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  1. Its so obvious the powers that be are rooting for a Manchester battle this season. The amount of help they have each received so far is a big statement how the League will pan out........even though city are really good atm. Look how much goodies these 2 get and then look at us.......an immense difference how we are reffed and treated.
  2. Ohh for sure......he is extremely overrated thanks to the media.....and the utd fans are worse. With every game missed, his stock kept rising. Can you imagine if utd had Eden? I mean damn, you would see Eden every day and all day in the media.
  3. No way......way too much for such a player. He hasnt impressed me one bit since he arrived. But somehow the media keep making him a better player even when not playing. ohh comeon Benitez ffs......get something out there.
  4. Eden Hazard

    I absolutely dislike this mountain rat called matinez......he's such a Coward.
  5. Even? You cant possibly mean that my friend? We cant look at a player and we are punished.......we cant buy a penalty. Just look at the injuctice since JM returned.......You can literally break our players in half and nothing will be said or done. The powers that be do not like us one bit.....we are the enemy. Ask yourself why the standard of refereeing is so awful in PL.......ask why absolutely nothing is done about it.....ask why its getting worse. Sure most teams get good and bad calls.......but we at Chels suffer more than others.......especially if we are a threat to their plans.
  6. And I wish people would open their eyes a Little bit and see that something is wrong and has been wrong for many years now. How can one go through the fergison years and not see what is happening? How can you support Chelsea and not see how much and often we go through hell with these refs? 2-3 incidents do not change the fact that we are being punished left and right. No disrespect to you mate..........but it has been evident some are doing their best to damage us. And why was a Manchester man allowed to ref our game against utd?
  7. Ohh man what can I say that hasnt been said about this insekt........he loves to play victim, rolls around like a Roach but he himself is a gigantic dirty player. Put a Chels blue on him and he would be a dead man walking in the eyes of the refs. A proper cockaroach and a lousy loser. A lovely punchable face........man I dislike this weasel.
  8. Ohh come'on mate.....it has almost nothing to do with luck. When it keeps happening all the time then something else is wrong. Do people really still believe its a coincidence the likes of utd can do what they want, yet we cant even look at our opponent and bang it goes against us. Utd are one of the darlings in the eyes of FA, media etc.........we the enemy. As you said, where is the credit for conte? Or the way we dominated them? Reverse the Picture.......you'll see hard-ons all over the media and the so called pundits.
  9. Antonio Conte - Now Officially Manager

    I wrote the same couple of days ago........its amazing RA cant see or chooses not to see that we have fundemental issues at the top. At what point do you say STOP? Why is his war axe only ready for the managers head? I was totally against AVB and Phil......you could clearly see they were crap and a huge no no. But with Conte its evident he must be backed.....he has done Wonders for us. FFS he single handidly changed the PL with his formations etc......can you imagine if he had done that being a utd manager? All media would be eating from his behind if he was managing one of their darlings. This pathetic board must know they have a quality manager.....no scrap that, RA must know we have a quality manager......he must be backed and given time. And please Fellow Chels, forget all about CA. He wont change anything and a big step backwards for me. Enough is enough damn it.....
  10. We officially have an incompetent board

    I used to like seeing MOTD.......but has not been the case for a long time thanks to these meat heads. Just pure scum and hatred, and an excessive self-gloating. The likes of BBC should be ashamed. And our issues with this board will only stop when RA has figured out something stinky is going on.......his war axe only comes out for the managers head......the day that axe swings to other Places will be a good day for sure.....otherwise this sh*t will be on repeat as always.
  11. Ohh absolutely.......I used to be happy and prideful for having an owner like RA. But nahh he is not the same. He has let some supremely awful people do us badly and he just sits there with his war hammer ready for the manager and only the manager. At this level it should not be possible to repeat such fatal mistakes every time we win something. We can blame the players and the manager all we want and rightly so.....but this sh*t will keep repeating itself unless he sorts it out. You can bet your behind the media and refs will do their best to make sure we lose against jose.
  12. I dont get it.....it doesnt compute. Any blind man and his stinking pets could see this was a disaster in waiting and yet we keep playing the sam people in the same formation. Why not 352? Why not play to contain? YEah we have those jammy scum in PL NeXT and yeah the board once Again has done what should not be possible.........but damn Conte isnt doing himself any good with all this. Lose to utd and the media will once Again have their Christmas gift early.
  13. Tiémoué Bakayoko

    As I said.......everything is all good and proper.......all is well.
  14. Tiémoué Bakayoko

    I dare claim that absolutely no elite Club gets shafted as much as Chels........when it comes to getting shafted then we are IT my friend. So much hate and animosity its shocking. This League has been rotten for a long time........ohh the refs are just pathetic? all of them? THen how come nothing is done about it? The refs are being told what to do and how.........we all been through it a million times watching Chels. Ohh yeah of course its all just bad refereeing and im a crazed looney........