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  1. Sharing is caring my brother........
  2. You'll see alot more of it come soon...........
  3. Salah been sniped twice tonight I see......look like 50 caliber bullets.
  4. I dont get how some of you are surprised........its f**king Liverpool, everywhere you look they are blowing flowers up their asses, they want them to get that title under klopp.........on top of that the refs are both corrupt and incompetent beyond any doubt. This is nothing.......it will get worse. Get ready for a lot of dodgy decisions in Pools favor. The FA will do their best to keep their media darlings competitive with City this season
  5. atomis

    Jorginho is a Blue

    This cocksucker will not even have the manhood to admit he was wrong, whether now or 2 years from now.
  6. Let him gain experience for then to come back and play a good role for us. I really hope he does well enough in management.
  7. Im willing to bet fsw will sit back and play on the counter all game.....lets hope Sarri is flexible, that high-line scares me in epl. And as you said, NC is not a kind place for us.
  8. 3-1 looked better ha, but f**k it they still lost playing horse crap from start to finish.
  9. The producers should be smacked around for hiring such biased c**ts to begin with.......ohh yes rio your utd are far better than Chels......hope he is there in the studio, just to see what bs he comes out with.
  10. Signed a new contract recently.
  11. Bare a few games.....utd were very very lackluster, them sitting second felt unreal. There is a reason de gea has been their best for 3 seasons running.
  12. You go get them Brighton........now dont f**king slack.
  13. No f**king way my man..........they would find it much much tougher. He comes out with some fair sh*t now and Again........but sometimes he just spew utter horse sh*t. And what a jammy goal lukaku just scored.....utd and their voodoo spells.
  14. That wuld be awesome man.........but I def expect a few calls go against the home team.