeah he is honest and all but he needs to shut them journo's up.......or else they gonna hound him out of here. How many f**king times you gonna ask the same sh*t? You can bet your ass if he played for one of the darlings this sh*t would not be brought up every 10min.
  14. atomis

    Eden Hazard

    Its up to the Club to convince him.........a good season is good and all, but we must prove we are willing to add quality players around him. Top4, worthy additions and a fat payrise.....thats will do it. And if RM continue f**king up, cuz their team is out of their prime.....way out, then it looks good. Lets hope we dont wait till the seasons over before negotiating.
  15. Ohh yes they have......its all down to tiredness...or so the pool loving media claim. If that was us? A crisis is Brewing at SB.